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I'm the Host of my system and I would like some advice, possibly suggestions, ideas, etc... My system, sadly, is a trauma based one and though I know about them, and we communicate through notebooks and word documents, I don't have co-consciousness. This is something that all of us would like to achieve and I was wondering, and hoping, if there was anyone here that has gained a co-consciousness and how it was achieved. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, ideas are more than welcome.
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How do you feel the physical body impacts upon the conciousness? Particulary in cases where the gender/species/age is radically different, I imagine this can have some quite profound effects on the way you interact with, or view the world?

Would you say there are degrees of 'seperateness' (can't think of a better word)? Or is just one person, two people, three people etc? If there are sort of grey 'blendy' areas, where do you consider the line between the different roles one person plays, and their being a whole seperate person should be drawn?

With regards system members that are much younger than their host bodies, do you ever find it difficult dealing with the lack of adult-free space? (I have a friend who is bedridden, and her parents are constantly around. This means she can never really establish any kind of independence, which I think is really important for younger people?)

Have any of you ever found positive models of multiplicty in the media? That is... not the whole good side/evil side stuff that seems to dominate the fiction I've read.

Danke :)
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I've been lurking here for a few days, now -- reading all the FAQ's and such that I could find.

I believe myself to be multiple, although I suppose I could be median or something of the sort. I'm almost always fronting -- Alex fronted one time and there were less than desirable results so we haven't tried that again yet. There's three inhabitants that are vocal, and quite a few (I never bothered getting a count -- it would take too long) that are less than vocal living out in the various towns that populate my head.

Anyways, I had a question for you lot. We're trying to get a better co-concious going so we can hear each other better. Right now everyone's a little fuzzy and we've had feelings hurt due to miscommunication. Advice would be appreciated.

Katters out.
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I’ve been noticing a tendency since around September for me to almost never have a single personality fronting. There’s usually a conglomeration of 7 or 8 all up at or near the front at the same time. There’s one conglomeration that likes to front when I’m manic (I’m bipolar as well as multiple), and another group that likes to front when I’m depressive.

Does anyone else out there experience anything like this?
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Ca's friend Stephen is truly bothering us all. He keeps conveniently forgetting we exist and saying it's weird that Ca knows about us. Whatever. Every multiple learns at some point they're not alone. Yes we are coconscious and no that is not a crime. He is pissing me off and I don't know how to fix this. He acts sad and bewildered when someone else picks up the phone,a nd he forces Ca out which is never good. It's one thing to ask for her, that we would have no problem with as other people have and do do that. But he has no tact in that arena and "won't fucking ask for Lunette or something" because "that's weird".
--Luna and Elondriel


Nov. 15th, 2005 09:54 am
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I have a question for all of you. This one has been nagging at the back of my mind for a while and I figured I'd ask it. First and foremost, when ythe members of your household sleep and have nightmares do you feel them? Secondly, if the body is ill, do they get your illness? Just curious as to how that works for all of you. I feel their nightmares but I don't know yet if they get it if the body is sick.
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Reading about the discussions on co-consciousness, it sparked a reminder of some thoughts I've pondered about from time to time. I'm not even sure I can accurately describe them, but I will do my best. I suppose it might be philosophical or just "deep," where my brain can't fully wrap around it. Sort of like, how and why is it possible? Of course I mainly accept it just is what it is, but has anyone delved further into how in the heck it is possible that co-consciousness and blurring can happen? Sometimes we go there and it is just...hmmm.... no words can quite describe the feelings as I/we try to grasp ahold of the deeper hows and whys, etc. I guess I'm wondering on a scientific basis, spiritual basis, or well, from any sort of frame of reference. The mind and body are so intriguing.

Read more... )
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Have you ever felt like when you have the serious 'co-consciousness' thing going on, you're more messed up than when you're all just cooperating and letting each other have their space?
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Normally, our system is pretty co-conscious. We lose a few minutes here and there, and once in a blue moon, an hour or two. But I found that I lost a full day! And lately I've been forgetting things that happen while the others are up front. I don't know why I'm losing co-consciousness, but I think it might be stress related, because I've been under a lot of stress lately. Then I've realized that during times when I'm really stressed, I have a tendency to not remember what the others do. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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I'm quite certain that R. and Ar. are aware and thinking when they're not paying attention to what's going on outside our head, whether or not they're near the front.

I can't say the same - I seem to be wired to the outside world. Even when someone else is fronting, anything that happens involving the body seems to end up flagged for my imedate attention. I also have to be careful not to think about anything too complex, as I'll accidentally push them away from the front. We're getting rather tired of it.

So, does anyone know of a way to detach more thoroughly?

- An.
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For those of you who are co-conscious...

How big is your perception change when there's more than one of you at the front?

There are times that I can't tell who does what, and it's confusing the hell out of me.
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[i've been thinking about what to write for about 5 minutes now...]

recently a couple of things have driven me to start looking for an anwser to what it is that gives me more than one person in my head, and well a bit of a lengthy trail through a few text books and the internet has led me here, and i've really identified with some of the things that people have explained, so.

seems the best way to introduce is just to explain who's there, but bare with me, i've never really explained this before to anyone else, so...

all of us anwser to tom (nick think's it's funny and michael resents it, but.) and i'm 18. i don't think i was anyone more than tom until i was about 7, 8ish at school one day, and i was just daydreaming when this thing was suddenly in my head, and it was broken, and i could see how to fix it in my mind and i did. i don't mean that in some sort of spiritual way, it's just what happened.

ever since me, and system-main (which is what i called it,) were friends. from then on i was always updating, and main was always giving me new things that i didn't even think of (like sys-B, which is like a way to make myself happy for a short amount of time, regardless of how i actually feel,) and was always there to talk to.

then at about 12 sys-main indicated that i wasn't the only one using it, and thats when i became aware of nick, who's is the most impulisve person i've met and has a habit of fronting me into stupid situations, and then suddenly being no-where to be found when they need sorting out. and soon after i met michael, who should be writing this because he's about 100 times more coherant than i am on paper, but i won the argument and this is my idea, so.

i'm always thankful for having michael, nick (and main- who i figure is what everyone calls a 'system') but recently i've had a few system-failures [as i dubed them; i understand computers, it makes it much easier if i think of this that way as well.] which is where i'm not entirely aware and if i'm not fronting, then i can't really rember too well, whitout delving manualy into nick and michael, what i've done. and once or twice i've caught nick hiding stuff from me. (he's so annoyed i wrote that.)

i supose i'm just looking for a bit of, um, reasurance that someone else is going/has gone through this and that it is vaguely normal, and perhaps some suggestions for ways of stoping the loss of co-consiouness.

sorry for the long post, i'm not sure i've used live-journal right as well, please excuse my ignorance i was a bit too excited to get something down, then actaully learn how to do it properly first.

thanks, tom. (which nick and michael brething down my neck all the way through it.)


Jul. 25th, 2005 12:40 am
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I'm getting mad because Kyra keeps trying to control me and make me think things that aren't true because then she can get her own way. I have my own space for deep, deep secrets but I have to keep a close eye on that and exhibit a lot of willpower to keep it locked up, she is a very strong part of us and everybody finds it difficult to keep things hidden from her (if they want to that is) because she seems to be able to just enter other people's space and see our thoughts and memories. We can stop her if we concentrate and put up a lot of force..but sometimes she messes with dreams and stuff and just generally behaves in manner which we do not find acceptable.

Has anybody else had problems like this? Or at least found that some people are stronger in your system than others or have more internal control? Can any of the members of your system get inside other's minds and see what they are thinking etc? Or are they very separate?

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My name's Jem, writing on behalf of Haven, our house. I only discovered our multiplicity in earnest about six months ago, though our (previous) primary from birth had suspected it a few years ago and some of us have known all along. We believe ourselves to be a "natural" multiple, with many of us present from birth, since we have no memories of abuse or severe trauma to speak of . . . It also just "feels right". We're comprised of eighteen currently-known residents, most of whom are female, and we have an energy vampire and rain fae living with us, too. ^_^

Basically we've just been working on communication/interaction (we're co-aware most of the time, now! yay!), learning to share the body (I... tend to get in the way of that. *control freak*), and reconnecting with some of the those who've been back and unaware for a long time. Until recently, one of those "sleepers" was the original primary frontrunner, Jeremey, who disappeared at around age 17 and who we just recently managed to wake up. I've been the primary (in one form or another) for the past two years, fronting the most by far. I'm 18, a transgirl, and (I'd just like to say) much nicer than my counterpart, January. The two of us split off a girl named Genevieve about a year ago-- January got all the assertiveness and blunt, challenging poise, and I got a more neutral (and as she would say, dull) personality and a little more respect for other's feelings (mushy crap, in her opinion.) She's front the most next to me, and rather opinionated, so I'm sure you can expect posts from her, too. We have quite a few shy ones amongst us, but at least a few who I'm sure will be eager to post.
(And, ah, we only recently decided on Haven as our house name . . . I hope there isn't another "Haven" out there. I'd hate to feel like we were stealing someone else's name :\ )

Alright, that was our introduction,
Now I have some questions. )
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I was talking with my husband the other day, talking about why Analese has gone on a bint about autism and Kami. I told him that Analese was getting annoyed with having to clean up after Kami bathroom-wise and he said that was bull, personalities don't have to use the bathroom.

This confused me. I rarely go into the house but I know there's a bathroom. Am I the only system that has people who use the bathroom?

And I have another question. When another person fronts, I hang out on the front lawn so I can see and hear what's going on. Granted, I can go inside the house and just turn on the television but I have quicker access to fronting in case someone who doesn't know about the MP's shows up. Basically, the way it works in my system is, you walk out the front door of the house, walk up the sidewalk and if you step onto the street, you're fronting. How does it work in your systems?


Feb. 2nd, 2005 07:09 am
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When someone else is fronting, does it feel like you're just watching from inside your body, but you have no control of what it's doing? It happened to me a few times yesterday, like my body went on "auto-pilot" and all I was doing was watching. I couldn't "sense" anyone else being in charge tho, so it's weird... I'm just trying to sort out what's happening!
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I've lurked for quite sometime, not really knowing how to introduce myself, or my others. But here it is.
I'm Rick, I started as an other, but I'm now the core. I'm transgender, and began life as the masculine form of the original core, Rachel. We split at 15(i'm 24 now)and I took over slowly, at both of our best interests, and a mutual agreement. We all had split and integrated several times since then, and two years ago, integrated for what I thought was the last time. Last night, however, In an intimate situation with my husband(I also identify as bisexual, he knows about me, and is transgendered also)I felt my 8 year old other begin to emerge again. He darted out quickly, and retreated again, just as fast, but I still felt him. There's other back story to this, but I don't feel like getting all into it right now, if you want to know, ask. There's several others, I'll tell you their names, (the ones I know of) and explain a bit about each one, then i'll explain the reason i'm finally introducing myself(ourselves?).

Rachel. Original Core, age 15(or thereabouts). when not integrated, lurks, coming out in lesbian-type situations. Shy, withdrawn, and meek.

Cubbie. eight year old boy. Is boisterous, giggly, and fun-loving, also sometimes, becomes reserved and withdrawn.

Wolf. Not from within, He is our archive. He knows all of the others, what their purpose is, and their origins.

the twins. male and female, they don't speak, and are a perfect balance of each other. one is dark, one is light,(i don't know which, it's possible their color isn't fixed. not sure of age.

the girl who screams. a child, age not fixed, she is incapable of anything but screaming in terror.

the grandmother. An older woman, she protects, and comforts the others.

there are most likely others, but seeing as how I haven't fully split again, I don't know quite how many, or anything like that.

Now, questions.

1. Has anyone else experienced integration/splitting in turns? periods of time where you're one, then other periods where you're many?

2. what are your experiences with that?

3. Have you ever been triggered by someone else?(splitting, not switching)

4. How do you deal with switching in front of other people?

Okay, I'll leave y'all alone,

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Okay, so just to start, I've x-posted this but it's because I realised the other day I couldn't remember if fronting was exclusive to multiplicity or soulbonding, or neither. And because my system is sort of in the middle and it may therefore concern both communities.

so i've cut it so it's easy to scroll past if you're in both communities )
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Hello, I'm new. :) My name's Whitney and, as far as I know, I am a single personality. I have a "morbid" fascination (called morbid by my family) with mental disorders, though I'm not sure to what level I should consider MPD a disorder. But anyway, I'm very curious.

I've got a question...can the main personality be conscious while another personality is active (i.e. watching what's happening as if life was a movie, whether from a body or out of body standpoint)? I have this sometimes and my friends tell me that this could be a sign of MPD or something else. My friends, however, don't know everything. Any replies are appreciated. ^_^
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Co-consciousness, etc )


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