Sep. 25th, 2007 09:16 pm
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I want to quit smoking soon but some of the alters smoke. I had started with the patch and gone several days without a cigarette until I dissociated last night and now I'm back to square one. I don't see my therapist again until October so I won't have her help until then. Any suggestions on how I can get my alters to help me quit smoking?

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I thought that this was interesting, and those of you who are friended to Maxim's GJ read it already, but I'm posting it here, too.

We've been monitoring our blood pressure off and on again b/c our family is predisposed to heart disease, and we're slightly overweight, so we want to make sure that we're still relatively healthy and not in danger of anything while we're losing the weight that we need to. In February, I broke our leg. Fell down an escalator for those curious! I waited a day to go to the hospital b/c I thought it was a sprain. While there, I had to be the fronter b/c it was "too much pain" for Maxim and Cloud was pissy.

Despite this "horrible horrible" pain, my BP was 110/70, which is a little high but still well within the normal range.

Last Monday, we had another issue b/c we're a medical wonder, or just get sick a lot, and my BP was the same.

Later that same day, Maxim went to get a fitness test done. At the beginning of it, he got his BP taken and it was 125/85. A full 15 points higher, and putting us boarderline for hypertension.

Today, Maxim went to the doctor for the same medical wonderland reason and his BP was a whopping 130/90.

WTF? Has anyone else noticed a drastic change like this when system mates change out?


Jul. 20th, 2007 06:20 am
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How can we possibly be successful in this life.  It seems everywhere we turn, the deck is stacked against us.  It is increasingly difficult to even want to get out of bed each day.  The pain is so bad that most jut want to go inside and abandon the body until this "problem" has resolved itself. 

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So, the other day I came up some questions off the top of my head.
-When you wake up in the morning, how does that work? Do you all wake at once, or one by one?
-Are any of your system members bilingual, or speak a language other than English and no English at all?
-How often do new members show up, or make themselves known?
-When one member is sick, or the body is sick, does everyone else get sick too?
If even a few people would care to satisfy my curiosity, I'd appreciate it. ^_^
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Has anyone read anything on the links and overlap between Bipolar II, dissociation, and seizures? Does anybody besides us have specific parts who tend to have seizures? I was at a recent drug dinner through work and a psychiatrist was talking about developments in this area. Some doctors are beginning to conceptualize all of these phenomena as seizure activity.
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We've been away for a while. Coming back prompted a question, based on our current situation.

We've had a displaced-neck-pain headache for the past couple days (when the chiropractor's closed for a long weekend, worse luck). Kat has just eaten a fair bit of chocolate. But, now that I'm out, I find that I'm affected way more by the bodies' sugar rush than its discomfort. For Kat, it's the other way around. Do any of you experience this kind of difference? Have any ideas as to what might cause it? Etc.

- Esmerelda
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Do you think littles should be allowed to smoke?

My partner's system smokes all the time and I don't think it's appropriate.
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I need some advice on two new prescriptions, my system is very susceptible to things causing memory loss, we get medication-induced blackouts. We went to see a new doctor who seems legit and nice, one who specialized in chronic pain and headaches. He prescribed Topamax and Fioricet. Has anyone heard of problems with the drug? I heard Topamax causes weight loss.
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Hello To from The Mosaics

This is Tiea. I woke up today after having a fever 3 days and wanted enough water to fill a Ocean. Along with the Ocean I ordered Wanton and Eggdrop Soup and Mui Fun vegitable. I swear I've been sick and I think the whole system forgot to go shopping or eat, till I woke up. This has never happened before . I think everyone was afraid to go into the money without me knowing . Usially we all communicate so well , I guess I was too knocked out . Feel like Ive been living in a mixed up dream where I was paralized under anestisia or something , but I do remember it was posted we should look for a symbol to wear like a button or badge to identify us .

I woke up thinking of caterpillers and Butterflys and then Kaliedoscopes . I dont know if those were suggested. How is everyone out there tonight doin? Hi To all. Peace And Perusual with Chineese I am Hungrey yet still full. So glad no work tommorrow.

So which is it starve a fever or feed one ? I think I can safely say I did both

Peace to all Tiea
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I have a silly question, and forgive me if it is awkward or scattered, but I am curious. I am part of Raziel system and only recently have had cause to front, to begin my own spiritual path. When I do front, however, I find it is sometimes difficult to manage the body. I myself am very poised and upright, but this body has been subjected to horrible posture for the longest time. Also, I find I lose balance on occassion. I was just wondering if any other's have had such or similliar experiences, and if so is it possible to mold the body into my mannerisms? I do hope I'm not being a bother, or posting inadequate questions. Thank you.


-Sistema di Raziel

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back in late november, i had a miscarriage (this SO is not a dig for symapthy, so anyone who wants to start that kind of arguement, don't... sorry if i seem defensive, but it's happened :/)

one of my inners claimed to know that the baby was there, before i lost it, and teased me about it, through one of my friends relaying stuff back. i think she (inner, not my friend... all my friends seem to be male, for some reason >_o) was amused when i lost it. i don't know why it bothers me so much that she claimed to be able to be around it... particularly because i DID lose it. inners couldn't affect a baby like that, right?

i didn't mind all so much having that happen to me a first time, but if she's feeling cruel and does it again... :/ i dunno. this is weighing on my mind a lot lately, as a lot of friends keep poking at me, thinking i'm pregnant again (blood test said no, but mistakes happen... argh)

so i guess... to anyone who is/has been pregnant, have any of your inners been able to notice it there, even before you did? or... anything like that? sorry if i'm not making sense, i'm typing as fast as i can, before i forget what i wanted to ask.

thanks for anything anyone can tell me. :)
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...But I've lost control of my right hand and arm for the moment.
For the last fifteen minutes my right arm and hand have behaved like something out of the movie "idle hands". Have you seen that movie? I swear my right arm is fucking possessed or something. It's like someone is co-fronting with me and they've got VERY strong control over ONLY one part of the body. It feels like someone is trying to front, but basically unable to. I feel really, REALLY stupid posting this, because it sounds so dumb and contrived, but it really isn't.

I've tried communicating with it(/him?) but it's being belligerent. I keep catching snatches of a name, which I think is Grant, but it won't do anything but be difficult.

OKAY. There! I've got my arm+hand back! Sweet. I can type with two hands again.

Anyway, it kept grabbing hold of things and trying to get me to stay put, which might have been really comical to someone outside the situation, but which was fucking scary to me. It felt SO weird, like someone had spliced part of their living, active body onto mine; their arm in place of my arm. I picked up an older male presence, there, who I think is named "Grant". Maybe it's connected, maybe it's someone who's trying to front... I've just never had anything so WEIRD happen before.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Does anyone have any advice? I tried to talk to/reason with it, but it would just flip me off and go back to being someone else's arm.

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Any of you ever feel things that aren't there? Lately I've been feeling like there are ants crawling on me or something similar. I've felt it twice already. The first time I thought it had to do with something with one of my alters (who has bee quiet ever since). But, this time it doesn't seem so. I scratched a part of my scalp so hard that I actually drew blood.

This sort of thing has never happened to me. I've heard of visual and audio hallucinations. But, not...what would you call it? Textile hallucinations? Is that even a term? I don't know. It could be the left overs of an illness I just got over (not cool). Or it could be a new develpment for me. Either way I'm not too happy with it and could really use some info.

Sorry for the cross post...but I really want to figure this out. Thanks.

EDIT: Someone mentioned that it could be that my electrolytes are low. Since I'm getting over a stomach bug and am still a little dehydrated this is totally possible. Actually, it's probably all it is. Thank you everyone who responded!
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Sigh...this is the sound of a discontented me. Today I have been through shit, and David has been through more. Rent day with not a penny to my name. Social services and medical systems screwing me around again and again and again. I hate doctirs. Then, despite the fact I can hardly function anymore, my doctor accuses me of just trying to get papers to make some money. No. If I could function than I'd still have my job, making it pointless to file for social assistance. Meaning I wouldn't need his god damned paper work. This from the man who told me to take tylenol after an amnesiac spell in which I passed out on the floor for about half an hour. From the man who refused to sign for my cat scan, which another doctor put on emergency. God damned doctors. God damned governmemnt. This is me hating the world, except for a select few who are there for me. On top of that I can't even get a ride to Kentville for a trip to the Mental Health ER, which was recommedned by my therapist not an hour ago. But, of course, I ain't got no car, or any money in which to get a taxi, bus or anyone to drive me. And, because it's mental health, I can't get an ambulance because I'd get sued.

Welcome to this fucked up world.
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I've recently found that the relatively high levels of visual static we see don't seem to be a standard part of the human experience. It's potentially getting into the realm of Weird Neurological Stuff, for which very little information is to be had. This survey is an attempt pin down whether it's related to any of the other unusual states of being we might be part of, or refute the idea that it's not human standard.

Experiment & Survey )

X-posted from here to Xibalba and back.
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I feel so utterly betrayed by my system right now. Not all of them, one in particular. The one I've felt ultimate affinity for. See, back in November there was a time when I thought I might be pregnent. I missed my period by three weeks and then ended up sick and with further complications. I always assumed a miscarriage, which upset me. Come to find out yesterday night that one of them (Pyrena) took some kind of herb mixture (she's wiccan) to force a miscarriage.

How should I feel about this? She never asked anyone in the system, and she nearly poisoned us! It's not that it didn't work out in the long run, but it's the point that I did miscarriage and yeah...

I feel lost...
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Not entirely sure how to word the subject, sorry... I apologize in advance, I'm not sure how much this particular topic relates, but I'm interested to see if anyone has any experience with this, and if there's any possible connection...

describing the situation here.. )

Do you think that anxiety disorders/manifestations have any correlation to dissociation/multiplicity? Can inner conflict or something of the sort between system members result in physical manifestations like pain or dizziness? Or are the two entirely separate/unrelated? How many people have problems with anxiety, as well as being multiple/plural?

Sorry if that's too many questions.. :) Just curious.

- Krystina, Tigrin
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Hello. Have been on an interest/community adding binge tonight. And saw that most of my friends from fragmentminds are here so figured we would join up.

The body is worn out from being sick. So I'm the only one who can front. Though Katz seems able to co-front with me for short periods of time on occasion. I was wondering. Does anyone else have problems similar to this? That is, difficulty communicating within your system, or changing fronts when your body is pushed to its limits?

Would post about our system. But too tired right now.

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I have an odd question for you all (and I can't figure out how to do the cut thing so I appologise)...and feel free to tell me that it is to personal, but I have been wondering about it. I was wondering for those with a female body how many have problems with their reproductive systems. For example how many have irregular period and such that either have or have not been explained. I as because we are a system who reside in a female body and has been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). But we have never been regular and even when the doctors had us on birth control pills if a new female started fronting our cycle would get out of wack. I am trying to determine wether or not we should tell our GYN about our multiplicity.

Ember for the collective
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For the most part, Our little group (little compared to some of the people We know anyway) does well... We're pretty together... until this time of year rolls around and the sinus infections start.

That's when everyone decides "Hey, let's ignore the Earth/3d/Whatever body and just let it rot and suffer" and usually Fihel or Ruby or Ice end up having to tool along with the infection until it clears up. Enter Tanston. "Whoa girl, where'd you come from?" Yeah, my point exactly.

What I need, basically, is some suggestions. Here is the given though- There are no "host(s)" per se. It's usually someone likes to front a lot, and then someone else wants to, etc. But if you were to ask for the main person, you'd hear crickets chirping.

Actually, I just wanted to whine where people would see it and say "Oh, you poor thing, I hope you feel better soon" XD

But yes, suggestions are welcome, aside from kicking other people up front and saying "You deal with it" which seems to work... sort of.

Why yes, I am terribly doped up on Benadryl. Can you tell?


P.S.- I am well aware this is abnormally lighthearted... but why not, I say? There has to be some laughter as well as tears in any community! Also note that I am under the influence of Benadryl. I blame it on that.


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