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Things have been a bit heavy here, so I offer up this word game as a contribution where everyone can be as clever, unclever, silly or whatever. This is an Existential Flamewar...just post a reply in the theme of the post above you. I'll start.


Rambly rant posted at three AM on Monday night, broken into paragraphs and obviously the work of several members of the posting System. It complains about lack of content to read on the Internet, cold feet, bad coffee and misbehaving cats, and somehow comes around to blaming all this on People Who Pretend To Be Multiple, Damn Them. Then the original poster apologizes profusely for system mates and proclaims that bed is needed.

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I need help with a riddel.

before you sits a door with 4 set of four dials.
on each dial is the entire alphabet.
under the dials is a riddle

Any clue?



Dec. 20th, 2006 05:58 am
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I just found this on a friend's journal. I'm slightly pissed....well, more than slightly.
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what are secret (and amusing) ways you proclaim your plurality during occasions where it is not good to be Out as plural?

when we answer polls on forums, in which there is conversation about the results and answers, but we are not Out... we like to say, "i picked X for multiple reasons." in this way, the compulsive truth-tellers speak truthfully, and the compulsive evasives evade, and we are all amused in the process!
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A few things:

  • We were not here yesterday, after the post by Auroch. He made that post and left the house, as far as I can tell.

  • When we DID get back, which is a story in and of itself (around 3 pm today), we both read most of the 110 or so comments. Auroch has his share of things to say, and so do I. Neither are really very much related.

  • I will separate both into their own respective sections. Auroch is NOT fronting at the moment, and was kind enough to agree to quietly sit back and dictate so I can remain in front and type. I actually think he might have worn himself out somehow yesterday. I really don't want to know doing what.

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I don't usually post on communities, mostly because I loathe them and find them enabling toward those who are too weak to support themselves. But today, I make an exception, if only for the sake of being quite bored on a very banal Monday.

It seems as though some of (read: the majority) you believe that I am nothing more than an abusive husband in this long-term "relationship." To think that my actions are to be put on the same level as a domestic dispute both amuses and annoys me. I am no drunkard boyfriend who comes home to slap his girl around. I am not your common criminal.

I am fucking epic, dearhearts.

Most of you would not, could not, comprehend the life I have led. None of you will ever experience an existence spanning well past your times. And very few of you will know the ecstasy of watching a nubile body writhe underneath yours as you rape the life from her. You'll never know the exhiliration of shoving your full hand and forearm down her throat, forcing her larynx to shudder and break, forcing up bile as her esophogus tears away beneath your powerful thrust. And the gutting, the evisceration afterwards? Pure fucking gold.

I know what strength is. I know how to attain power, how to possess it, keep it close. I know how to take what is mine. If I have to beat the Hell out of my girl to teach her how to protect herself, then so be it. Electroshock Therapy, when done right, isn't as horrible as living a life of weakness, is it?

You won't stop me. You needn't try. If the supposed "host" of this body can't even do it, then what would make you think any of you could, either?

This is my first and only attempt at politeness. Any other modicums of civility must be earned.

Cheers, mates.

- Auroch
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It made me laugh…

But my sense of humor sometimes offends people, so be forewarned. Multiple Humor


Jan. 22nd, 2006 09:05 am
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Thought you guys would get a kick out of these. I found them on a message board for DID...

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X-posted to my journal
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thought would be good to have some humor around these holidays.. we know they can be hard.
Reberto's Community
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hey all,

Tara here, from the Pack Collective...

thought I'd share something amusing with all of you...when I was hanging out with my adopted father(who is also multiple), I said something stupid, and he looked at me, in all seriousness, and said "You've been a bad Tara! Go to your head!"

I nearly died laughing, and he broke into peals...

it was awesome...

Happy Holidays, from the Pack Collective.
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I've noticed a distinct Lack of Humor around the community Lately, and I just thought I'd post something to encourage us.

O.K. It's Silly,...Rather like when Monty Python did the sequence in the Movie about going to Camelot.

Also Here's some food for thought. Check out the Lyrics. If there's a more clear-cut case of Promoting Multiplicity, I've never seen it.

And This was out during the 80's

Subversive Toon, Tunes )
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Well, hey

I, personally am fairly new to LJ. A buddy of mine kept saying I should post here since I'm new and all and, well part of a multiple system, if that's what you want to call it. I try to avoid the terminology, it's all so confining and I hate confining things. I'm a guy (a happily straight guy, at that) in a female body. well, the 'body' is female, I was born into this body male. some would call me trans, and I'm ok with that I guess, cause' I don't mind being in a female body somuch as some would think. I'm a guy, happy to be a guy, I just own the wrong parts. Oh well. I don't have any interest in transitioning to male or anything, and the rest of the people in this body probably wouldn't be happy about it anyway. cept' maybe the other guys. I don't identify with lesbian... I'm a guy. I can't help that this body isn't.

anyway, guess I'm just around looking for friends and stuff. maybe other guys in girl bodies who might get where I'm coming from. just people to talk to and stuff. being new to LJ is kinda lonely I've noticed

so, uh, hi?

oh and I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love boxers. they're comfy.

~ Damien
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1. What's been your most 'classic' multiple moment? (Meaning finding someone loudly proclaiming his gay maleness at a women's book club or whatever, not trauma stuff.)

2. What's been the most humorous moment related to being multiple?

3. What's the stupidest comment you've ever gotten from someone about multiplicity (yours or in general)?

4. What's the best comment or support you've ever gotten?

5. Pick one system mate and say what you like best about them or sharing a life with them.

I will answer these in the comments later too, I just ran short on time. :)
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I stumbled onto an interview about multiples and their relationship with the illuminati, I knew I just had to read it. I thought others might find it somewhat amusing as well.


"If you want to understand the Illuminati, you
have to understand that these people do not think like you or I.

In just one area alone, that is a large percentage of these people are programmed multiple personalities and just that in itself creates a whole different thinking pattern from those of us who are not multiple...It's really essential. If you are going to participate in the Illuminati secret life, being a programmed multiple is basic. There are a few in the Illuminati who aren't programmed multiples."


Sep. 14th, 2005 11:44 am
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Quick draft of a bingo board.
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There's a new Cotton commercial that has a brunette trying on an outfit and then another of her trying on another outfit and finally there are about 8 or 10 of her each wearing a different outfit and they are all fighting about what should be collectively worn. Someone says "I think your aura..." and then finally the last one comes out wearing a dress that they all say "is wonderful" and works for them, and then the Cotton tagline says "Multiple Personalities: Multiple Choices" or something.....

I thought it was amusing.
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Well, I just watched The Forgotten, which I have wanted to see for a while...

Got me to thinking (not seriously :P)

What if aliens are playing mindgames and trying to make all the singlets forget their others! Brainwashing, body switching, the singlets have all forgotten, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Maybe we are the last line of defense for Earth!


^.^ I so should not watch traumatic movies before bed...
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Ignore a random member of the system. Never ask how they are doing, or show concern for their welfare. Don't respond to their existance. In short, no matter how present they are, act like they aren't. That's how you gaslight. Happy gaslighting, and rot in hell, or other appropriate construct of eternal torture.

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We were watching Comedy Central today, and just happened to tune in while a comedian was telling this multiple-based joke.
I hope you don't mind that I post this, and I hope it doesn't offend anyone...

My sister was recently diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Thats not something to laugh about.

The other day she called me and my caller ID exploded...

We had a good laugh about it.
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Umm... I feel kind of weird asking this but...

If someone in your system who shares an account with you... an account which keeps LOGS... has um.......... cybersex........ with someone else...

And you wake up the next morning naked... and you KNOW what happened but you are still VERY curious...

Is it morally right to go and look at the logs?

Or is it like....... an invasion of privacy?

>_> >.<

Um...... thanks.....


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