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I thought that this was interesting, and those of you who are friended to Maxim's GJ read it already, but I'm posting it here, too.

We've been monitoring our blood pressure off and on again b/c our family is predisposed to heart disease, and we're slightly overweight, so we want to make sure that we're still relatively healthy and not in danger of anything while we're losing the weight that we need to. In February, I broke our leg. Fell down an escalator for those curious! I waited a day to go to the hospital b/c I thought it was a sprain. While there, I had to be the fronter b/c it was "too much pain" for Maxim and Cloud was pissy.

Despite this "horrible horrible" pain, my BP was 110/70, which is a little high but still well within the normal range.

Last Monday, we had another issue b/c we're a medical wonder, or just get sick a lot, and my BP was the same.

Later that same day, Maxim went to get a fitness test done. At the beginning of it, he got his BP taken and it was 125/85. A full 15 points higher, and putting us boarderline for hypertension.

Today, Maxim went to the doctor for the same medical wonderland reason and his BP was a whopping 130/90.

WTF? Has anyone else noticed a drastic change like this when system mates change out?
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So, I guess this is an introductory post, but I do have a question. I'll get to that later.

We're the group formerly known as the Silent Duet. We called ourselves that because there were only two of us, and we never let on to anyone that there were two of us. Now I think we're going to have to change our name since someone else has shown up (or rather, returned - long story). Anyways.
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I'm looking for some rather good, active, communities, either forums, IRC, communities, anything that works in a similar fashion, for teens. I'm taking care of a teenager, and she's in need of some friends and having a hard time finding any that are treating her as a young female, without the pressures of sex/profanity and the like... if any one could give me some information about good locations where I could see about, I'd be grateful.
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So, we've been hanging out with friends who know about me, and it's moderately awesome. It's very nice to be able to participate in stuff, and it's also good fronting practice. (For me, pretending to be Rob is a good way to lose hold of the front, so I don't get a lot of chances.)

Today I was with the two extremes among my friends, the other system we know in person and the guy who I think is not yet convinced I'm a distinct person but doesn't argue about it anymore. I think he feels a bit awkward when I front. Do you think if I keep making him feel awkward he'll eventually admit I exist? Maybe I should convince Talon to come out, too, and we can have a waving-truth-in-front-of-stubborn-faces party.



Sep. 8th, 2007 11:46 pm
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"Aristoi"- by Walter Jon Williams - read this book! The writing is not always the greatest, and there is far to much gratuitous sex (the main character falls in love at first sight like four times) but some of the stuff the author does representing different identities within a psyche is just genious.

In his book, the Aristoi are (usually) benevolent and very, very smart rulers of the real world and the virtual world (think like a holodeck reaching across space). They esteem multiple identities highly, though the author has a nasty tendency to call them 'limited personalities'. Despite the moniker, however, they basically all function as a co-concious multiple. With the addition of the virtual world, they can all even be doing vastly seperate tasks at once! Those aristoi in training who do not have multiple identities actually drive their body to the limits in the book in order to get them.

Anyway, its an amazing treatment on multiples. Cool things happen like Gabriel and one of the others, like Welcome Rain, end up talking/thinking at the same time, so the page will be split in half.

Some time I shall write up a proper review, if there is not one already - but the book got me thinking. Is there something besides 'multiples' we can use as a generic moniker?

I rather like 'Aristoi' -since Plato's day when they were the wise and mostly good leaders of the people. And there is now precendent in a sci-fi book. I plan to use Aristoi as the name for a race in a role playing game I am creating, and they will have several identities each as well.

Anyone want to start a massive letter writing campaign to the author? ;) It is certainly a good intro book for wanting to see one way multiple thought processes can intertwine in ones head.


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Has anyone else just wanted to make their system in The Sims 2 and see if they can keep everyone happy and achieving their goals, or is that me?


Sep. 8th, 2007 09:48 am
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Out of curiosity and the idea that it maybe would be nice to meet other plurals IRL:

Are there any systems here that live in Germany? Preferrably northern Germany, but hey, it's not as if this country is that big :P.
We're having this whacko idea of a big multiple gather... or, heck, even just having an evening out with other people like us now and then would be great.
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Sorry to update again so quickly, but I was wondering if anyone could give me an IRC channel for multiplicity? The few that I've tried always seem to be empty... Thanks for any help. :]
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I've suffered from insomnia- varying degrees of it- for 5+ years now. Most of the time I can't sleep unless I'm completely exhausted, and this generally takes 20 or more hours of being awake. At one point it was so bad that I was awake for eleven days. Well, something occurred to me recently. I've read in the past that multiples tend to have an excess of energy, even when they should be exhausted. Do you suppose this is related? Do a lot of you suffer from insomnia?

(This is crossposted, sorry if you're seeing it twice!)
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Hi. I just joined. I'm not a multiple myself, though I am interested in pyschology/mental illness and have read about it. I'm not currently in university, though. I may or may not have deppression or Borderline Personality Disorder.
And.. that's it.
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Advertising a new community I made: [livejournal.com profile] victims_no_more.

It's a community for trauma survivors, and especially geared towards plurals and soulbonds. While there's a lot of comms for survivors out there, most of them aren't exactly for those of us who wrestle with trauma that didn't happen in this world, or didn't happen to the body they're currently inhabiting.

Also, it has an approach that's a bit different from a lot of other survivor comms, so check out the community info and the welcome post.

Thanks for your time, we now return to our regularly scheduled program *g*

- Ash

(x-posted a bit)
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Some times I feel like there will be a moment where everyone will collectively crack a wide smile and bow, going "Tadaa! We're not really strange after all, but we sure had you fooled, yeah?" and I'll be the only one left, with that everlasting feeling as though I've somehow missed the bigger picture and brought this all upon myself.
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I don't know if anyone has access to it, but Bitch Magazine this month ran a story on an artist named CarianaCarianne. They refer to themselves in the plural, they've even taken oaths to be legally recognised as 2 separate people, have received MFA degrees in their own names. Their work appears to be centered around identity concepts, but in the article, they mentioned that they always viewed themselves as 2 separate people, and were confused when they learned that other people were single.

Part of me is slightly skeptical b/c concept art is highly involved in identity concepts, and plurality/identity multiplicity are actually discussed topics in a few of my art theory courses. But, the article on its own was a good read, and mentioned the idea of co-consciousness and brought up the fact that CarianaCarianne was not disordered.

I'd love to post the text, but I don't have a scanner, and can't seem to find a net version of the article. Maybe it's there if you pay for a subscription, but I'm too broke to do it. :( But:

Bitch Magazine's Website: http://www.bitchmagazine.org
(The article is named: Double Vision—Can two artists share one body?)
CarianaCarianne's Website: http://www.carianacarianne.com/
Aaaand their bio: http://carianacarianne.com/biox.html

For anyone who's interested. The magazine itself was a semi-decent read for you feminists out there. ;)
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I'm sure I've told y'all about this book before, but I'm finally reading it, so I'm going to tell you what I think of it.

The book is "Blindsight" by Peter Watts. It's hard scifi.

Now... the blurb on Amazon may say that one of the characters has "surgically-induced Multiple Personality Disorder," but neither the book nor the book's jacket call it that. In fact, I haven't seen one mention of MPD in the book except for the letters "MPD" where the book said "they called it a disorder." It seems that the future society of the book abandoned the term Multiple Personality Disorder and now calls it Multiple Consciousness Complex, and one character in the book used surgery to *become* a multiple called the Gang of Four. It seems this gives her a lot of advantages in her field, including the ability to multitask on a large scale. Psychiatry and psychology seem to be dead sciences, as well, in an age of brain editing. In fact, they called the practitioners of those branches "hacks" and "barbarians." They referred to integration as a barbaric practice of picking one conciousness core and murdering the rest.

And it is not just all that which makes it an awesome read. We highly recommend it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, The Gang gets very upset when someone calls one of them an alter. They also go into this huge rant about it. At one point, the Gang of Four member named Melissa says, "You think when you're spending time with me you're really spending time with Mom?" (Not an exact quote.)

Second Edit: You're welcome, everyone!

Me again

Sep. 4th, 2007 11:24 pm
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Hello everyone,

First off I would like to say Thank you to everyone who has ever helped me here, it is much appreciated.

For those who do not know who I am, or why I am here, I joined because my Fiancee is Plural, (he now is home to 12 wonderful men), and I wanted advice and knowledge.

So, once more I have come to ask a question, I hope it is one that can be answered, though it is not that difficult lmao, unless there are no resources for it :P. I just hope you all do not get tired and disgusted with me for all of my questions :D Please forgive me if I do not word this entirely correct, I suck at writing :P

My Fiancee has been admitted to the local hospital's psych ward, he was admitted on Labor Day, because of severe depression and attempts at suicide. Most if not everyone has been feeling that way. This is not my question though, it was brought up because of what happened today while he was talking to a Nurse.

He told her that he was plural and that he can see, talk and interact with the others inside him, that each of them has their own looks, personalities and so on. The nurse told him that, that was not possible, that MPD/DID does not work that way. She treated him, I guess you could say in a condescending manner and even skeptically. She made him feel bad because of it. So he has decided to not even mention it to them anymore at this facility.

Now to the question lmao. Does anyone know of a way I can find out if there is a psychiatrist in Tampa, Florida or even Gainesville area (since we are going to try to move up there) who not only accepts Medicaid, but is also familiar with Multiplicity and will treat it with respect? He would like to talk to someone about it, but not if they will treat him like he is making it all up.

He would also like to talk to other people about Multiplicity, to learn more and for general support. It would be nice if there were also support groups in the area as well, or even online too.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Nicole and I'm a 24 year old senior at California state University Fullerton. I am double majoring in Psychology and Communicative Disorders. I am not a multiple but I am a mental health student so I just wanted to follow the rules. I'm really excited to have joined the group and I'm looking forward to conversing with everyone in the future. I work as a behaviorist for a California school district (no worries, I'm stim friendly and I detest old school ABA. My chief focus is dangerous behaviors; ie head banging and ways to supplement it with something less dangerous and I ONLY use positive reinforcement.) Thank you for reading this and I am just so incredibly excited to have found this group.

New here

Sep. 1st, 2007 04:25 am
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Hi, I just found this community through Astraea's web. I figured out a few years ago that I'm multiple, and I am sure that the origins of this are abuse based for me, and was really amazed to learn that not all multiples have had an abuse/trauma basis in their own lives. How interesting is that? Wow.

In further reading tonight, I found that I am not as unique as I had thought, that there's a name for what I/we experience. Age slider. Each of my many mes is just me, but at a different age. The youngest is six years old, the oldest is 39. I am currently 42. Most often out and about other than "me" is Jennifer, who is seventeen years old.

I guess I want to learn more. I want to discover what it's all about, how we live together. I'd decided a long time ago now that "integration" sounded just a little too much like voodoo to me, and my other selves had told my husband that it sounded like dying or death to them, they fear it terribly. They are me, killing them off is not an option. Taking care of them is what needs to be done. This is how I am thinking.

Anyways, that's me.
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haven't posted here in awhile, but i've been reading...so, my following question(s) are not to inspire drama or flaming in any, way, shape or form -
i don't understand a lot of terminology, and these are 2 phrases that i've come across, and i would like for someone to tell me what they mean:
SB (is that the same as "soulbonder"?)
anyhow, i appreciate any and all help in this matter...

in other news, there is "gracie" (she's somewhere between 4 and 5 yrs. old) who seems to have become more and more comfortable talking to the man i live with...so much so, that when it was requested she wanted a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and i made it (me personally), she gave it away...so last night she asked him to make her 2, and he did...
he made her a full lunch and she ate both sandwiches...
my question here is - is there someone in your system/unit/family/group that likes another person's cooking? i love my own cooking (i'm not comfortable using "we" and "us" just yet, so please bear w/me on that particular phrasing), but there are things that randall makes that i totally love...i hope this question came out right and you know what i'm asking...

again, thanks
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I was extremely excited to find this community as I'm tired of my friends telling me "Oh, I understand completely, you've assigned names to your emotions". We each have our own emotions, our own taste in food, our own fashion sense, our own interest in movies and TV shows and books but it's so hard to get anyone to understand that. So thank you to all of you.

We're a - system? I like that term - of five (as far as I know). I'm Daphyn, I'm physically 24, and I'm dominant most of the time. I can hear the others and they can take over when they want to, or when I let them (that's more often).

We also have Frederick who is 11. He protects us, he makes sure we don't get hurt, he makes sure we can express our feelings properly, and he makes sure we take care of ourselves. He's our rationality and common sense, as the rest of us don't have much, unfortunately. Most people can't tell the difference between Frederick and I, but we don't mind. He feels like sunshine and clear sky after a long rain.

Alomina is 7, and she's absolutely adorable, but very demanding, very needy, and tends to throw tantrums or sing songs to me when I don't do what she thinks we should be doing. She gets the "gimmes" at the store, demands Pop-Tarts or candy or bacon or whatever she feels like eating at the time. She also has a lisp, and a higher voice than me, and she's very violent sometimes. She's a little "princess".

Jasmine is two and a half, and she's not great at talking yet, so it's hard to tell much about her personality. She's very sweet though, very intelligent, and frightened of the dark.

And then there's M. M is middle-aged. And she hates everybody. And everything. She's always depressed and she feels very gray. But luckily she doesn't speak up much.


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