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I have a new coming-out blog over on Blogspot - it's around coming out gay, but that's certainly not all there is to it. What it *is* about one hundred percent of the time, is individuality and the value of independent thought. I think (hope) it's also funny, at least part of the time.
Funny part of the time, thought-provoking all the time. (If it's not, then I'm doing something wrong.)

Pyraxis found the link for me, and it's


If anyone would like to give it a look-see, there it is.


Oct. 18th, 2005 05:40 pm
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Kei and me talked to Decimy and he's going to help us do something with our second domain name, and Chris said she can help code it for us. Which is good, we'll have fun I hope, as long as we manage to get along.

But that's not really what I wanted to say, I'd like a list of all your websites, because I just noticed that Dat never finished the links page on our main site and we want to put links to everyone else's sites. We could go through the whole membership looking for them but that would take ages so if you don't mind us including a link on our site please reply with a URL and name of the site or whatever.
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In interesting site. I think they are held backby some popular notions (like calling MPD DID and not recognizign that not all personality differences are disorders :P) But they also seem more open minded than a lot of psychology sites. Also, they put communication between personalities as a priority and recognize that integration is not a common nor even desirable solution to any problems in systems.

They also have a 'write your own journal' section, you can read other journals (there are only three) and apply for your own.

I sent in an application - kind of scary but I doubt my parents will ever come across it ;) I am afraid of what a lot of singlets would think of me - but I am recognizing more and more that those within have just as much right to shout I EXIST to the world as I do. I do not want my body to be their prison.
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Until the mod gets to it, my comment is screened, so it is here:

"Contrary to what every one else here has been saying, MPD has not been changed to DID except in the united states. People forget that a lot.


There are ways to 'control' it. Post it notes, encouraging communication without patronisation, making 'alters' feel welcome. Occasionally medication may be needed short term, to calm some of the more aggressive or dangerous members of the group, but just as with singlets, I'm a firm believer in therapy helping those system members, not drugging them for the rest of their lives or worse, trying to kill them off or make them disappear.

MPD fades to normal multiplicity once system members reach a suitible level of functionality. MPD is a disorder. Once the system is not disordered, once the system is functioning, they no longer suffer from MP'D'. Some people find that system members go away after a time, but many remain systems for life, and like it that way.

DID is a whole different kettle of fish. MPD implies different people in one body, so I assume that's what you'd be referring to. DID is when a person dissociates into what appear to be different people, but by the very name of the disorder, clearly wouldn't be. The name of MPD was changed to DID in the united states because they felt that more than one person could not exist (haha, morons) in one body, so they felt that the name MPD was 'misleading'.

I personally think people should be encouraged to figure it out for themselves, no?

Disclaimer: I am not saying people labelled DID are not multiples. I am saying that if they live in the US especially, they are potentially mislabelled. I'm also sure there'll be a grey area of sorts. Just posting a fairly concise opinion for those who may not be accustomed to this point of view. Best not to over whelm, yes?
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Are there any 'professional' sites that discuss or even mention non-trauma multiplicity?


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