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It's not much, but it might be able to help at least put some positive media and entertainment out there on plurals. I have the opportunity to enter a contest for writing a one act stage-play that, if it ends up selected, will be performed in Washington, D.C. The catch- it must be about any form or aspect of disability. I think that, if I wrote about some chunk in the life of a healthy and functioning multiple, stressing the viewpoint that it is NOT a disability and that the only disability is the discrimination we recieve from others because of it, I might just have a chance at dispelling some illusions, at least in some judge's mind. People have a sick fascination with us, but the archaic "evil and good split personality" stereotype is getting awfully old. If I wrote it from another angle (let's be honest- ANY other angle would be a fresh view of multiplicity), people would eat it up. It won't be angsty- it will definitely deal with the stress that comes from the multiple lifestyle as it stands, but not this emo "I'm isolated and alone because I'm weird" feeling either. I don't want it to be a cry for help, or even attention, but a wake-up call. I'd even like there to be some humor- admit it, being multiple has put any and all of us in some awkward situations which can be viewed in good fun, just so long as I don't make a mockery of it.

Picture a dark stage. The lights come up on some mundane set, say an office or a home or a school, anything like that. There is a very ordinary looking girl on stage, not too skinny or pretty, but not fat or depressed or ravaged looking, either. She is the star of our show, but she will not say a single line during the entire play. She is simply the mask.

The true stars stand in a place on the stage that the other performers cannot see, on a platform we will call the mindspace. There are seven, each wearing gray outfits- some more black, some more white, some patterns and prints and combinations thereof, but none of them alike and none of them completely one color. The only thing that the gray implies is the surreal nature of the mindspace and how they manifest their physical forms in this place. One is a young girl in her preteens, another is a teen girl about the same age as the body, another is a buffish stocky young man, another, a man with a moustache, another is an old man, another is a rather slinky-looking woman, and the last is a bald female of indeterminate age.

They all speak, sometimes many at the same time, some less and some more, but only one controls the body onstage at any given time. This is signified by a red mask that the fronter wears that may change hands at any time. The actions of the fronter, or mask wearer, in the mindspace match up directly with the actions of the body on the stage.

I feel like this powerful symbolism for the way a multiple system works (at least, for the way mine works) is a good base to build a play on. This way, the situation of the multiple is very obvious in a visually compelling way that takes you inside the mind of a multiple like never has been done before, but at the same time, we can focus on the plot and what goes on downstage without having to constantly bring up the subject, explain what's happening mindspacewise and remind the audience that the star is, in fact, multiple.

Now, I have dozens of ideas for creating a good plot, but narrowing it down is the problem. I only have a few days to do this, so if you want to throw out some inspiration for me, now is the time. The important thing is keeping it relatively mundane, so to speak, or relating it with real life problems, not the issues of an axe-murderer or comicbook villain. Enough amusing and pretty mundane things get written about the lives of teenagers who aren't multiple- you take any situation, put a multiple spin on it, do so well, and it'll be fantastic. Basically, I want this to be a story that would still stand on its own as an interesting scenario if you removed the element of multiplicity altogether. I know what I want to call it already- we'll say this is a working title because it might change with formation of the plot, but I actually came up with the title before anything else.

Master Plan- NOT Taking Over the World

Last thing to know is I never enter contests expecting to win. I've also come to believe that's why I've won so many before. I don't produce contest winning material, I produce material that would be interesting to anyone who isn't interested in judging my skills, material I'd write just for the fun of it, contest or no. People don't want to be impressed. They want to be entertained. You entertain a judge first and foremost and impress him at the same time, and you've got them exactly where you want them. Let's make this fun.


Mar. 20th, 2007 05:41 am
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EDIT: Original article on Healthy Multiplicity has been found! (may not be most recent version)

Does anyone remember Wikipedia's healthy multiplicity page? It's gone now, which is a pity because that's how I first found out such a thing existed, along with the links to Astrea's Web and Pavilion.

Edit: I was going to find the debate/discussion over deleting this, but thehumangame beat me to it.

Quick links: Copy of original article - Original location - Reasons for deletion - Summary on MP controversy page - Wikipedia source guidelines
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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - Martin Luther King, jr.

I'm sure he used that referring to the oppression of blacks, but it applies to any group or culture that is widely misunderstood. It seems like there's been a lot of posts here lately about how many different ways people misunderstand being multiple. (Let's not even get into all the other "alternative cultures" that a multiple might be more likely to get into than a singlet, just because of having so many different needs and desires.)

Is there some sort of organized effort out there to educate the world at large about what multiplicity is? If not, there should be, but I'm not good at organizing stuff.

Don't ever let your mother tell you you'll never learn anything watching cartoons. I got that MLK quote off of Cartoon Network!

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Hey. I/we made a comment in the "March fifth is multiple personality day" post and talked about a greeting card website having offensive greeting cards and was very please with the response:

Hi Damien,
I apologize for this situation and have removed these cards.  There was no intent at insulting people with MP.  We had a third party creating cards for non-standard holidays and they misunderstood the intention of the holiday, and then we did not properly screen the card before it was placed online. 

It has been removed and I apologize for any insult felt, as it was not meant that way. 

I thank you for bringing this to our attention. 


We were very excited at the response we got and how quickly the situation was addressed. A step in the right direction. Small victory in our eyes I guess.
Damien and Lisa

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somone just informed me that March 5 is "Multiple Personalities Day" according to Bizzare News.

I think we should all have a big party :)
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We found this link via a friend's journal. They said we could post it so maybbe something could get done. Thttp://www.everydayhealth.com/cs/forums/thread/48222.aspx?utm_source=nl_emohealth

This disturbed us to no end. If you think it's worthwhile reply to these people.
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Why are systems increasing in number? Assuming you don't count the Gerasene Demoniac, there are reports of systems with over 200 to 5000 members. We ourselves are one, and we are curious as to why these increases are occuring, and a good old-fashioned what-if. If Sybil had never been written, and Billy Milligan had still come along, what would have happened for the pictures of Multiples? Might we intsead of  3v1l p$ych0t1c hysterics have been plagued with a deluge of males who are uber-violent? Is there a connection between the gay community and the multiple community?
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(crossposted to our LJ)

When is it "rude" to step in to correct someone's misperceptions about plurality?

Is it rude to make your first post to a stranger's journal, or your first post to a community, to correct someone's misinformation?

Is it rude to post solely to correct someone's misinformation if the erroneous ideas and assumptions weren't the main theme of their post/entry/essay/whatever, and were mentioned just tangentially or to make a point (i.e. describing someone as "MPD" or "split personality" to refer to the fact that they couldn't make up their mind?).

Is it rude to post links to informational sources? Is it rude to post links to your own pages, or pages of friends, in the interest of clearing up misinformation?

See, personally, I don't think any of these things are rude. Free speech does not mean "I can say whatever I want but nobody else gets to respond to it." If you post something and put it in public view-- on a website, a blog, an LJ open to the public-- then, basically, you're leaving yourself open to comment from *anyone.* Including people who disagree with you, or whether or not you like what they have to say about you. You can't accuse someone of rudeness simply for stating an opinion you didn't like, or because you got upset that you were wrong.

However, a lot of people seem to think differently, based on the reactions we ourselves, and other people we know, have gotten from trying to provide corrections to assumptions, stereotypes, and misinformation in various places.

We've been accused of being rude, forcing our ideas on other people, trolling, attacking other people and making them feel bad, being assholes, and so forth.

I actually think the people playing the "my feelings were hurt" card are sort of key to the whole thing. Although I think the actual issue is discomfort rather than hurt feelings; hurt feelings are sort of a red herring, as whether something makes you feel bad has little bearing on whether it's true or not, but it is guaranteed to make some people feel guilty, back down, and start apologizing. The real issue is that many people don't like to be called on their assumptions. They don't like to have their comfortable beliefs challenged, and they don't want to re-adjust their beliefs, especially when they believe themselves to be highly educated on a certain subject, or when their beliefs help them feel assured of their own normalcy and sanity.

However, I'm really annoyed at having to step around people's delicate feelings when trying to correct misinformation or provide an alternate perspective. (And trying to correct ideas about multiplicity isn't the only offensive thing you can do; people howl if you try to talk about, for instance, being depressed-- as depressed as anyone has ever been-- and having your recovery from that not follow a psychiatry-approved pattern. But that's a rant for another day.) Is it rude or an imposition? I don't think it is, but what are other people's takes on the matter?
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This is something we've been working on, in response to the requests for help fleshing out the Healthy Multiplicity article. This is what we have so far-- any suggestions or comments are very much welcomed. Apologies to those whose words I've hacked and rearranged.

This whole article probably looks to be considerably more skeptical than I actually am. The reason I have written it in this way is because I'm anticipating which points we might be called out on and have our neutrality questioned on, hence why I bother mentioning the controversy over the existence of multiplicity and the DID diagnosis.

Double parentheses indicate a link to another article.

Draft for article )

A Post

Nov. 8th, 2005 03:29 pm
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Sorry we haven't posted in a while. School! Ew!! I just foundd something half pukeworthy on Wickopedia. They were trying to present an accurate portrayal of multiplicty and not doing all that bad and then thehy said that integration was the ultimate goal. I think personally that it should be your own choice. Also has any one ever had some person they've told about their households call them "aspect


Oct. 11th, 2005 09:09 pm
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talk to me about multiplicity activism.

we'd like to do something useful in our city. whats useful to do? pass out fliers?

someone here's done activismy stuff b4. canvassing, public speaking, stuff like that.
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So I really think it must have been like multiple week or something for tv shows or whatever. So we were watching Medium on NBC Monday night. The synopsis for the episode says nothing about the whole DID topic but it was totally snuck in there and we'll take Robert Oxnam media representation any old day than the crap we saw on Medium. Okay so like it could have been worse with Medium but still it just like irritates us.

Read more... )
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I'm occasionally weirded out severely by finding links to things like Pavilion or Astraea's page, labeled as "a personal page about the experience of MPD/DID", or "resources for those with dissociative identity disorder," or things along those lines. Sometimes I think this is a result of just not reading the pages very closely, or seeing them come up in search engines as results for MPD or DID; or just going through and linking to every page that relates to the subject of multiplicity at all (though this seems to be done less often now than it once was).

The stranger ones, to me, are the people who seem obviously to have read the page, but still insist on referring to it as "a DID page" or whatever. We've never actually run into anyone calling our page that (although it may well be out there somewhere), though we've had some requests from people wanting to link our page from their MPD/DID site. Usually our policy has been to say no, because that isn't what our website is about, although we've reconsidered that a bit in view of the fact that someone finding our site through such a page might get more use out of it than out of MPD-type pages.

I was looking for something completely unrelated last night, and found someone actually quoting Astraea's webpage while calling it "a resource for people with mild to moderate dissociative identity disorder." Astraea's page was the first multiplicity page that was NOT about DID. It says nowhere in the site that it's aimed at "people with mild DID," and this person had obviously read far enough into it to be able to quote what they said about talking to one's story characters. To call it that seems to require a rather bizarre re-interpretation of what's actually there; I, for one, do not like having outsiders "translate" my words for me and tell all the normal people what I'm "really" talking about, or present it in a form which might be more palatable to them. I can only assume here that people who state that their multiplicity isn't a disorder are being assumed to have 'a mild form of the illness.' Because of course there's something wrong in and of itself with having more than one person in your body-- all the DID bits like lack of communication and operating systems are just details. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if something doesn't cause you distress or reduce your ability to function, doesn't that mean that by definition it is not a disorder?
This rant comes to mind: http://www.bentspoons.com/Shaytar/soapbox/badlinks.shtml

Although, I'm not sure how much good it'll do to just tell people not to call it an MPD/DID page, if they seem to believe that it's their prerogative to decide whether we're talking about a disorder or not, regardless of what we say about ourselves.
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And, I'll bitch on my real journal, as opposed to the one for my system, because I'm sure that my boy doesn't want to get himself dragged into this.

I've never been an activist. I don't care about other opinions, desires, feelings or beliefs, if they're not someone close to me, or a member of my actual system. Therefore, I do not care if anyone believes me about my life, my past accomplishments, my beliefs or yes, the existance of my system at all.

We are five. We have two front runners and three who think that the world is stupid, so they don't bother. They're valuble background noise, however, so I'm glad to have them. As you can see, we have a recurring theme here. Live your life, and don't go out of your way to bother or relate to other people. Out of my group, I think only one of us really cares to go out of his way to make friends.

The recent crap in [livejournal.com profile] bad_sex and [livejournal.com profile] wtf_inc pisses me off, not because of the mean, mean people who don't believe us, but because some of us pull out all of the stops, and go out of our way to keep the argument going.


I mean, do ANY of you need the confirmation of a bunch of people that you've never MET before? Do you NEED to convince these people of the existance of your systems?

I am, and have been, multiple, suffice to say, for a long time. I view it as a spiritual experience, not to be dragged into drama. It is sacred. Furthermore, I am OFFENDED at how we come off to non-multiples! Take a step back and CHILL OUT.

If someone doesn't believe, or doesn't want to believe you, it's their perogative. You don't NEED to explain to people how you work. You don't NEED to continue the damned conversation until your point's driven home, because you look nothing more than precisely what they're attempting to make us out to be! KNOCK IT OFF.
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We've heard that Wendy's commercial a lot. It is kinda of getting on our nerves. We're trying to find a link with text about it, or an audio clip of it would be great, but we can't find ANYTHING. We went back in the community, the link the user posted, doesn't seem to work anymore? We ran a search and one hit came up that would have matched it but it doesn't exist anymore. Hmm. Anyone know where to get a good link?
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I was watching TV tonight, and I saw the new Wendy's commercial. It's a complete insult to the multiplicity community.

Wendy's will run ads later this month showing a customer afflicted with a fictitious disease called MEPS (Multiple Eating Personality Syndrome). There's so much food, he doesn't know which to choose. If the ad is successful, it'll be followed by a campaign touting real diseases. One of the slogans: "Our restaurants are on major highways because we promote clogged arteries."

I can't find a downloadable of the commercial, but it really insulted us...

I for five, lol, are planning on boycotting wendy's.

The commercial featured a guy ordering a combo...when the chick behind the counter asks him which side he wants, he says "fries". simple enough, right? wrong. then a very deep voice comes out of his mouth, as he dramatically cocks his head to one side and says "baked potato". another voice, this one more feminine, says "caesar salad"...and then the voice over comes in, talking about MEPS...Multiple Eating Personality Syndrome...I think it's bullshit...there are those in this system who are rather touchy about being part of a multiple system, and this was just downright rude...

we're seriously going to give them pieces of our minds, and y'all should too...

Wendy's Consumer Relations
Wendy's International, Inc.
4288 W. Dublin-Granville Rd.
Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 764-3100

Wendy's Restaurants of Canada
Consumer Relations
240 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, On
L6K 2G7

Phone: (905) 849-7685

Rick, Faith, Tara, Liz, Wolf and cubbie
Pack Collective
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Fight Gerald Allen's homophobic policies banning our literary classics.
Say NO to fear, hatred and censorship.
Sign the online petition now!


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