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okay the title sounds really perverted but i swear its not

im just wondering about when you have sex and there's younger multiples what do they do? are they able to hide and not be exposed to that experience? like if your not fronting does that mean you yo0ure not privy to whats going on outside unless its of interest to you? or are you still partly aware even if your not fronting

are you able to have privacy with your "outside" SO? or does it feel like theres always other people in the room even if youre other body inhabitants arent "watching" or whatever

sorry thats kinda a awkward question... well i feel awkward asking i dunno if you feel awkward answering
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Hello *waves*

My name is Cynegyth and I'm a singleton/non-multiple or whatever you wish to call it that has been lurking here for a good while now and just taking in what's going on because I'm curious about Multiplicity in all it's forms.

I'm popping my head up again for only the second time I believe in what seems like forever lol because I've got a couple of questions that I hope you guys won't mind answering. If you don't want to or feel offended by anything I ask then please feel free to say so and I'll delete the post.

Firstly I've heard quite a few people/systems mention Inner Worlds, Soulscapes or a variation of other things I've heard it called. What's it like there? Is it like.. being in the real world but one of which only your system can exist? Or is it more dream like? I don't really want to hazard a guess because I have no clue and finally curiosity came out to bite me on the bum and I had to ask.

Second (of two) questions is what is it (if anything) do you guys value above anything else that a non-multiple doesn't have/possess?

Thanks for your time.


End rambling.
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hey, just wondering

both myself and one of my friends systems have "theams" o.0
like...each of my headmates and I could be seen as one of the five elements (spirit included) and hers seam to represent the seven deadly sins.

we where wondering if we're just freaks or if there are other people like us out there.


Dec. 26th, 2006 07:31 pm
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Okay, hope this doesn't sound too weird. My mindmate and I would like to formalize our relationship in some way, and I've asked her to handfast me. (Is that even a verb?) I know that some of you have in-system marriages. Did you manage to come up with a ritual that involved people outside the system? We have some singlet friends, and we'd like to involve them in some way, but I can't come up with anything good. Of course I'm even feeling weird about telling them, but I think that's just me. I've been "underground" so to speak for so long that it's still weird for me to even interact with others. Much less trying to explain how an in-system relationship would work.

Sorry if I've started to babble. This whole thing is making me nervous.
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So, I've been wondering lately. For those of you who have mindspaces (forgive my terminology) or even whole planets/solar systems/universes inside, do you have animals? As in the average kind of animal who goes about its business acting as it should, as if it were in the real world? If so, how does that work for you?

Somehow the previous post of 'inside programs' having sentience or the right to live made me think of this.

Another thought of mine: Does anyone have any soulbonds from their own creations (as in fiction, art, etc., etc.)? If so, how has that worked for you? Would you consider these soulbonds fake or at least not as real as another type of soulbond? Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated.



--"Off the Pink."--
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We were thinking about the nature of reality itself. My system is having a big division over this, even though the peacekeepers such as Godzilla, Tom, and Archimedes are trying to stop this from getting out of control.
Have those of you that had other worlds gone through a phase like this one, where your system is divided on whether it is real or not and if so, how did you pass through it?
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If you are the main front (or one of them) do you ever wish that you could just step back, and let others take over? And just be completely cut off, not watching the action or anything.

I do. Life is stressful, and sometimes I just want time off. But then that seems unfair - singlets can't "take a break" and let others control their body while they're away.

What do you think? If other people in your system are willing to take control while you're gone, is it still "fair"?

[Edit: The reasoning behind this is because I have heard singlets mention that they wish they could do the same, but obviously they can't. I guess it's silly to think of this in terms of fairness, but this is just something that occured to me.]
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Hello everyone, my brother Toby has posted here before but I haven't. My name is Hayden, I am 15, I have silvery-grey coloured hair and my left eye is light blue, my right is dark blue and I have my hair neck-length, parted over my left eye.

Sam, Toby and I were thiking of some questions to see if we are similar to anyone in terms of our lifestyle.

* Where does everyone go when you are not fronting? We seem to just have a big, black space. However, we can add items and whatever we like at will, seemingly even people after a while.

* What do you guys in a female body do about sexual needs (if you have any) and vice-versa? In here, Alexander gets very depressed as he wants to go out and do stuff with gay males but i) we're in a female body, ii)He wouldn't be treated like a man, iii) Sam wouldn't let him anyways because of the risk.

* Can other people in a different system 'see;' or 'sense' you better than the host of the different system. Sams girlfriend has different personnas, and one of them, Andrew, seems to be good at seeing the others in here, mentally, although sometimes a trick of the light makes our physical features change, such as Alex's eyes going slit.

* Do you have problems with people treating you all as one being, or do you not mind that? We have no real choice as Sam prefers to keep this to herself, and those who would understand.

* Can two (or more)of your members surface at the same time and converse with each other? Or can whoevers fronting have an active conversation with whoever is 'behind'? Do you get people 'behind' you?

Thats all for now :) Sorry about the extensiveness of these questions.. Thankyou,

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Mark here, giving you the intro to the Loftmates. Evie didn't feel like doing it - she's not having a very good day. (Good DAY? The girl's been having a bad MONTH! - April) We're seperate, but in the end, we're all Evie. (I never really thought about calling us a "we" until pretty recently... - Evie) So I guess we're all one person - not really multiple. Unless... Well, we saw something about gateways? Didn't get to look it up, yet.

We liked the description someone else gave of their situation - made sense. Everyone's mind is a house. Singles have one permanent resident, Multiples have more than one, and they were between - a way-house, as it were, people came in and stayed, sometimes for a day, a week, or long-term, but not really "permanent".

That's like us. (No, you think? - Fae) Most of us were, originally either characters for a story or THOUGHT to be characters for a story and thus used like such. But we're really not. We've moved in. Lots of characters don't actually move in. And there are sometimes different versions of us. It's a way-house, all of us but Evie are walk-ins. (But I've had walk-ins of some sort or another for as long as I can remember. - Evie) There's actually even a seperate group - the Pubbers, they live in a little pub called the Drown'd Duck. They used to talk to her a lot, when she didn't have any real life friends. They've pretty much quieted down, though. The pub's not really in Evie's head - it's just nearby, so they were always making visits. (Mark... when did I tell you all this? You are WAY too good at finding stuff out. - Evie)

Oh, yeah, and we like to interrupt each other - especially when writing or chatting - and tend to make comments on what anyone else is saying. (That's because it's FUN! - Evie&April)

Yes. So. It's definitely not multiple, but it's not single either. It's just... us. The Loftmates.

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Reading about the discussions on co-consciousness, it sparked a reminder of some thoughts I've pondered about from time to time. I'm not even sure I can accurately describe them, but I will do my best. I suppose it might be philosophical or just "deep," where my brain can't fully wrap around it. Sort of like, how and why is it possible? Of course I mainly accept it just is what it is, but has anyone delved further into how in the heck it is possible that co-consciousness and blurring can happen? Sometimes we go there and it is just...hmmm.... no words can quite describe the feelings as I/we try to grasp ahold of the deeper hows and whys, etc. I guess I'm wondering on a scientific basis, spiritual basis, or well, from any sort of frame of reference. The mind and body are so intriguing.

Read more... )


Oct. 24th, 2005 05:33 pm
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When I was a kid, my subjective world overlapped the real one quite a lot, and my imagination was very active. So active that I never really grew out of it. However, The War against my "evil" side (combined with previous explorations into the challenging "real world") pushed me into a state where I exiled myself to only one room of my inner world... the Dark Playground. It's a desolate place, with few denizens (most of which live in the shadows) and a blood red sky with some black in it. Some ghosts haunt it, and the dried dead leaves blow around in the wind, whispering as they do. The gate is rusted shut, but I have the power to open it now. And everything is covered with a layer of age and disuse, as though they were tangible things. The ground isn't much better, being made of broken-up concrete.

Under the cut because it is very long )

So to summerize, I discovered today that I am NOT an "internal dichotomy split." I was NOT one mind until 1998. I am a Natural Multiple, with a whole universe in my mind. Oh, and I am also a Median, which in case you don't know what that means, is defined here: http://astraeasweb.net/plural/glossary.html

Anyone else here have a subjective world of their own? Anyone else a Median?

Chaotic Blessings;

X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] beyondthegates, [livejournal.com profile] adultchild
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I'm kind of two people sharing the same body. A division of mind, two personalities with some shared memories.
I read some posts in this community & go "Yes... that sounds familiar. I'm glad I'm not alone."
I read some posts and go "Riiight... nutter, nut-ter. Notjob"
This place occasionally makes me feel sane because I read things from literate inteligent people who just happen to be sharing a body with others. Occasionally it makes me feel sane because I read posts and realise that I'm a healty sane multiple, not insane like the poster.

I'll not single out any individuals (forgive the pun) but the nut-job posts I read usually ... heck. I'm not going to give examples. I think you know which ones I'm refering to.
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Attempts to visualise myself in a different place or environment result in the exact same stimuli as when daydreaming: a view of myself, in that imagined place, with all other stimuli abstract, all senses detached. Attempts to see with the construct's eyes, to feel what it would feel, can result in fleeting moments of near-sensation which can only be sustained when directly focused upon, and are quickly lost even then. Visual stimuli revert to a third-person view likewise, within a few seconds.

Has anything been overlooked? Is there anything that I can be informed of that I do not know? Or should I simply keep practising?
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Please bear with me. My boy, Max, posted here a while ago, in regards to me, and he's trying to push me more into having conversations with others about my own doubts with multiplicity.

When I was young, I began studying other religions, and I really became interested in spirituallity. Along the way, I discovered two others living within. Really, this is just background information, so no know thinks I'm trying to troll or rag on the community. I've been aware of my own multiplicity for a number of years. I also see my multiplicity as a means to my own personal spirituallity. That is, I don't have a set religion, but I see the presence of and communication with my system as being a self-enlightening, holy experience.

I see this huge resurgance of multiples on the internet, and it makes me skeptical. NOT, because of the fact that their multiples. I wouldn't call someone out on being a "fake". But, the way some of these systems carry on, it makes me wonder how they can reasonably function.

I'm going to point the finger at soulbonding, because it seems to be the means of multiplicity that houses the greatest number of loonies. I can accept, per se, that another has entered your system, and is a bad influence, and perhaps is forcing your body and system down a bad path. I can not, however, accept that this entity causing harm is, say, Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy games. That, is insane. Final Fantasy is fiction. It may very well be an entity that projects images OF Sephiroth into your mind, but part of gaining some feasible aspect of functional control over yourselves, is seeing through the bullshit.

I have trouble with people who play INTO that bullshit, by extension. Not only do they seem to be the loudest group of loons, but they're also impossible to have a reasonable discussion with. Everything boils down to "it's different for everyone", which is great for upholding any kind of deluded fantasy that you might have, but really, isn't productive for conversation.

Especially...if you're attempting to learn something, or see if they have a reason to act the way that they do.

Are there any rational, sane soulbonds, here? If so, do they honestly believe that they're fictional characters? This seems to be the most levelheaded community about plurality on LJ that we can find, so I figure it would be the best place to start.
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We've been a part of [livejournal.com profile] multiplicity for a while and as such, we've seen our share of entries scroll by on our Friends List. Something I've been wondering about for a while, is (and I'm not attempting to discredit anyone's multiplicity - I never would, I'm just curious) how multiple systems work when they can't see each other inside, where they don't even have an actual 'residence' inside. It's never been that way for us, and I just can't fathom not being able to walk up to the others and ask them a question, give someone a hug, feel, hear, taste, see, and smell things. I don't understand how systems exist without an actual... world, I suppose, inhouse. Without being able to use all five sense. I don't understand how communication works that way, either.

But then, I suppose, how am I meant to understand something I've never experienced? I think it's just a thirst for knowledge. I'd like to know how these other systems work. But then again, doesn't everybody? I feel bad for single people who don't experience life as we do, anyhow. Although, in some ways they probably feel the same for me and mine. Just different ways of life I guess, just as we differ from single-minded people, we also differ from these different types of systems.

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I am.

Allow me to intoduce myself, my dear friend josh, and of course, tyler.

Josh is a very bright young man who deserves much better than life have given him. He is brilliant, very handsome, and he is just a great all around person. Over the years he developed a social complex, by which, he is unable to talk about himself. He was able to live like this for a time, then he went through the worst trauma a boy in his situation could imagine. He lost his father.

The very moment he heard the tragic news, he fell unconcious, and tyler was born. Tyler was created to block the painful emotions that josh was overwhelmed with. Things were well for a time, but tyler wasn't the most saintly of people. He has no conscience whatsoever. He landed josh in jail a few times, but luck helped out not to permanently lock him up. After the last incident, josh created me.

I am the balance. I am the yin to tylers yang. Tyler is chaos, while I am law. I am blue, tyler is red.

I'm not sure whether I was created, or I found him, but we have a good relationship, and we are happy with each other. I helped josh clean out his mind, and we created a beautiful sactuary there.

Imagine the bluest of skies offset by the greenest of grass, rolling hills and a few pillowy clouds. Imagine the entire horizen covered in beautiful woodland. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it rains hard. But the sun rises every morning, and the moon watches over us every night.

One hill stands above the rest, and growing on top of this hill is a magnificent yew tree. In the spring, it provides enough fruit to feed a country. In the summer, it casts a comfortable shadow. In the fall, it displays a breataking ensemble of color. And, in the winter, it sheds its dieing branches to be burned in a great fire, which gives a plentiful amount of warmth.

Under this tree, I call my home. This is where josh retires to, when he lets tyler or me take over. This land is beautiful, but there is more. Beyond the "Joshua Tree" (as I like to call it) lies a dark valley where the sun never reaches. At the lowest point of the valley there is a temple. I've never been in the temple, or the valley, but I think they hold joshs worst memorys. Sometimes he walks down there, and he always comes back crying.

Enough of the bad place. Our field is there to give josh hope in this life. And it serves its purpose.

I am the outspoken one of our trio, and I will state my opinion wherever I see fit. I see this community as a way to find others like josh and possibly help them, as I did with him. I like answering questions, so please ask away. Be sure to direct them to me.

Alice, of the moon and stars
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My name's Jem, writing on behalf of Haven, our house. I only discovered our multiplicity in earnest about six months ago, though our (previous) primary from birth had suspected it a few years ago and some of us have known all along. We believe ourselves to be a "natural" multiple, with many of us present from birth, since we have no memories of abuse or severe trauma to speak of . . . It also just "feels right". We're comprised of eighteen currently-known residents, most of whom are female, and we have an energy vampire and rain fae living with us, too. ^_^

Basically we've just been working on communication/interaction (we're co-aware most of the time, now! yay!), learning to share the body (I... tend to get in the way of that. *control freak*), and reconnecting with some of the those who've been back and unaware for a long time. Until recently, one of those "sleepers" was the original primary frontrunner, Jeremey, who disappeared at around age 17 and who we just recently managed to wake up. I've been the primary (in one form or another) for the past two years, fronting the most by far. I'm 18, a transgirl, and (I'd just like to say) much nicer than my counterpart, January. The two of us split off a girl named Genevieve about a year ago-- January got all the assertiveness and blunt, challenging poise, and I got a more neutral (and as she would say, dull) personality and a little more respect for other's feelings (mushy crap, in her opinion.) She's front the most next to me, and rather opinionated, so I'm sure you can expect posts from her, too. We have quite a few shy ones amongst us, but at least a few who I'm sure will be eager to post.
(And, ah, we only recently decided on Haven as our house name . . . I hope there isn't another "Haven" out there. I'd hate to feel like we were stealing someone else's name :\ )

Alright, that was our introduction,
Now I have some questions. )
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I'd like to just rant a bit about how our system works ^_^; Maybe it'll be helpful to those just realizing that they are multiple or something. Maybe not, ah well.

Our inner world isn't really a concrete world. It's on a need-to-have basis. It's like a giant empty space that goes on for infinity that we can make anything we want appear there. Like if I'm in the mood to walk around a New York-esque city, it'll be there. But if I'm in the mood for a quiet outing in the middle of an up-in-the-air heaven kinda place, it'll be there.

We have what we call an "over the shoulder" where if someone is up front, someone else can sit "over the shoulder" and see what's going on. When one is over the shoulder, they can't influence the person fronting or control the body, but they can see firsthand the goings-on of the day. But that's never really necessary because we also have a center pool that contains all of our memories and knowledge we gain throughout our period of fronting so the next person to front can see what has been going on and can act upon it. However, when it comes to our own personal thoughts, those do not go into the pool, nor do our personal opinions. So Afiel couldn't go to the furniture store and pick out a couch knowing for certain that I'd like it, because that is only my opinion on things. The center pool comes in handy all the time, because one of us can't sneak out to the mall with all our money and spend it all, then say that the money just got lost :)

I've heard a lot of people here say they have a main meeting point in their "world" where they can go and talk to the others of the system. We don't have that. Our center pool gives us the information we need if one needs to tell another something else, and if one of us wants to talk, they'll come up and co-front and we can have a conversation using the same mouth (obviously we don't do this in public because it'd look strange and like a person talking to herself ^^;)

There are also times where we can get off the shoulder and directly influence the front. I guess that's what people call "co-fronting". For instance, I can be listening to music while Jenny types up a journal entry, or Afiel and I could be co-fronting while trying to decide on what sort of drapes we need to match the carpeting. There have also been times when two of us will constantly switch places every five minutes just to have a bit of fun and confuse our friends ^_^

I'm not sure if this is the way a "normal" system works, but it works fine for us. I was wondering how everyone else's systems work when it comes to fronting?

Niz of the Cephian Trinity
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I was talking with my husband the other day, talking about why Analese has gone on a bint about autism and Kami. I told him that Analese was getting annoyed with having to clean up after Kami bathroom-wise and he said that was bull, personalities don't have to use the bathroom.

This confused me. I rarely go into the house but I know there's a bathroom. Am I the only system that has people who use the bathroom?

And I have another question. When another person fronts, I hang out on the front lawn so I can see and hear what's going on. Granted, I can go inside the house and just turn on the television but I have quicker access to fronting in case someone who doesn't know about the MP's shows up. Basically, the way it works in my system is, you walk out the front door of the house, walk up the sidewalk and if you step onto the street, you're fronting. How does it work in your systems?


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