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I've been obsessing over it since I finally saw it a few days ago. I think everyone around me is getting sick of me going on about it.

cut for spoilers )
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Some times I feel like there will be a moment where everyone will collectively crack a wide smile and bow, going "Tadaa! We're not really strange after all, but we sure had you fooled, yeah?" and I'll be the only one left, with that everlasting feeling as though I've somehow missed the bigger picture and brought this all upon myself.
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Hey there,

Before I introduce myself, let me just start off by saying I literally had NO hope left for anything before I found this community last night. Reading through everybody's posts and such...god, I almost cried at how relieved I felt. I've read so many "MPD/DID" text books and been to a therapist and blah blah blah...and with the text books I became even more confused, because I didn't seem to fit the "text book" model of being a multiple. I was never abused, me and "my guys" are all conscious of each other, etc. So I thought, "Well, what the hell? Am I lying to myself? Why aren't I like those other multiples?" and my therapist sure didn't help any. SO...yes. This community is probably the greatest thing I've ever stumbled upon. It may have just saved my life. Now, I beleive I owe you all an introduction =)

I guess I'll start with myself:
My name is Laura and I'm 17 (18 in July!!) I have absolutely no idea which personality traits I possess. I guess I know "my guys" better than I know myself. I guess I'd be considered the "Host"...but I don't think that fits my position very well.

My guys:

-Lance: Alright...Lance is a little different. He's actually Lance Bass. From Nsync. Lance came to me when I was in 5th grade (Since I was 10). He's always with me "up front". Always. It's always half him, half me. We stand side by side. And he kind of just lives his own life. He lives in Los Angeles, California, and has his own friends, seperate from my own. He doesn't know about the rest of of my guys, and I don't think he knows about me. He looks like the actualy Lance Bass, and he's interested in most of the things he is. He just turned 28 on May 4th, and what do you know! So did the actual Lance Bass. And oh yeah, he's gay =) He was the first one here...or well, the first one to make himself known, and he's always been my partner in crime, even if he doesn't know it =)

-Noah James: Noah...hmmm, he's a handful, that's for sure. He's 19 and shares my birthday. Although once he turns 20 (In July), I'm thinking he's probably just going to stay 20. He's usually very...angry. He lashes out at my friends on the internet a lot, because he's scared of people getting close to us. He's convinced that no one cares about us, and that everyone lies to us about everything. He's been here for about 2 1/2 years, I suppose. He doesn't talk (Just types on the computer). He rarely makes any facial expressions. He likes to make people uncomfortable when he stares at them. He'll get right up in people's faces and just...stare. He's also gay. He dyes his hair funny colors (My hair has been every color of the rainbow thanks to him). He has a penpal from Russia (We're all learning Russian together), and him and her have been talking for about a year and a half now. Suprisingly, he absolutely ADORES her. I left him in charge of talking to her. He was the second one here, and he's up front pretty regularly with me and Lance.

-London: London is very sweet. Very sweet. He just likes to see everyone happy and getting along. He talks in a very sweet voice and he's very gentle. He's very lean and pale. And...he has no sexual orientation that I know of. Isn't interested in boys and isn't interested in girls. But yeah, he's kind of the "father" figure. Tries to smooth things over when they go wrong.

Joel: Ah, the newest member =) I don't know too much about him right now. Real friendly, I know that. But he's only made himself know...well, maybe a little more than a week ago. I know he has dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and he's very pale. He enjoys painting, which he proved last night. I think he's going to be fun to have around and I can't wait to see his personality progress over time =)

Sooo...that's them. I could write pages and pages of information (except for Joel), about all of them, but I figured this is long enough as it is =D

Me and my guys look forward to talking with you all and getting to know more about you! As my title says...Finally: A place where I belong.

No longer alone,


Mar. 29th, 2007 01:28 am
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I hesitate posting to this community because "I" am part of a semifunctional trauma based system and feel a little out of place.  

Until we stumbled on this community a few months ago, We bought into the belief that we where broken in need of repair.  This viewpoint has always felt uncomfortable for most of us.

We've only had a small glinpse of healthy multipicity and "I" feel envious!!  In part "I" feel intimidated by the concept. And the thought that we may never achieve it tears me up. "I" desire  the communication and organization sooooo much.

I'm sorry for the lack of clarity, feeling a little emotional

- Trich
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I was watching a fight club vid set to "underneath the veil" by Wolfsheim, and it suddenly occured to me, that Edward Norton's character is multiple. un-co-conscious, but multiple. the premise of the movie is that Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are the same person, but it's so much more clear to me. I mean, basically I had a duh moment.

just a musing.


Dec. 12th, 2006 06:01 pm
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Tej_Agni posted about music, and since I heard this song, I've wondered what someone living plural might think about these lyrics: Nine Inch Nails "Only". Thoughts?

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I finally saw Sybil this weekend with my room mate who is also a multiple. I had read the book but never seen the film. I thought her acting was amazing! Me and my room mate both looked at each other in shock. If we hadn't known it was an actress I might have believed her. I was surprised since she's a singlet (as far as I know).

Besides from that the movie was good, although I don't understand why they made all the alters into children. That was very weird especially since a lot of them were either the same age as Sybil or older. In all reality I cant judge the movie alone because all the holes in the story I knew about since I read the book.

One question though, who was the guy? does anyone know? I knew of a few different guys in the book, but the love interest in the movie seemed like a combination of them and her best friend (who did not appear in the movie anyway).

Well this is just me ranting but I'd like to hear your opinions on this movie or the book.
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Right, so Newbie promised you guys some backstory, so here it is...

Read more... )

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Hi Every one,

I was trying to behave and hangout with everyone and since I got yelled at for being on the computer to much and, not getting and body sleep I decided to just hang out with everyone and watch TV thinking it might make me sleepy.

I was having a hard time following this Movie that started at 11:30 and was about a Husband and Wife who had 3 kids but the oldest daughter is killed. Tony Danza plays the Father and I cant remember the ladys name but she was a cop and teacher in Knderkarden COP she sthe Mother. Its based down South The girl is around 14 when killed The father is trying to find the murderer and is stressed out bad so I figure hes talking to all these voices cause hes had it, so bad he is panicing and having panic attacks well it s almost the end of the Movie.

The Wife totally was married to him like 20 years and she always thought he was just sensetive and moody. of course it turns out that he was the killer all along when he announces "Tom did not kill his daughter"( real mean and sure of himself )" I did" and of course his name is Thomas. read more Read more... )
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We went to laser strike tonight (one of our major social activities, we go at least once a week, but for most people it's like.. a work outing sort of thing, not a sport you play regularly) and, like, everyone knew we'd been in hospital. Even the refs. The refs are pretty cool though, we go drinking with them and they come to our practices. One of them gave me a piece of paper as we were leaving with his phone numbers on in case I wanted to talk sometime.

Anyway we've been having to do all this followup, talking to stupid idiot doctors and stuff. Apparently "all alters have the same shoe size" and if anyone can tell me what that actually MEANS I'd love it. I have a new retort for that though - I was watching Babylon 5 with a girl off our friends list and in one episode Londo is saying "My shoes are too tight, and I've forgotten how to dance."

So, "all alters have the same shoe size" is now going to be met with "My shoes are too tight."

But yeah, they are idiot doctors. They all think we're not real. I want to make a Bingo card to bring to the next appointment (on Thursday) so we can cross off the things people normally say. Discreetly, so they get really confused when I suddenly pipe up, "Bingo!"

Decimy said we're quite welcome to switch obviously during the appointments too.
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Sybil has been on the Oh! channel a lot lately. I was watching some wierd movie and then Sally Field jumped on and talks about "the people"...not sure how I feel about this. Pisses me off. I can't stand this movie and I can't stand how she portrays multiplicity and the ending sucks and I hate the movie.

I hate it. Pisses me off.

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So there's an interesting subject I've been tossing around in my mind for a while, and that's the names and physical charactaristics of the people in our house. It seems to me that while some of us have had sort-of 'innate' names, many have actually chosen their name when they first show-up 'publicly'. They've always been the same person, from before emergence to present day, but it just seems like most of them they didn't need conventional characteristics (such as names and physical appearance) until they were in the 'context' of this life and world. It also seems to me that, when choosing a name, everyone has a 'concept' or 'tone' related to their personality that they try to express. You know how certain types of names just fit certain people?

Some examples from our own system:

-Ana showed up without provocation and without any notice-- or warning, more appropriately. She started 'pushing' different ideas on us non-verbally, then started whispering, then started fully ordering us around. She just is, and has always been, her.
-Raijna was a walk-in (a rain fae) and had no concept of names or most things relating to our form of life. Jeremey chose a name for her, after getting inspiration from the fae herself, and when he ran it by her she seemed happy with the choice so we kept it.
-Jessa 'latched onto' a couple different people, including Raijna and myself, when she first showed up. She's always been the same girl, but she started out by co-fronting with us, following us around, and trying to act like us. Generally acting like a kid. It was damn cute, really. After she gave up "Raijy" and "Jemmy", I helped her choose her own name; "Jessamine".
-January and I are the result of the split of Genevieve. I fell back on our old nick-name, Jem, and January chose hers because of how close "Genevieve" is in pronounciation to the French word for january, "janvier". She said it suited her emotions and life, dead and cold like the winter (her attitude's not so goth anymore, thank god.)
-Vivian only recently emerged 'publicly', the first times she fronted I got a couple hints of her personality and the 'feel' of a 'v-name.' She confirmed my first impression of her by choosing "Vanessa" her third time out, but just today changing her name to "Vivian" because it is, in her opinion, a stronger name (meaning 'alive' or 'living') than "Vanessa" (meaning 'butterfly'.)

I really got to thinking about this because of reading about soulbonding. It seems, from what I've read recently, many people's soulbonds represent themselves with the character/person they do because it is similar to their personality and how they wanted to present/express themselves. I guess I see a similarity there, though perhaps on a different scale. Maybe soulbonds present themselves how they do because they didn't always have the 'context' of this life and world to fit into? How similar to or different from multiplicity like mine is this, aside from how soulbonds take on pre-existing fictional characters or already-living people? Are soulbonds actually constructs instead of pre-existing entities?

Food for thought.

~Jem of Haven
(btw, I tried to lj-cut this and it went funky and refused to work. sorry about the length)
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Well, I just watched The Forgotten, which I have wanted to see for a while...

Got me to thinking (not seriously :P)

What if aliens are playing mindgames and trying to make all the singlets forget their others! Brainwashing, body switching, the singlets have all forgotten, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Maybe we are the last line of defense for Earth!


^.^ I so should not watch traumatic movies before bed...
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I actually saw this movie a couple weeks ago, but I think I should mention it here.

"Menno's Mind" (NR)

A computer nerd ends up with the mind of a revolutionary hacker/tough guy type downloaded into his mind.

While nto directly related to multiplicity, what I thought was unique is that the two men WORKED together. Pretty well too. IE it portrayed having more than one person in one body as having many benefits when the two worked together and shared information.

It was a decent movie as well.

Some brief uper female nudity in a 'virtual' reality scene though, grrr :P

But nice action, and it had some interesting aspects to it.

I would recommend it ^.^

Session 9

Apr. 21st, 2005 10:55 pm
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I have a question for everyone here, about a movie I recently picked up in my local DVD shop's bargain bin. It's called Session 9, and it includes a character who appears to have some sort of dissociative identity.

I'll cut the question as it contains movie spoilers and I don't want to ruin it for anyone who is interested in seeing it. )

I don't know if anyone else here will have seen this movie, or will have any answers for me, but I thought I would ask.

Thank you for reading this post.


Apr. 21st, 2005 10:42 pm
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I just watched the movie "Identity". Don't read further if you want to watch the movie without it being spoiled. And then tell me what you think about it.

It is about a guy with MPD who does not know he has multiple personalities, and one of his personalities is a little 5 year old kid who is an angry serial killer. Would that even be possible?
I don't know why but when i watch movies, i always have that weird feeling in my spine when I understand all the movie (you know, when you don't get what's happening at all and then there's THE one sentence and everything becomes clear?). In this movie, it is when the guy with MPD is in front of all those people who are talking to him about that serial killer who has MPD, and he's like, "why are you telling me all this?" and they say, "because you are one of his personalities".
Also i cried when the guy switches, and when he hears the voice of one of his personalities in his head. I don't know why i get so sensitive about movies.
If any of you saw it, what is your opinion?
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We were watching Ghost lat night when My lackey asked a question that had even Me stumped.

He wanted to know what happens when a Real Person dies in terms of spirits. Will there be just one? A platoon or company? Will they all be able to manifest spirit powers like possession individually or will what one does tap the others too?

I have to admit I'm not sure on ANY of these, so I'm curious as to what the rest of you think.
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I have this sense of unease and anxiety that I've 'shot my mouth off' in other states over the phone in the past 3 days to mental health caretakers voicemails and this is going to get me in trouble. I know Jim(18) and Jim(17) were involved. There is a Fight Club aspect to this whole thing that wants to destroy the system we are dependent on, or at least our relationship with it, because aspects of our 'network' want to be free. And yet aspects of our 'network', one could say 'dwindling aspects' want to be dependent. We feel we are giving birth to ourselves and are setting up midwives to catch us as we come out of the womb. However we do not want to be born prematurely.
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I'm still working on the definitive list of plural characters and themes in popular fiction. Research has turned up 24 different shows which have a synopsis making reference to a character having or faking 'multiple personalities'. If you've watched or do watch any of these shows, please take a look at the list and see if you can give me more information about the show and specifically its portrayal of multiplicity.

List of episodes with 'multiple personalities' in their synopsis

Brimstone, A Country Practice, Cybill, CSI, Dragon Ball, Equal Justice, Forever Knight, The Golden Girls, Halifax f.p., Hawaii Five-O, Hill Street Blues, I Love Lucy, The Jeffersons, Kids in the Hall, Lois & Clark, The Parkers, Phenom, The Pretender, The Profiler, Sailormoon S, Taxi, Tracey Ullman Takes On, VR.5, The Wizard

Thanks ^.^



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