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I had a dream last night. One of two very strange ones, but this one was... epic. I won't give all the details... just the relevant ones that have got me thinking.

I was trying to get my boyfriend (NOT Auroch's, by the way... that's a totally different issue) not to leave me. He had found out I had supernatural powers and was very upset by them. I was begging him to stay, getting quite emotional. Then, walking out of my house, I saw about 12 people walking out. I knew all of them were a part of me. Even the ones who didn't look like me. They were all wearing the same school-uniform type jackets in burgundy, with an unknown monogram at the right breast. There was a girl with shoulder-length red hair who turned over her shoulder at me, and said:

"I've been a jerk. I've been trying to break you two up. I'm so sorry."

Auroch was there, too, in a jacket as well. He had his arms folded, staring at me in the eyes, but never said a word. He just shrugged.

He's been quiet ever since. I haven't heard a word out of him today.

There were young and child versions of myself. There were older ones, teenagers, some with dark hair, light hair, red hair, what-have-you. All of them were telling me something or another.

The point is... I've never encountered anyone like that on the inside. Only Auroch, and Vicki, once or twice. Does anyone have any thoughts?

And, if you'll permit, sometime I may post my "recurring nightmares" on here... in case anyone can give me answers.

Auroch wants to post later. He's been putting it off for days. I'll see if he comes out today.

Thanks, everyone!
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I mean I am pretty good on my own, but when I try to figure out my own I usually get mixed up. Like trying to do your own surgery, I am too personally involved.

Basically what I see is:

Breaking dishes, burning rope, a book burning, paper burning, and glass object breaking. The last thing I see before I wake up, the very moment I know I am dreaming but I am still asleep I see a bright blue light.

Any clue?

I mean I have had premonitions before. And today there was a plan crash not that far from my house at Van Nuys Airport. A few weeks before I had a bunch of dreams of a plane going down, not actually hitting the ground, but on its way into the ground.

Am I right in being worried? or am I just paranoid?

*Edit(this is as much detail as I could get from last nights dreams): The dream played in a series like the tape from The Ring. The first thing I see is a dish falling and hitting the ground and shattering. Then I see a rope, it looks like it is pulled tight but all I see is the rope across the screen I guess, and its burning and it looks like it is about to break but then it changes sceen. Then its a book and it is open and it is on fire already when I see it. Then all of a sudden i see glass things, they dont really have shapes and the just start breaking. Then for a split second I see the light and wake up.

Feeling of each sceen:
Dishes breaking-nervous
Rope burning-worried
Book burning-scared
Glass breaking-taken off gaurd
Light-(i dunno honestly, confused maybe)
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N) When those reading this dream, do you each dream a different dream, or is one dream created within your brain which you all see? (Or is one dream created within your brain which only one or only some see/s, or multiple dreams, one or some or all with more than one person observing, or... er. *stops rambling* [insert general request for information here]) *curiosity*
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I'm finding I'm sharing a lot of dreams with the other person in my head. It's happening increasingly. Has this happened to anyone else?


Mar. 2nd, 2006 08:55 am
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hi every one
i am "little" at least thats what every one says but most of the time i dont feel that way so i guess im just a child that doesnt know my age, sorry.
lately ive been havin nitemares about monsters. when the monsters are there i cant really see them but i get a feeling its like monsters like freddie kruger or the clown man from the movie It but its really not them, there really just diffrent people like you would meet every day like someone you can meet down the street. thats what scares me, that the monsters can be regular people. i get scared that people are going to hurt me or get in my bedroom. it causes me to stay up real late at nite and worry and not want to fall asleep again cause i dont want the bad dreams. then some of the other kids get the same dreams i have and it scares them as much as me.
what can stop the bad dreams and scary thoughts?


Nov. 15th, 2005 09:54 am
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I have a question for all of you. This one has been nagging at the back of my mind for a while and I figured I'd ask it. First and foremost, when ythe members of your household sleep and have nightmares do you feel them? Secondly, if the body is ill, do they get your illness? Just curious as to how that works for all of you. I feel their nightmares but I don't know yet if they get it if the body is sick.

windows :P

Aug. 16th, 2005 09:10 pm
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so i did this to Deviant Art, anway I've been down on myself, trying ot see myself and come to relise all the horrble things that make me me (OMG how horrble i don't want to be in love/good frineds with potheads)

then there is just confussion and the genral beating my self "I don't like to drink, i need to, so i can be socail and have frineds...maybe I do like alcholic drinks...ho! why can't i get rid of my green eggs and ham syndrom!?" maybe I do and I convins myself? maybe i'm trying to hard to kill "myself"

so what happens then....some here seem to have the other views on people. i want to be somone differnt, fearless, a floosy. I don't like drugs, then why in the back of my head is "hahah i want my opium"
or somtimes "theres the thinking that thinks without cousious thought"

not "i will eat today" like you are speeking in your head things like {ah choking down the old snake eh?} and the likes.

so i'm a bit of a neurotic mess, a hypocondriac who thinks to much.

hey how do I tell if i'm "multiple" things become acts for to long they manfisest. I laugh at the zoophiles but "god damn that is a sexy dog!" comes up.

yes...i'm a mess. i can't find the me i want to be, it should be a hot chick, looks andogious...don't know how long i've seen this chara. I make up stories to and like to think of them playing in my head. I drempt i was a guy named dark kennith once and once i was a dog. cool? does that mean anything? are they me? or other people?

could one have others that are still them? like playing a new card? facets? or "emotionalities"?

how do i know those obsucre voices aren't me? like the sick pervs or the opium thing?
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The first two paragraphs are coppied from our journal.

In my dream, the darkness flooded my eyes, and I screamed for my mother, and I had no voice. There were demons choking me, and twisting my body. And I just kept screaming without my voice, trying to clear my vision and make my body stop hurting. And all the while, it was as if I were in two places at once. As if I were in my kitchen, and yet still aware of my sleeping body. But before I had that dream, I swear I was having an OBE. I couldn't feel my natural body but i was well aware of my physical one. And I seriously think It was Rya who gave me the nightmares, I think she fronted and put her fear into, either that or she just put herself into the nightmares.

Now I know I asked for the nightmare, but I never expected I'd have it, and though I'm sort of glad I had it, I guess it was selfish of me. Since they shared the fear with me, and even though it didn't touch Azi or Lupa, it scared the bloody hell out of Joselyn, made Rya cry in a corner and caused Kris turmoil and terrors. So now, I feel terribly guilty and self anger.

My question is, has anyone ever done something that resulted in unintetnionally causing turmoil to another in your system by accident? And also this questions been attacking me lately. When you first discovered your were a multiple, did anyone ever have trouble in time management, allowing each some time to front, or alteast co-front? I guess my fear is that something bad will happen to the body if I let them have full control, >_< I know that makes me sound like a horrible person, but I fear for this body. Any advice? Sorry for the choppiness. It's like...1:40am and I'm still feeling a bit fuzzy.
Again thanks for giving us a place to ask questions,

-Sistema di Raziel
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A couple of our personas...two of the more outgoing and emotionally open ones...seem to be magnets for charming obssessives who try to isolate and own us.

Our first two co-writers were like that. And now, in the rp, one of the players has tried. We refused to be isolated, but we're just too nice to cut this person off and throw them out the way we should've when the whole process started. We're suckers for someone who tells us they love us. Plus, it seemed like this person might have their own unacknowledged alter and might not be aware, really, of what they were doing.

A few hours ago, this person, in game, 'broke off' the relationship, in the most humiliating and public way possible. A couple of hours ago we were mad. Now, after some sleep, we're mostly relieved. Another cycle of emotional abuse stopped early, not after months of trying and pleading and crying.

Maybe we're learning, just a little.


Been seeing the posts about dreams and my couple of hours of sleep have been dream-filled.

Was going from place to place, 'servicing' people. No actual experience of the sex, just coming out afterwards, sore and abused, and being taken to the next place.

Then several of us went to a restaurant with my dead Grandfather and Grandmother and Mother and Brother. We didn't order, just shared bowl after bowl of unnamed food that was put in front of us.
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So, I had a dream, that woke me up. We were in a house(Collective we) hanging out(seems to be a theme in my dreams lately)with...get this...Buffy, Dawn, Faith, and someone else(not someone from the show). Oh and I think Andrew was there. Anyway, all I can still recall is laying on this couch, with Faith lying on me, looking at her livejournal, reading someone's fanfic on a laptop. I was stroking her hair, and then she got up, and went upstairs, and I followed. *pout* Woke up before I could actually do anything with her, but I got as far as being undressed with her. Although, I don't think it was me, Rick, because the body was female. and yes, I know I'm female-bodied, but I don't think I am in dreams. Now, I have Tara, who was created by Rachel, but nonetheless is pretty much Tara from the show, and now I'm wondering if the other 'characters' I saw in my dream were also others... Anyway, going back to sleep.

Pack Collective
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Had another dream. this one was definitly multiple related. I was trying to bake something with Tara, but it kept coming out wrong. My mother said "i bought you some cake mix" and Tara and I were baking one of those colored swirly cakes. Anyway, the batter kept coming out wrong...the colors wouldn't swirl together, and Tara said "maybe we should leave it like that. I think it's pretty"

LOL. first time any of my others were in my dream in a blatant way. I think the swirly cake thing represented my system, too. Like I was trying to get them all together, but they wanted to be seperate.
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So last night I had this dream, that my husband thinks is related to my others. I was in an apartment, belonging to "S" and she was going to Europe for a week. She had decided to sublet the apartment, but wanted me to stay there while these strangers were there. I led these people in, and walking into the back bedroom, I looked into the closet, and realized that it led to a whole other part of the apartment I never knew existed. Walking through, I saw more rooms, and kept thinking to myself, "we can make this into a bedroom, we can make this into another bedroom" and at one point, referring to an expanse of marble floor, "we can put a jacuzzi here". I ended up in a kitchen, with the father of the family that was staying there, and he offered me a snack cake from a box of Drake's Cakes. I took one, but then told him that Tastycakes were much better, and we got into a serious discussion about the strong points of both. A large Swedish gay man appeared, who was apparently their masseuse, and grabbed my shirt, pulling it off like some exotic dancer, and began rubbing me down. It felt incredible. He then proceeded to tell the father that he agreed with me, that Tastycakes are better, and they're his guilty pleasure. He also told me that it was his secret ambition to be a body piercer. He told me how he wanted to pierce his lip or labret(maybe both) and his bellybutton. He also told me how he had wanted to pierce his nipples, but his lovah said they were "too gay". It was at this point, that the entire dream started over again, playing the whole thing through the exact same way. It repeated this way five times. (Talk about recuring dreams! LOL)
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I was just curious as to if you have nightmares and when you wake up you remember a good deal of it is it possible that its one of the others trying to show you something that you dont remember?

I have never had a nightmare of this magnitude where when I wake up I still have most of it, its pretty scary and I wasnt sure where else to ask

thank you in advance
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I had some odd dreams this weekend that maybe you guys can help me with. Well, not necessarily the dreams (which you can find in my journal here) but some questions they raised.

Is it possible that my alters can have memories, things that affect them, not from my life? Some sort of abuse that I never recieved? Let me explain.

Background: Sarah is a little. She's maybe about 5 or 6 years old. Maybe older but not by much. Usually, she sits in a corner crying. I used to think that perhaps she holds onto some kind of pain. Maybe from when the kids at school were really mean. Or from when I got really badly hurt and had to get stitches without anything to numb me first. Stuff like that. Lately Sarah hasn't cried so much. She even came out briefly at a party I was at for my friend's son. She hit the pinata. She's been crying less ever since. I don't even wake up from them anymore.

Something told me last night that the dream I had wasn't really mine. That it was partially a dream and partially Sarah's memories. And perhaps the dream from the night before was too. Sarah never communicates. She doesn't talk to me or anyone else except maybe Joey (another little who just sits huddled under this table looking thing and occasionally will shout, "No" for no particular reason). Sometimes she'll cuddle with Cara (She's a tough adolecent who tends to only come out if she feels We're somehow threatened).
The dream was like a memory. One that was very painful and caused me to just cry. Nothing in the dream was from my own memories though (ie. nothing from my past). And both dreams I thought of Sarah. That they were her memories. Or perhaps a way for her to communicate something to me. Nonetheless they've left me very confused.
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I don't know if this counts so much, but I'll post it anyway.

I've been having weird, vivid dreams recently. Recently as in within a sort of 2 week scale. Occasionally I had vivid dreams before but they were always just single dreams then nothing more.

With Karisma's awakening, especially in the last fortnight, my dreams are not only frequently more vivid, but they involve people I know and soulbond with too.

Last night I had a dream where first I was watching as a professional writer's muse, Iris, came and 'borrowed' my muses Faro and Karisma (the one i'm having my issues with) - and then suddenly I *was* Karisma, sort of - like just as she lives in me, I can live in her too, or something. This confuses me greatly.

Does anybody else have experience of either dreaming as your multiples (if that indeed is what Karisma is, she appears to me more as a Median or such - i've been reading the links people posted to my last post), or just the switching between multiple-non multiple. What confuses me the most about Karisma is that she doesn't seem to be anything. She's just Karisma. Sometimes she's in my head and sometimes she's... not, if that makes sense. She flips between muse/bond and multiple.

As an additional note, recently I have developed a crush on somebody - he's lovely, he really is - and i don't know if that too has some bearing on my dreams. Being as how it's not just Karisma turning up in dreams, it's her soulbond Faro, it's the man i like, the friend who introduced us... and we're all bound together in fanfic form.

My heads spinning.
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How do you (pl.) dream?
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Something I've been curious about...

We have dreams where we're all singlets with our own bodies like in our inner world, and also dreams where we're multiple and switch just like real life. What I'm wondering is how do all of you dream? Are you multiple, or singlet, or a mixture? Or do you remember your dreams at all?

One thing I both love and hate about having separate bodies in dreams is that sometimes I can get stuck as a secondary character in someone else's dream. Like Era will dream about driving a car, and I'll be in the backseat. Or Marcus will dream about a party, and I'm one of the guests, but everything interesting is happening to him, and I'm just watching- those are always annoying. ^_^


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