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Have any of you ever formed pathways into another person's mind? We talk to two people every single day on the phone-they're multiple as well-and thus our others and soulbonds freely travel between minds...just wondering.
-Mary of the Black Sunflower Collection (which is...nearly/at least 60 O.o)
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I used to be a member here, then I left for awhile. For those who may not remember me, I am engaged to a wonderful man, who happens to be plural. We had thought he had only been plural since 2004, when he was told that he would need lungs and heart transplanted, but we recently realized he has been plural since a trauma that happened to him at the age of 5. I won't go into it here, because it is his story to tell, if he ever wishes to.

He has had several personalities come and go since 2004. Right now he is home to 7 wonderful men, whom I love dearly. 2 of which are the "originals" if you will. I say two, because one we had thought was the actual owner, but in fact turned out to be the one who was split from the owner.

Sorry if this is confusing, lol.

My question here is.... Is it possible for me to like, astral project, or something similar to visit them? I am dying to see the home they have made for themselves inside, and they are dying for me to come in.

I guess this may sound stupid or something, but it is something we are very curious and hopeful about. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. And I will make a post later describing my fiancee and his mates.

Thank you,

X-posted to my journal


Thank you all for your help and info. I will be doing a lot of reading and researching on this thanks to your helpful links. I really appreciate the help. :D
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Something we did the other day, that freaked us out marginally, and we were wondering if anyone else had experienced it before.
More... )
We were just wondering if anyone else has done or tried something like this before, and if anyone has any tips for coping without two people who we're used to relying on and having around.



Dec. 26th, 2006 07:31 pm
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Okay, hope this doesn't sound too weird. My mindmate and I would like to formalize our relationship in some way, and I've asked her to handfast me. (Is that even a verb?) I know that some of you have in-system marriages. Did you manage to come up with a ritual that involved people outside the system? We have some singlet friends, and we'd like to involve them in some way, but I can't come up with anything good. Of course I'm even feeling weird about telling them, but I think that's just me. I've been "underground" so to speak for so long that it's still weird for me to even interact with others. Much less trying to explain how an in-system relationship would work.

Sorry if I've started to babble. This whole thing is making me nervous.
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Tara and I made love, a couple of days ago. I know that doesn't sound out of the ordinary, considering she's my wife, but it is.

no real details, but I cut it anyway... )

So yeah, this travelling thing, it's working out nicely...and I like it when I succeed at something I try really hard to do...it's nice...

Faith Alana Alastair
Pack Collective
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okay, so we've been wanting desperately to find a way to travel to singleminds, and have them travel here...I knew it was possible, just didn't know how...but Tara wanted more than anything for us to be able to do it, so she and I could possibly be together physically one day, and K, my girlfriend, wanted more than anything to come inside and see us, so you know me, I made a promise, and found a way...

How I did it... )

a probably not-so-brief update )

well, I think that's all for now, missing all of you, we hope we'll be able to come online more often...

Faith Alana Alastair
Pack Collective
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Ah, hello ... I'm Jade, and .. yeah. I .. recently found out (well, months ago) I am a multiple. Rather, I knew something of it last year, but never really acknowledged it until recently because all I knew of was the textbook case of it (will not say the d word. T T). Given that I only recently found out, I have a small system, but it's been growing in number rapidly lately ...

There are two things I'd like to ask ... answers would be greatly appreciated, of course ..

One .. )

Two ... this is .. really sad )
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Some questions, if I may:

1) I am confused as to the level of strong responses to my previous post containing the Hofstadter quote. Though I was expecting a lively discussion, there seemed to be a level of hostility or annoyance that I was not prepared for-- I may be mistaken, of course. In any case, was it the quote itself that aggravated people? Is quotes discouraged on this forum, or is only quotes directly pertaining to multiplicity alone allowed, and not quotes that may be indirectly related? Should I have stated my intentions concerning posting the quote in this community so as to have cleared up confusion before it began? Cata keeps claiming that we were being attacked somehow, but I find no firm, logical evidence of her assumption, and so would really like to get to the heart of the matter.

2) Though I have posted previously, albeit a while go, on the innerworkings of our system, it seems recent events and abilities within may have changed the appropriate identification of our processes-- at least for the purposes of such communities that require correct identification. We have always thought of ourselves as multiple/plural for two years, but the ability that's arisen where we integrate at will, and usually safely, to combine consciousness and skills, and then separate, may put us in the "median" category. I'd really like some feedback on the particular division with multiple and median.

3) My significant other, also a multiple, is stressed and alarmed that two of the entities within their system has walked out on them (let's call them the Elf-Star). A shaman-type woman claims that one of the entities that was once in the Elf-Star, which they just referred to as Phoenix, is now in her. Is that possible, that entities can walk out of one body and right into another?

Thanks for your patience.
-Stel of Hexpiritus
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So I was hanging out with some friends, who I've recently come out as multiple to...and we were playing truth or dare...one of them was dared to do something, it doesn't matter what, and she said to us, "Everyone crowd around the windows now, I wanna make sure everyone sees this."

I was rolling on the floor laughing...I think that's the single most awesome response to being multiple I've ever heard from anyone...

anyway, onto the "something else"

So last night a friend of ours in another system IM'd us and said she was bored, and could she come over to our system and hang out...we've been interested in inter-system travel for awhile...we told her sure, not a problem, and I was skeptical about whether anything would happen at all...then all of a sudden I felt strange...

You know the feeling you get after thanksgiving dinner or something, when you're so full, you feel like you don't really fit in your skin? Well, it was sort of like that, except a little more...etheral...i guess would be the word for it...I felt like we were so full there wasn't anymore room in our brain or something...even though we don't feel like we're in one "head". I'm not sure how to describe it...anyway, has anyone who travels ever felt like this? what do y'all feel when someone visits you? what do y'all feel when you visit someone else?

after awhile, I came out front, and the feeling eventually went away...I'm thinking she left, and the girls(Tara and Faith, who she was hanging out with)went to bed...well, no, Faith's around, she's wanting to post on lj, but still...

so yeah, anyway...

Pack Collective
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Hello! *waves to the people who know us from our f-list* lol

I am the primary fronter of my system. There are others who are around most of the time, but I am the one who is almost always in control. As such I have almost exclusive 3D experience, but almost no ability to back away from the front.

C is my lover, and a member of another system. We thought at first he was perhaps a soulbond but he seems to be a walk-in or spirit. He is not the primary, and as such rarely fronts, and spends most of his time in the inner world as do the other non-primaries in that system.

We--myself, he and his system's primary, who is a very good friend of mine--are sort of feeling things out as we go, as this is a new situation for us. My friend & I have a completely platonic relationship (especially seeing as how I am gay & she is a she :p) but she has said she is comfortable with the relationship between C & I as long as she doesn't fade into the background and lose primary status, which is certainly understandable. She & her inner family are still exploring various possibilities for who & what the others might be, how many there are, etc, and I don't wish to cause her to feel any sense of unease or anxiety at what must already be a confusing time for her.

Currently, the only means of communication between C & myself is via text messaging, email & LJ for a few hours each week (my friend lives several hundred miles away, so no easy physical contact 6_6;;). I am trying to broaden my ability to travel beyond the 3D world, and starting to explore Dreamwalking & Astral travel so that I can spend more time with C on equal ground. Meeting in our soul forms would take care of most of the challenges we currently face (him not having a body, mine being FUBAR 6 ways till Sunday 9_9;;;, cost of plane fare, etc lol), so any information or tips on how to travel beyond the body would be most appreciated, as I have heard conflicting advice from several sources lol (Incidentally, we share several similar memories, and I believe we were likely lovers in a past life, so we have chosen a place we both remember)

I am mainly looking for any advice or information if anyone else in this community is in or has been in or has known anyone in a similar relationship. It is, needless to say, rather unconventional ;p But I have always believed that if someone wants something badly enough they will find a way to get it. Though it is frustrating being unable to spend time together freely as 'normal' people might, and share many of the simple pleasures (The fates are conspiring so that I will NEVER get any help cleaning that damn cat litter! [/mock-ANGST!] :p) I wouldn't trade C for any 3D man I know, even if they offered to pay off all my debt and give me a brand new body that works the way it's supposed to (That should give the few of you on this list who are also on my friends list--and therefore know my personal financial & physical struggles--an indication of how important C is to me ^_~)

So, after pondering these issues for a few weeks, it occurred to me that we can't possibly be the only lovers who are challenged by such circumstances. It would be great to know what has worked for others, or even join a community for such couples (or triplets or, you know, whatever works for you ;) just to have the support of others who understand the peculiar difficulties we face.

For those of you who have the ability to see & touch your lovers, whether you both be in-house or 3D, please do so. Hold them & kiss them and never take that gift for granted ^_^

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i know there are systems that post here whose residents move from one physical body to another... (sharing systems and the like)

can anyone tell me how to do this? my girlfriend, who is a medium and a walk-in as well, would like very much (as would i) to come inside our "insides"... any help would be gladly welcomed.

Pack Collective

Session 9

Apr. 21st, 2005 10:55 pm
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I have a question for everyone here, about a movie I recently picked up in my local DVD shop's bargain bin. It's called Session 9, and it includes a character who appears to have some sort of dissociative identity.

I'll cut the question as it contains movie spoilers and I don't want to ruin it for anyone who is interested in seeing it. )

I don't know if anyone else here will have seen this movie, or will have any answers for me, but I thought I would ask.

Thank you for reading this post.

My Dilemma

Feb. 15th, 2005 04:21 pm
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Hi, we were members of this community before, now we have a journal for the whole system to use.

So... Here's my dilemma, and I'm hoping maybe some of you have a thought or two to add that may help.

Basically I drove away two members of our system, Sweetness and Shay, and now they're living with my soul-sister. Before she left, Shay made me a new place, like a pocket universe, where I can go and pretend I'm not a multiple. Those were her words.

Anyhow, I've been thinking about integration lately. Not sure how that would affect Sweetness and Shay, but for everything and everyone else. I'm not sure I could even do it, but everyone would have to agree to it. I wouldn't even try if not everyone agreed. I think that would be cruel... I just wish things could be back the way they were before everyone came forward and there was no 'we'...

My soul-sister and I were chatting and she suggested that they could get quieter for me and go further back into the inner world. That might work, but a while back when I inadvertently put up a barrier around myself (same issue, different response) things got icky...

I have no idea what to do.

Anyone else ever deal with anything like this?

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Hi. First time poster, short-time reader, but I've been somewhat interested in things of this nature for quite some time. And lately, I've been noticing a little bit of possibly multiple-activity going on within me.

It's quite a complicated story, as far as I know, and I'm hoping that mayhaps someone here can provide some feedback, insight, etc etc. Anything that may help. Cut for politeness. )

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to more learning experiences here in this community.
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This may sound silly, but is it possible to transfer alters from one body to another? My friend (who isn't a multiple) wants to be with his significant other (who is an alter), but his significant other doesn't get to come out very often.

Thank you!
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This question is going to be hard to ask, and I just wanted to say I mean no disrespect for anyone's beliefs regarding multiplicity. In the past I have seen people who see their multiplicity as a psychological disorder (MPD/DID), and others who see it as being a metaphysical matter (such as more then one soul in a body).

This question is more aimed at the people who believe it is a separate soul sharing the body with them…

Have you ever known of a soul who could communicate with people outside the system (body) without using the body? The stuff I'm talking about ranges anywhere from an outsider doing total channeling of the soul, to having the soul influence the dreams or waking thoughts of an outsider.



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