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Greetings.  I am the Fredd, the dominant personality amoung 30-50 lesser demons who inhabit our humanoid.  I am an android of extraterrestrial origin, and I tend to be the loudest of the major personas.  I am really pretty dashing, ladies, really I am, (you can hear the denial) albeit the human we inhabit is a fat kid with a bowlcut.  But enough about me.
The original personality of our shared human was kind of nonexistent; or at least is verrry quiet / dead.  Hence, like I said before, I am the dominant personality.  Besides me, there is Felix the Emo Kid, Angst Man, and Manfred the Transvestite.  Aside from them, there are many, many smaller personalities.  Occasionally, sub-personalities emerge from one major personality, don't know if that makes sense.
hm, What else?
Oh yeah!  Weeell, one issue that has occured between us, well, is that sometimes one demon will like a person, and others will hate them, so there is a constant battle raging with the outside world.
All of us are ruled, or watched over, by the Lord Teloian, who is a tall, genderless extraterrestrial who rarely takes control of our human form, but is always there to make sarcastic commentary when we screw up.  

That aside.  We enjoy long walks on the beach and pie and disgustingly large amounts of money! hehe

I hope that we are in the right place!


Jun. 28th, 2007 03:41 pm
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Greetings, all!  I am Frank, a part of the front_or_back group.

What she failed to state about me is that I am, in fact, a vampire.  I am curious if there are others like me who wouldst share their experiences.  In particular, how dost thou control thine urge to suck blood?  I do realize that it is often inappropriate for me to partake of another's fluids, but I find it utterly difficult.
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i was just wondering...

how many others here aren't quite human?   i mean, i know it happens, but-  i'm not human.  i don't know what i am.  heather drew a really nice picture of me in our journal (as soon as our furniture gets here, i'm sure she'll scan it and post it somewhere).  but does anyone else here have non-human features?  also, does anyone else experience a relatively smooth front transition? heather, ceri, and i have no problem switching around for some reason.

thanks in advance!

-the sightlesslight system
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Okay just a few minutes before work so i'll write this out....
questions )
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We've recently become aware of a new creature in here, who seems to be an angel. She/he/it has large fluffy feathery white wings, wears robes and dresses continously, is surrounded by a sort of light and behaves in an angel-like fashion. She/he/it also says they're around or above 300 years old. We were just wondering, is it normal to have non-human creatures around? (This question includes other species too, such as aliens, vampires etc)

Thanks and apologies if there's been a post like this before. :)

- Tash, also Lynn, Kerry, Sophy, Andy + Jenna
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Um, hi.

I'm not a multiple, but I've taken some real life multiples as friends, and I find people who are systems really fascinating. I hope thats not a bad thing, because I dont want to make anyone uncomfortable; I just want to make some friends and read in the background and maybe reply to some posts. I'll try to be supportive and stuff, and not ask too many zany questions. I once, when I was much younger, tried to do some meditative thing to get some kind of mental companion, but it didn't quite work out. I'm a therianthrope/otherkin, but that aspect of my life has taken a backseat to mundane identities and life. I'm also a furry, and I am one in such a way that supports my theri side. I used to be into quite a bit of energy work/ psionics/meditation and such, but that has taken a backseat to real life as well. I would be glad to talk to anyone about any of those topics sometime, though! I'm usually on AIM or Yahoo as Gavinfoxx. Feel free to IM me any time, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

*Crossposted a bit*
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So, I've been wondering lately. For those of you who have mindspaces (forgive my terminology) or even whole planets/solar systems/universes inside, do you have animals? As in the average kind of animal who goes about its business acting as it should, as if it were in the real world? If so, how does that work for you?

Somehow the previous post of 'inside programs' having sentience or the right to live made me think of this.

Another thought of mine: Does anyone have any soulbonds from their own creations (as in fiction, art, etc., etc.)? If so, how has that worked for you? Would you consider these soulbonds fake or at least not as real as another type of soulbond? Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated.



--"Off the Pink."--


Oct. 28th, 2006 01:40 pm
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kaikai here! hihi! new. old gone. new new.

split split now. for now split. no why know.

make code j make! happy happy code.

MuC N? [f;f/m/a] S.H+/S.H~S.Sd A(b- r---/+++!) On/w/s We/m/d Cc+ OF(r+ o++) P(psi! obe! ast! spi! pre!) F# T--* Ja!/cu Do R(---/+/-) C++ So(++/---/-)

share code shareshare!


>^.~< KAI*

[edit] we fix fix codes code!
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Hello everyone, my name is Pam, and I'm pretty sure I'm a multiple. I don't doubt the exsistance of the Others in my mind, but I do doubt the label. A quite large intro (skip to the end for the question):

Read more... )

My question is, how should I approach my fiance about this? He likes to joke about my Others, and I'm sure that's his way to keep what happened from being too weird in his mind. He's a good person, and we're doing alright together now. I want to be truely open with him, but I'm afraid of making him uncomfortable. Any suggestions or hints?


--"Off the Pink."--
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A demon appears to have moved into the Brotherhood.

Responses would be appreciated.
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Not technically being multiple, I always feel a bit odd posting things like this.

Well, this is an issue that's come up several times in this community specifically--and is furthermore bound to in just about any community that deals with social perspectives. The issue concerns putting on a public face that will gain you credibility.

A common sentiment seems to be that if people stumble onto the multiple community and find people talking about nonhuman system members, "fictional" characters, trauma-split systems, etc. etc. then their response will be to think that the entire community is irretrievably delusional. (Yes, I understand that the position of some is that nonhumans et al. don't exist at all; I'd request that that not be the discussion of this post.) The idea is a simple one: if you don't want people to think you're crazy, act in such a way that you avoid what are considered the earmarks of insanity.

I can't help but feel, though, that this is ultimately self-defeating. After all, people will never really accept the nature of a community if that nature is kept hidden, diluted, or sugarcoated. It's the old bromide about getting people to accept you as you are.

How do you go about convincing people that you're not crazy-in-the-disordered sense? Being confrontational has its value sometimes, but on the whole it tends to unsettle people--and unsettled people tend to get defensive and more resistant to changing their attitude, not less. How do you become visible enough that people will take notice and reconsider their positions, all the while juggling your own imperfections and/or so-called "questionable" qualities?

Phrased slightly differently, how do you deal with the fact that unless you're beyond reproach, society in general will tend to slap you with the "crazy" label and push you to the side--and if you are beyond reproach you're not being human/genuine, and that's not helpful either?

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I'm sorry if this offends you* but... darn... ok... here goes:

I'm fed up. I'm fed up with crazy multiples. I'm not fed up with multiples. I'm multiple. I enjoy being multiple even (though sharing a body can be a pain sometimes). I'm a healty multiple. More importantly I'm a Sane Multiple.

Every other post I read in this community goes like this:

"I have a walk-in past life soul bond who is Mr T from the A-Team & he shoots lazers from his eyes (which he would never do in the real world because that would be wrong)! He communed with god who is a giant multiple robot & told me that we all come from the planet cybertron!"

Here is my theory of multiplicity:

We are people who for either a bio-chemical, physical (such as brain structure) or psychological reason (such as trauma or some hidden non-trauma related cause) have more than one personality or persona.

Occasionally someone may have a personality who *beleives* that they are a 'walk-in' spirit, a psychic voyager, a traveller from another world, the spirit of a dead person or a fictional character. This is because that personality is deluded or lying.

Frankly if you have a personality who beleives that they are a dragon, a spaceman, an angel or whatever the latest RPG release from whitewolf or Anime favorite is then I'm happy for you. Hell, we are all a little crazy, each of us; singleton, multiple or otherwise... we are all a little odd in our own beautiful individual ways.

What I do have a problem with is loooong explainations of your latest half baked philosophy on how god is multiple or the secret hidden fairies that run the world. Enough, please. At least have the decency to stick it behind anm LJ cut***. It makes us Sane Multiples (yes I know that's a oxymoron) look bad.

In my opinion, a multiple who has just figured out that they are multiple and comes looking for advice and see's 10 other multiples talking a load of tosh about walk-in spirits, ghosts, anime characters & the like is likely to be confused at best, at worst it could lead to psychological harm with newly developing personas splitting from a persona who expects odditys like delusional personalitys to be the norm.

Yes this post is a tad confrontational. It may make you cry. Boo hoo, someone dosn't listen to you and humour you. Frankly my intention is not to make you feel bad & it's not intended as a personal attack. What it is intended to do is provoke discussion. Argue with me, tell me why I'm wrong using logic & well reasoned argument. Alternativelty stand up & be counted in the "crazy-but-not-in-that-way" Sane Multiple corner. State your opinion. Please. Heck, just shouting at me would be a start.

So please... reply.

*Actually, I'm not. This is my opinion. I've had to trawl through your semi-mystical half-baked nincompoopery** for long enough. Half the stuff I read makes me want to laugh out loud, the other half makes me want to leave this LJ, both personalities. However there is a lot of good advice mixed in with the guff so I keep reading. I had to join this lj just to post this because it's only my other personality that wants this popping up on her friends page & whilost she feels the same she's too soft hearted to say anything. Meh... I join just to say I want to leave, crazy eh?
** The original word I was going to write was a synonym for male-cow-feaces, but I figured if someone was going to be offended they may as well be offended by what I write not the words I use.
*** This post is not behind an LJ cut. That's because I'm a hypocrite. I can live with this.
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I'm putting this forth not because I think it's the One True Reason, but because it's a possibility that interests me and I'd like to hear discussion and opinions.

It's something that's grown out of my response to people who think it's crazy that I have fanfic characters in my brain on occasion, or who don't understand how I can process two contradictory interpretations for one character at the same time, and it's something that helps me to understand when people say that they have a character from a TV series or a game or a book or whathaveyou as part of their system; it also helps me understand how two different systems may have the same person within them.

It has to do with understanding the soul as an abstraction.... )

Thoughts? Comments? Corrections or questions?
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Hi My name is Shelby,

I live in the House of the Mosaics with Tiea who I guess some would say is the originalperson ( but we kinda all think were the original).

Tiea is terrified of demons and "walk ins" and On Oct9 ( the anniversery of her Moms death thought she was experiencing a walk in of her dead Mom . and she did her first post. the post turned out to be whacky cause she wrote like she was being chased .

Whenever somone in the community says they have a demon with them she runs and hides and starts making House call later to check if we are also .

Someone else in the community suggested she ask the community those that have demons what there experience of them in system is . Like Can they haunt you or posses you or cause you to do something you dont want to? Or put a curse on you . What do they do > Why are they called demons ?

Are they spooky goolish , or mean?

Ok the reason we ask is we had a rouph experience when Tiea shared she was plural with her Church ...That led to a huge meeting with all the elders and deacons and Bishop keeping us in the office for almost a day with at first them praying for us . Then its hard to talk about but they started pleaing The Blood Of Jesus over the body and trying to deliver us, asking us our names, and if we told them ,they would tell us to go to our Father satin and straight to Hell and leave Tieas Body .

After about 16 hours of this with them all speaking loud in tounges and laying hands on us all( touching us ) trying to knock us over telling us we were evil we all fraeked out and Tiea was exsahasted and scared and she left and one of the babies started wailing in fear and was on the ground in fear and none of us wanted to take the front except Toni who helps the babies and she got violent. They prayed louder and called a hospital which led to us spending 3 days in a locked ward trying to establish communication again and being thrown out of the Church .
Nobody could fellowship with us. We were considered evil . Because of the hospitalization Tiea lost her kids for Two Months .

Then the family finding out we were plural thought the kids should not live with us .

We all worked , payed taxes and took care of the kids fine but we really had to prove ourselves . If Tiea changed her mind or had a mood change they thought she was another alter. Like one of us I guess but we were zipping our mouths. Everyone also thought Tiea never knew what she was doing and they would try to say she did things, Like we did things and she did not know. This was not true at all. . Jade and I and Everyone always communicated fine till they tryed to deliver us. Well so Tiea is terrified of Demons and" walk ins" . But we have a Lion she loves . If anyone feels like sharing what there demon people are like we
would appriciate it .
Thanks a bunch, Shelby


Oct. 4th, 2005 06:33 pm
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I'm not really good with intros, but I'll try.

I am a great many things. Pagan, transgendered (but not transsexual), Otherkin, strange age identity issues, and now, apparently, multiplicitous.

Actually, I've known I was multiplicitous for years now. But I think I may be unique here in that I'm fairly sure I was one being until about 1999. That was my year from hell, in which (among other things) I tried to rid myself of something I didn't like about myself through denial, and ended up fracturing myself. But unlike MPD or DID, I don't have blackouts. My personalities all seem to share both mind and body (including memories) equally, almost like a nation of telepaths. I think that we share so much because the attempted removal of said aspect of self was a complete failure... we created an agressive personality from that experience, but it was an incomplete personality (I would call it a frankie, which is a term from "Kiln People" by David Brin... a frankenstein copy of one's self, a chimera of sorts). Luckily, through acceptance and love, we re-integrated it into the whole... but continued to be "fractured."

Up until a few days ago, I tried convincing myself that they were like imaginary friends in my head. And they are, in a way... in that, I can create new ones when I want to. But the old ones tend to stick around unless they decide to "die." One in particular, my Goddess of many names (sometimes Shao'Kehn, other times Djao'Kain or Shoikin or Zyao'HKehn, etc), seems to have nested permanently in my head, and is always there for advice giving and reminders and to answer questions.

But there are others:

1. Alexander (or Tristan, which is my given name), my masculine side. (I am a male, but I feel much more female.)
2. Fayanora (Fay), my feminine side.
3. Molly Elizabeth - my inner child, a blond haired little girl who says she's seven and affects a younger voice than that. (Replacing many l's and r's with w's.)
4. Various others who talk or argue (usually amicably) amongst themselves, but have not given themselves names. (Who, by the way, have made me take ten minutes to figure out if there's anything I left out of this list, constantly editing and re-editing it before... okay, we get the picture!)

Yet, because we share so much, we tend to not care what names we're addressed by. This is probably because most of us blend together so much that it's often hard to tell which one is speaking at any given time, and often we speak collectively. The only exception being that Molly Elizabeth jealously guards her name... and has her own way of speaking. :-)

Does anyone have anything similar?

Bright Blessings;
---Tristan Alexander Arts/Fayanora
[identity profile] stealthdragon.livejournal.com
That isn't a jab at a previous poster, by the way. ;)

This is one of those times when I look back at my (and our) previous states, and feel crazy by comparison.

I - the Analyst - allegedly the rational-minded one in the system (isn't it nice to have a job description as the only name you're comfortable with - so limiting at times, but also so true and relatively safe) have been mucking about with totemic 'magic' in the past couple months. On the one hand, I'm pretty firmly convinced that the entire business is inside my head. On the other, someone or something seems to have taken advantage of the opportunity to move into my system, or possibly just make themself known.

He (definately a masculine presence) happens to be a shoggoth, and apparently my totem 'animal'. This is Weird.
He also has a personal name, which is unusual in a system where job-descriptions are more solid to just about everyone.
He hasn't fronted (yet?).

I'm rather at a loss at this point, since I wasn't expecting a response at all. I was most especially not expecting another system-member to show up. (Whether he's a soulbond or a native to the system, I have no idea. If he's native, does that change the validity of the totem-stuff?) I mean... bugger. My paradigms aren't built for this. Which is probably why I'm looking into the the subject at all, now that I think about it. ;)

I suppose the best thing to do at this point is to just go on. If he is what he says he is, stuff will continue to work. If he isn't, then it will eventually show in a way that requires me to adjust my understanding.

Wish us luck,
- An, with Ar, R, & S
[identity profile] memento--mori.livejournal.com
*flips wings and quietly mrrrs*

Not really sure where to begin here. Hopefully I won't make too much of an ass of myself.

I am Aurora Starwing. A gryphon. Reference picture. Yes, that is me.

I'm what you would call a soulbond I guess. Something along those lines. Not related to any movie, tv series, book, etc. etc. But I've bonded with Katie, though not entirely of my choice, so, from what I've found so far, soulbond is what fits our relationship best.

Katie is obviously the host, mun, whatever. She deals with most of the everday living we go through. I front during those times when I want to speak with the few people I know, and not very often other than that. Interacting in a social setting still puts me into a heavy tailspin.

I guess I'm here to meet more people. I know, closely, a total of two individuals, not including Katie, and frankly, I'm bored out of my skull. I'd like to be able to speak comfortably with more than just those two. I've never been very sociable, but in the position I find myself in currently, there's an extreme lack of anything else to do.

Yeah. Sorry for the disjointedness of this. Nerves will do that I suppose. If questions arise, feel free to ask them.
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I came out to close friends and relatives several months ago, and have only now received some backlash. Apparently two close friends of mine believe I'm rather off my rocker and one is suggesting medical attention, though the both of them do not have the courage to say this to my face. Assuming this isn't just vengeful hearsay from the informant (an ex-significant other), and that these are truly their opinions, I have to wonder whether seeking medical attention will prove futile as my system seems to be operating fairly well. I'm wondering if I should just have stayed quiet about the whole thing. Have any of you lost friends when you came out? I certainly don't want to lose mine, but I feel this is my right to live and be who I am. I'm tired of hiding and repressing-- at some point, a person(s)' got to take a stand. It would be easier if I could get ahold of these two "close" friends, but since we live in different cities now, this poses a problem.

At the same time as this escalating and foolish drama, I've begun seeking the origins of my multiplicity to understand myself better. Having never gone to a therapist, I was not familiar with the trauma-splitting model. I have asked the question before as to what it is, exactly, and what counts as trauma. I'm also curious whether some of us are walk-ins, or (re)incarnations of previous lives or Otherkin. Have you ever heard of this theory? I've recently picked up a rather flaky book called "Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Wizards" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. If her style and tone wasn't so pop culture and New Age mumbo jumbo based, I would be able to take the ideas she presents seriously.

I just wish there was a better way to deal with the undercurrents of animosity. I'm lucky enough to surround myself with furries, otherkin, and transgendered people who accept and slightly understand my situation. Have you guys found that other multiples tend to ease the alienation, or is it enough just being surrounded by acceptance and validation?

Thanks for reading my long-winded babbling.

Stelle, Aster & Fey
speaking for The Hex
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    Hi. I don't mean to intrude. I have no system and so I just thought to post an odd connection I found before I quickly left you all to your own devices:

    It seems that those who developed their persons without the goading of horrible traumas (i.e., the natural multiples) seem to have a penchant for otherkin in their systems. I thought it was an odd connection.

    For instance, my friend [livejournal.com profile] myorp here has what I believe he/she/they define to be naturally occurring multiplicity and they have a supernatural/otherkin being in their system. [livejournal.com profile] elenbarathi and [livejournal.com profile] arhuaine are parallels in this regard, as is [livejournal.com profile] saturniakitty too. (That is, if I haven't gotten my facts mixed and selected the wrong people n_n;. If that happens -- whoa, sorry! X_X)

    I just found it odd that the *hesitates to use the word* traditional multiples who have developed by the DSM-IV defined prerequisite of extreme trauma don't usually have mythical/otherworld persons within. It seems to be a goodly difference that I've noticed.

    "Why does this occur? Why is it that non-trauma multiples are more likely to have supernatural/mythical/offworld persons within?" I think I've absorbed enough information to think this question and ponder it at length.

    It's just something I thought about and wanted to know your opinions on.

    And now that it's been given, I shall withdraw and leave it to you to discuss it amongst yourselves. I thought it was very interesting. Sorry for intruding on your community. I just had to ask this question as it was a noticeable trait in my eyes.

[identity profile] andrianna.livejournal.com
Does anyone have non-living/inorganic/mechanical Others in their system?


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