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haven't posted here in awhile, but i've been reading...so, my following question(s) are not to inspire drama or flaming in any, way, shape or form -
i don't understand a lot of terminology, and these are 2 phrases that i've come across, and i would like for someone to tell me what they mean:
SB (is that the same as "soulbonder"?)
anyhow, i appreciate any and all help in this matter...

in other news, there is "gracie" (she's somewhere between 4 and 5 yrs. old) who seems to have become more and more comfortable talking to the man i live with...so much so, that when it was requested she wanted a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and i made it (me personally), she gave it away...so last night she asked him to make her 2, and he did...
he made her a full lunch and she ate both sandwiches...
my question here is - is there someone in your system/unit/family/group that likes another person's cooking? i love my own cooking (i'm not comfortable using "we" and "us" just yet, so please bear w/me on that particular phrasing), but there are things that randall makes that i totally love...i hope this question came out right and you know what i'm asking...

again, thanks
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Hello everyone,

I am a system member of the lj account I am posting with. You can find postings y or system, as well as a picture gallery of us on our LJ, feel free to add us :)My name is Hayden and I am otherkin (kitsune) and I am interested in how systems work.

Due to certain events in the body's main personnas/hosts life, I have been fronting for over a day now, which is the longest for me ever. Usually its a few hours at the most. With Sam (the host) having a girlfriend, its awkward when she wants to see her boyfriend, and one of us are out, and she will usually tell us to go away. I'm not usually offended but Alex gets very offended by that, as he loves fronting and experiencing the world first-hand.

Do you think thats fair at all?

Also, when fronting today, I was surpised that I knew things, even though I, myself had not ever learned them. For instance I went to the hospital and knew the way, I knew the dr's name, even how to cook food. Does anyone else experience this sort of universal know-ho when fronting? I just thought it was interesting, thats all :)

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Um, hi.

I'm not a multiple, but I've taken some real life multiples as friends, and I find people who are systems really fascinating. I hope thats not a bad thing, because I dont want to make anyone uncomfortable; I just want to make some friends and read in the background and maybe reply to some posts. I'll try to be supportive and stuff, and not ask too many zany questions. I once, when I was much younger, tried to do some meditative thing to get some kind of mental companion, but it didn't quite work out. I'm a therianthrope/otherkin, but that aspect of my life has taken a backseat to mundane identities and life. I'm also a furry, and I am one in such a way that supports my theri side. I used to be into quite a bit of energy work/ psionics/meditation and such, but that has taken a backseat to real life as well. I would be glad to talk to anyone about any of those topics sometime, though! I'm usually on AIM or Yahoo as Gavinfoxx. Feel free to IM me any time, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

*Crossposted a bit*
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Right, so Newbie promised you guys some backstory, so here it is...

Read more... )

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I'm sorry if this offends you* but... darn... ok... here goes:

I'm fed up. I'm fed up with crazy multiples. I'm not fed up with multiples. I'm multiple. I enjoy being multiple even (though sharing a body can be a pain sometimes). I'm a healty multiple. More importantly I'm a Sane Multiple.

Every other post I read in this community goes like this:

"I have a walk-in past life soul bond who is Mr T from the A-Team & he shoots lazers from his eyes (which he would never do in the real world because that would be wrong)! He communed with god who is a giant multiple robot & told me that we all come from the planet cybertron!"

Here is my theory of multiplicity:

We are people who for either a bio-chemical, physical (such as brain structure) or psychological reason (such as trauma or some hidden non-trauma related cause) have more than one personality or persona.

Occasionally someone may have a personality who *beleives* that they are a 'walk-in' spirit, a psychic voyager, a traveller from another world, the spirit of a dead person or a fictional character. This is because that personality is deluded or lying.

Frankly if you have a personality who beleives that they are a dragon, a spaceman, an angel or whatever the latest RPG release from whitewolf or Anime favorite is then I'm happy for you. Hell, we are all a little crazy, each of us; singleton, multiple or otherwise... we are all a little odd in our own beautiful individual ways.

What I do have a problem with is loooong explainations of your latest half baked philosophy on how god is multiple or the secret hidden fairies that run the world. Enough, please. At least have the decency to stick it behind anm LJ cut***. It makes us Sane Multiples (yes I know that's a oxymoron) look bad.

In my opinion, a multiple who has just figured out that they are multiple and comes looking for advice and see's 10 other multiples talking a load of tosh about walk-in spirits, ghosts, anime characters & the like is likely to be confused at best, at worst it could lead to psychological harm with newly developing personas splitting from a persona who expects odditys like delusional personalitys to be the norm.

Yes this post is a tad confrontational. It may make you cry. Boo hoo, someone dosn't listen to you and humour you. Frankly my intention is not to make you feel bad & it's not intended as a personal attack. What it is intended to do is provoke discussion. Argue with me, tell me why I'm wrong using logic & well reasoned argument. Alternativelty stand up & be counted in the "crazy-but-not-in-that-way" Sane Multiple corner. State your opinion. Please. Heck, just shouting at me would be a start.

So please... reply.

*Actually, I'm not. This is my opinion. I've had to trawl through your semi-mystical half-baked nincompoopery** for long enough. Half the stuff I read makes me want to laugh out loud, the other half makes me want to leave this LJ, both personalities. However there is a lot of good advice mixed in with the guff so I keep reading. I had to join this lj just to post this because it's only my other personality that wants this popping up on her friends page & whilost she feels the same she's too soft hearted to say anything. Meh... I join just to say I want to leave, crazy eh?
** The original word I was going to write was a synonym for male-cow-feaces, but I figured if someone was going to be offended they may as well be offended by what I write not the words I use.
*** This post is not behind an LJ cut. That's because I'm a hypocrite. I can live with this.


Oct. 4th, 2005 06:33 pm
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I'm not really good with intros, but I'll try.

I am a great many things. Pagan, transgendered (but not transsexual), Otherkin, strange age identity issues, and now, apparently, multiplicitous.

Actually, I've known I was multiplicitous for years now. But I think I may be unique here in that I'm fairly sure I was one being until about 1999. That was my year from hell, in which (among other things) I tried to rid myself of something I didn't like about myself through denial, and ended up fracturing myself. But unlike MPD or DID, I don't have blackouts. My personalities all seem to share both mind and body (including memories) equally, almost like a nation of telepaths. I think that we share so much because the attempted removal of said aspect of self was a complete failure... we created an agressive personality from that experience, but it was an incomplete personality (I would call it a frankie, which is a term from "Kiln People" by David Brin... a frankenstein copy of one's self, a chimera of sorts). Luckily, through acceptance and love, we re-integrated it into the whole... but continued to be "fractured."

Up until a few days ago, I tried convincing myself that they were like imaginary friends in my head. And they are, in a way... in that, I can create new ones when I want to. But the old ones tend to stick around unless they decide to "die." One in particular, my Goddess of many names (sometimes Shao'Kehn, other times Djao'Kain or Shoikin or Zyao'HKehn, etc), seems to have nested permanently in my head, and is always there for advice giving and reminders and to answer questions.

But there are others:

1. Alexander (or Tristan, which is my given name), my masculine side. (I am a male, but I feel much more female.)
2. Fayanora (Fay), my feminine side.
3. Molly Elizabeth - my inner child, a blond haired little girl who says she's seven and affects a younger voice than that. (Replacing many l's and r's with w's.)
4. Various others who talk or argue (usually amicably) amongst themselves, but have not given themselves names. (Who, by the way, have made me take ten minutes to figure out if there's anything I left out of this list, constantly editing and re-editing it before... okay, we get the picture!)

Yet, because we share so much, we tend to not care what names we're addressed by. This is probably because most of us blend together so much that it's often hard to tell which one is speaking at any given time, and often we speak collectively. The only exception being that Molly Elizabeth jealously guards her name... and has her own way of speaking. :-)

Does anyone have anything similar?

Bright Blessings;
---Tristan Alexander Arts/Fayanora
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I just have to say this, as it's been bothering me since I read the various posts.

First off, I do not understand the constant need to belittle someone because they're not multiple as you see multiplicity should be. We're in this together in one form or another and depend on each other in one way or another because we know the struggle each other go through.

Secondly, I fully realize that some people may be multiple to the way that they fit into the stereotypes, but they should not be lifted to public attention as the example is generally a negative one. Why can we not get some uplifting examples of functional system?

Thirdly, and lastly, the host needs more friends who can understand. I think total, we're friends with 5 other systems, and we would like to see her gain more people that she can relate to so that she can feel more comfortable talking about us or letting us type in the journal.

Thank you for your time,


Aug. 29th, 2005 03:17 pm
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I've been doing some research on what exactly people believe multiplicity is and isn't. I've read every website I can find and much of the literature, and still the questions remain unanswered (or answered in too many widely variant ways).

On the internet/web, people keep expanding or revising the term "multiplicity" to make it mean seemingly very disparate things. In the medical community, only if you correspond to the DSM IV classification of DID or DDNOS can you possibly be considered multiple, IF the doctor in question believes in multiplicity, something which is becoming more and more uncommon.

What is authentic multiplicity? How do you discern it from wishful thinking, delusion, fakery, etc? Is there a definition of multiplicity that means something, or is it just a nonsense word, all sound and fury?

How does "soulbonding" (in the new sense) compare to more traditional multiplicity in actual living? Is "soulbonding" actual multiplicity, a form of fantasy/wish fulfillment, or something else entirely?

How much do "survivorwhine" (to use Amorpha's term) and "non-disordered" multiples really have in common? Is it even the same kettle of fish?

Why the enmity between the "natural" and "trauma-based" multiple? Why the enmity between disordered and non-disordered multiples?

Is natural multiplicity the same as multiplicity caused by trauma at the base level? Are we actually witnessing two distinctly different phenomena which are only similar in appearance?

Categories and labels exist to help us classify and give meaning to the phenomena we observe. What does the label "multiple" or "plural" actually mean?
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I'm kind of two people sharing the same body. A division of mind, two personalities with some shared memories.
I read some posts in this community & go "Yes... that sounds familiar. I'm glad I'm not alone."
I read some posts and go "Riiight... nutter, nut-ter. Notjob"
This place occasionally makes me feel sane because I read things from literate inteligent people who just happen to be sharing a body with others. Occasionally it makes me feel sane because I read posts and realise that I'm a healty sane multiple, not insane like the poster.

I'll not single out any individuals (forgive the pun) but the nut-job posts I read usually ... heck. I'm not going to give examples. I think you know which ones I'm refering to.
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I was browsing amazon to find out details of a Barbara Hambly book due out in September, when I saw in the sidebar a link to a list compiled by a user called Orion Sandstorrm, who identifies themself as "otherkin, draconic". They have a list called So you'd like to... find your way as an Otherkin

A lot of the books are esoteric in nature, some nonfiction, others ficton. They range in theme from weres to aliens, fairies to vampires. It covers totemic magic, familiars and shapeshifting.

It's quite comprehensive from the looks of it. I don't know how good the books on the list are - maybe others on the list would be able to enlighten all of us on the pros and cons of the literature listed!

At the end, it says - This guide created with thanks to Livejournal users Ksol1460, Scribblekitty, Halyn, Elynne, and others.
More suggestions appreciated. Please take a moment to rate this guide using the stars at the top of the page.
Is this user on this list, and has this been linked to before?
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heres the scenario...

three multiples + one elf living in the elf's apartment. the elf's name is chris, as is the name of the guy one of the multiples are dating. the other two multiples have main fronts named lucas, and both are into the color grey XD

does this not sound like the plot for an awful sitcom, or what? >XD

every time someone says luc, both of us turn ^^;

its awesome here, everything is so interesting, i love it :3

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Hi all!

I'm a singlet, and if no one minds, I'd like to hang around just to observe and learn. :)
My names Amanda, and I'm 18. I like chatting, so if anyone would like to AIM me (erospysche), thats cool.

And actually, I have a question. I have a friend who identifies (or used to..?) with otherkin, and used to speak of having 'owls' in her, who would speak to her. Is this somewhat like multiples? She hasn't talked about in a while, so I've chosen not to bring it up with her in case its a sensitive subject...
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My girlfriend is a multiple-- so am I, but that's a different situation entirely and one that I haven't come here to discuss... yet. (Heh.)

She's rather shy sometimes, and I'm a regular lurker on this community, so I was hoping I could post this question here. This summer, the beings inside her mind (collectively called the Pentacle) attempted integration. Currently, we have reason to believe that the attempt has failed. This integration was not prompted by any therapist but was a conclusion that was reached by a majority of them. I say majority because apparently one of the Pentacle was not consulted as to her opinion, the decision was foisted on her by the other four, and the integration was therefore more forced than harmonized. It took this long to figure out because their internal communication isn't exactly... the best. The Host is human, and the other four are Otherkin: a demon, a fae, a wolf, and a phoenix. Because of this, they all have difficulty understanding each other. The demoness particularly seems to create conflict and misunderstanding within the Pentacle, and was the being who had been forced by the other four.

I myself am neutral on the integration controversy, since we can integrate at will for short periods of time when a situation calls for it. However, most of the Pentacle believe that integration is their ultimate longterm goal. I've suggested that they need to work on communication, but with their different backgrounds, goals, and not to mention species divide, they're finding this kind of difficult. We've been attempting to mediate between some of them, as some of us get along with some of them. It's our opinion that they need to concentrate on opening a channel of communication, or appoint one being in the Pentacle to understand and mediate between the rest so that the decisions won't be a matter of force, but a matter of general accord.

Do any of you have any other suggestions, please? I'm only experienced in dealing with my own internal problems, and this is the first time I've ever dated another out multiple.

Thank you for reading.
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Well, I think this is my first official update in this community but I think most people are familiar with me. If not, I'll briefly introduce myself. I'm an outside walk-in to a system of several different people living inside one body/mind. I call myself an Angel of Death and believe myself to be over 700 years old [although I admit even I am skeptical to my own claims; I don't even take my own memories as absolute evidence of the truth of my claims e.g. I may be crazy :)].

That being said and all of this beingg taken into consideration, I find myself interested in the interactions between multiplicity(be it natural or disordered) and otherkinism(to coin a word).

It seems to me that there are many commonalities between the two phenomena and, while different in many ways, Kin seem to often share some traits with Multiples and vice versa. At the same time, the interactions and reactions between persons who consider themselves only to be one or the other are not always necessarily amiable. Some Kin think of Multiples as "crazies" and some Multiples seem to do the reverse; at very least there seems to be a good deal of skepticism as a subtext for their interactions with one another.

There also exist subtle differences in the language used between the two groups when it comes to terms and ideas that are at least superficially nearly identical.

Take the concept of a "walk-in", a term I use to describe myself to aid other people's understanding of me. Whereas Kin often use this term in a highly mystical and transendental fassion roughly similar to the old idea of someone either possesing or being possesed by a spirit(not necessarily evil although possesion certainly has that connotation culturally for many), Multiples tend to think of it as a common or a more internal experience where another person simply walks into the mind and takes up residence there.

Because of these observations, I am curious as to other people in both communities perspectives on each other and people's unique personal observations or general experiences with these ideas.

I find both groups of people and their interactions fascinating, largely of course because I consider myself both, and also because of the blurred line that marginally seperates people in both categories.

I look forward to the reactions and impressions of the people who respond, be they experienced in these interactions or completely uninformed of the paradigmatical juxtaposition these two groups usually fall into. Id est: Both the experienced and the newbie I'm sure will have interesting things to say.

Discussion in [livejournal.com profile] otherkin.


Sep. 19th, 2004 05:28 pm
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I guess I figured I should introduce myself. I have been on this list a few times before and I don't ever remember saying anything except for a comment here and there. My name is Kendall, and I used to be a multiple. I guess I still haven't figured out a lot of things about my previous multiplicity. I think a lot of it is that I integrated because someone important to me at the time didn't like my multiplicity. It was too "confusing" or something. I guess on one hand it's understandable. For a while I only had 2 members in my system, one of them being me and the other a dragon named Ffraga. She wasn't the easiest entity to get along with at first, and I didn't tell many people about her for obvious reasons (what do you mean you hear the voice of a dragon in your head?)

I have actually integrated multiple times, but the first time was most traumatic. I had another member of the system show up in school one day and it scared me and some of my friends pretty badly. One of them had already expressed a semi-disgust about the whole thing. I panicked and integrated that night. I ended up splitting multiple times in a pretty chaotic chain of events over the next few months. I have almost no recollection of that time... When I broke up with my boyfriend a few months after my last integration he told me all sorts of things about how I needed help, etc. I eventually convinced myself that he was right, and that was incredibly sad for me. I don't think I was ready to integrate at the time I did, and part of me still feels like I killed parts of myself, although I know that's probably ridiculous. There are still times that I grieve about the whole thing, even though it was a few years ago.

Anyway, I guess that's one of the reasons I'm here. I know I'm not crazy, and that I wasn't crazy then... And it's nice to at least be able to hear from people who know what I'm talking about, nice to know I wasn't alone and that other people don't think I'm crazy either. It has been nice getting to read more up-to-date info on multiplicity. At the time I thought multiplicity came from DID, so my multiplicity at the time made no sense (insofar as the whole dragon thing and some other random aspects that don't fit neatly into the DID mental disorder categrory).

At any rate, I just wanted to introduce myself (for once) and let you know why I'm here and so you know I am not currently a multiple. I'm sorry if anything sounded melodramatic, because I didn't mean for it to sound that way.
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Hello..my name is Winter and yes that's my real name. But anyway..the whole reason I'm posting here is to try and get some help finding out what I am....I've spent a long time analizing my everyday life..and my dreams....only accounting for things I strongly felt.feel the need to do..or..in the case with my dreams..things that go on continuosly..like always being an animal....ok well here's my list..

~very strong and able to protect myself from many things
~the ability to know what a person is thinking and/or feeling
~being able to swim very very well
~taking on features and abilities of animals

~very very strong connection with nature and feeling I don't belong with all this technology
~Being able to uncontrollably and randomly know what a person is thinking..though it's like I'm thinking it myself
~feeling as if I have the strenght to do anything
~having no fear of anyone or anything
~being able to know how a person is feeling and being able to cheer him or her up whenever I try
~this uncanny love of water and all marine animals
~This very very strong connection with animals..all of them..I've never met a wild or domestic animal that has attempted to attack me or walk away in fear of me
~being able to walk the path of Wicca..a nature based religion and feel as if I belong
~feeling as if I need to stretch my wings..swim like a marine animal..make animal noises..etc.
~feeling as if it's my destiny to protect nature

I know that I am a human form but not of human spirit. But I don't know what I am..I feel as if my spirit..(the real me)..is something that has magical powers..is able to take on the features and abilities of all animals..very powerful strength..and more importantly my spirits "job" is to protect nature without any thoughts of my own life because I know I won't lose over whatever is trying to harm nature. A friend of mine suggested that I may be a Druid..but I don't feel as if that name fits me......I feel as if my Spirit isn't that of a human of an sort. If anyone can help me..I'd GREATLY apprecaite it!!
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I came out to close friends and relatives several months ago, and have only now received some backlash. Apparently two close friends of mine believe I'm rather off my rocker and one is suggesting medical attention, though the both of them do not have the courage to say this to my face. Assuming this isn't just vengeful hearsay from the informant (an ex-significant other), and that these are truly their opinions, I have to wonder whether seeking medical attention will prove futile as my system seems to be operating fairly well. I'm wondering if I should just have stayed quiet about the whole thing. Have any of you lost friends when you came out? I certainly don't want to lose mine, but I feel this is my right to live and be who I am. I'm tired of hiding and repressing-- at some point, a person(s)' got to take a stand. It would be easier if I could get ahold of these two "close" friends, but since we live in different cities now, this poses a problem.

At the same time as this escalating and foolish drama, I've begun seeking the origins of my multiplicity to understand myself better. Having never gone to a therapist, I was not familiar with the trauma-splitting model. I have asked the question before as to what it is, exactly, and what counts as trauma. I'm also curious whether some of us are walk-ins, or (re)incarnations of previous lives or Otherkin. Have you ever heard of this theory? I've recently picked up a rather flaky book called "Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Wizards" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. If her style and tone wasn't so pop culture and New Age mumbo jumbo based, I would be able to take the ideas she presents seriously.

I just wish there was a better way to deal with the undercurrents of animosity. I'm lucky enough to surround myself with furries, otherkin, and transgendered people who accept and slightly understand my situation. Have you guys found that other multiples tend to ease the alienation, or is it enough just being surrounded by acceptance and validation?

Thanks for reading my long-winded babbling.

Stelle, Aster & Fey
speaking for The Hex
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    Hi. I don't mean to intrude. I have no system and so I just thought to post an odd connection I found before I quickly left you all to your own devices:

    It seems that those who developed their persons without the goading of horrible traumas (i.e., the natural multiples) seem to have a penchant for otherkin in their systems. I thought it was an odd connection.

    For instance, my friend [livejournal.com profile] myorp here has what I believe he/she/they define to be naturally occurring multiplicity and they have a supernatural/otherkin being in their system. [livejournal.com profile] elenbarathi and [livejournal.com profile] arhuaine are parallels in this regard, as is [livejournal.com profile] saturniakitty too. (That is, if I haven't gotten my facts mixed and selected the wrong people n_n;. If that happens -- whoa, sorry! X_X)

    I just found it odd that the *hesitates to use the word* traditional multiples who have developed by the DSM-IV defined prerequisite of extreme trauma don't usually have mythical/otherworld persons within. It seems to be a goodly difference that I've noticed.

    "Why does this occur? Why is it that non-trauma multiples are more likely to have supernatural/mythical/offworld persons within?" I think I've absorbed enough information to think this question and ponder it at length.

    It's just something I thought about and wanted to know your opinions on.

    And now that it's been given, I shall withdraw and leave it to you to discuss it amongst yourselves. I thought it was very interesting. Sorry for intruding on your community. I just had to ask this question as it was a noticeable trait in my eyes.

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I joined this community under the name charcoalrain last year but i never got up the courage to introduce myself.

My name is Ani and I am the main person here.

I would describe our system as median as opposed to just straight multiple, seeing as I am almost always aware of everything that goes on weather I am fronting or not. Although I have lost awareness of myself many times when the second most dominant persona (Okonamae (Switch)) was fronting.

The body is 18, female, short, brunette and french, living in central Canada.

I am 18 female etc...

I am the current evolution of the orriginal personality.

Now onto the others.

Like I said the other most active one of us is Okonamae Switch, I will most often refer to her as switch since it is her favorite nickname.

Switch is a pixie, age is subject to question seeing as she is very smart but quite young in action, she bahaves like a 3-6 year old most of the time but is deep and caring towards the people she cares about. For someone seemingly so young she is surprsingly adult.

I'm sure she'll introduce herself in a few days.

I have pictures to show.

Read more... )

Switch and I aren't the only two inhabitants, infact the current number of persona's is subject to question.

I could (and have) write a ten page essay about us as a collective but I'll spare you that for now ;)

I'm tired so I'm gonna go join my love in bed.

Ani & co.
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Hello, I'm tigerfae and I'm new here. I kind of stumbled here while looking for otherkin/shapeshifting-type journals. I started thinking, does my interest in those have anything to do with the fact that I am a multiple? Maybe I've split into faeries and tigers and things? I mean, my brain can really do anything it wants, right? Is anyone else interested in otherkin or animorphs or shapeshifting? Is anyone kinda obsessively interested in faeries or things? This is really scary for me and I don't know why. Anyway, sorry to barge in.


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