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Can DID have an adult onslaught even if the personality was created as the result of childhood abuse? I have gotten conflicting answers about this question. I have a friend who wasn't diagnosed with DID until she was a teenager in high school, but it's suspected that she had other personalities before they were actually identified. She doesn't know if she ever dissociated before age 14. Is this possible? I mean, does it fit the clinical diagnostics or is there something fishy about her story?

I personally do not suffer from DID or multiplicity, but I know two people who have claimed the disorder (sorry if it seems that I'm skeptical, I just like to keep my words true). My heart goes out to whoever does, though, and I find the disorder very interesting. I'm looking forward to answers to my questions.
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I’m going to put this up on my LJ so that people can learn a little bit more about me.

Erm, what would you like to know about me? Do you have any questions? Hi!

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Rick of Pack Collective here, I've got a couple questions...

A friend has a six-year-old son, who's having mucho issues in school/with the school, because he's been (I believe) (mis)diagnosed as ADHD. I believe, the the child's multiple, based on behaviors he exhibits, and other such stuff...Whether I'm wrong or not, the whole mess is going on a crash course to a shrink's office...

now, my thing is, a six-year-old couldn't(imho, my apologies to any six-year-olds I may have offended) understand the rammifications of being multiple, and so, the possibilities end like this: 1) he IS accurately diaged as multi, and gets a multi-friendly psych(odds of this?)

2) he IS accurately diaged as multi and the psych thinks his mother's done something HORRIBLE to him(or someone else, whatever, in any case it's not true, I LIVE there)

2) he's inaccurately misdiaged as something else, and ends up where I know alot of us have been...

so onto the questions part:

any advice?

how old(body age) were you when you realized you were multi?

how old(body age) were you when you UNDERSTOOD WHAT THAT MEANT?

how old were you when you realized the full rammifications of that, regarding life, society, psych community?

thanks for all of your help...

Pack Collective
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Okay just a few minutes before work so i'll write this out....
questions )
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Some recent comments made me wonder about this, so I thought I'd ask all of you a couple of questions. This is just idle curiosity, so feel free to ignore.

How old were you when you became multiple? (Or have you been one since birth?)

Was there some kind of triggering event, good or bad, that caused it, or was a catalyst for it?

Was it a gradual process, or something very sudden?

Were you aware of it right away, or did you become aware later? If you became aware later, what brought it to your awareness?

I'll answer myself, just to start things off.

I had the beginnings of everything when I was thirteen or so, but I didn't actually develop other personas until I was around 19, and none of them were strong enough to actually do much, until I was 23. (I'm currently 28.)

I had two triggers. One was a negative experience, that happened when I was 13. I don't generally go into detail about it without good reason, but I was left with a memory, and a thought, that got stuck in my head, and I hated dwelling on it, it was awful and depressing, and miserable, and I wanted to be happy. So I made a little mental "loop" to help me get rid of the evil thought. I pictured something I thought was pleasant to replace it. A purple oriental dragon, in this case, (I'm crazy about dragons!) which I imaginied flying in and burning up the unpleasant thought, and then settling down in my mind, so I could just visualize how graceful and shiny and beautiful the dragon was, rather than dwelling on something negative. Since I spent a lot of time thinking about this dragon, it started to get a little life, and very gradually evolved into a protective Guardian figure, but it never really gained any independance until the second event happened, which was my discovering the internet! I went off the college, and found computers, and the net, and chatrooms, and specifically fantasy chat rooms, where I could play a character, and let my imagination, and all the various facets of my personality that don't generally see much action out to play. So I made up all these characters, and played, and had fun, but a couple of the characters really took on a life of their own, particularly in chat rooms, where they could speak through me, and I started picturing little dialogues with them, and pretty soon I had these personalities running around my head.

So I developed quite gradually from a total singleton to a more or less median state, (and was, of course, aware of this progression the whole time,) where I have personalities other than me in here, but they're all really sub-sets of me, characters and aspects that I talk to. I've been told I'll inevitably develop further into a full multiple state where I will become just one of many, or vanish entirely, but I don't believe this to be true. While I still sometimes find new personas, The way we work together and interact with each other has very much stabilized, and hasn't changed any since very shortly after the first of them appeared, so I don't anticipate it changing much in the future either. (And so far nobody has ever fronted but me, though some of the others will speak in chat rooms or IMs, which is kind of interesting I think.)

Anyhow, how about you guys? Any thoughts on the subject?
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We just found this article and were mildly shocked. What do you all think? We're posting this here for discussion's sake.
Jess and Alissa
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I've watched this community for a little while.

I'm pretty much alone in my body except once in a while there's this girl Nadia. I'm not sure she counts because I made her up in eighth grade. But sometimes she seems more real than others.

She helps me out sometimes, figuring out problems. I swear sometimes she comes up with solutions I never would have thought of by myself. And lately I've been having her try to help me stop my nervous habit of gnawing my lips and fingers. It hasn't helped much because she's not present every time I do it and I often don't notice until I'm bleeding.

Anyway, this is an interesting community.
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A very brief summary of  )

What do you do when you finally come to terms with the fact that you DO work better with fewer parts? Things got totally out of hand.

Partially to blame is some sort of innate ability to identify active perspectives of humanity in general, and society around the body and it "calls up" fragment-parts that have voices, that either fade back away pretty quick and leave a gaping hole or stick around, but are amorphous and not quite whole enough to really work together with anyone else...

Looking into perspectives. We're already working out some sort of... method for ourselves. Condensing where it's possible and organizing, sorting, getting things to work out. But looking for perspective... needing to see if others have had the same issue(s) and how they've worked with them/resolved them?

In Memory

Oct. 3rd, 2006 07:00 pm
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A couple of years ago, one of our system members left. Her name was Anne, and I'd like to take a moment just to tell you about her and her life.Read more... )

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Greetings & Salutations!

I hope everyone who is reading this is doing well and if not then I wish you luck on your journey to wellness. I found this community through a friend who is a multiple, in fact it was through talking to this friend that I first began to suspect I myself was multiple. Yet, it wasn't until February of this year that I was officially diagnosed while undergoing treatment in a Psych ward for depression.

I have met 6 of the alters within my system and have more than once felt there were others buried deep with in Our mind. As I anticipate those of my alters who are able to read & write will also be posting to the journal I will introduce them in a cut and give a brief history of each.

Warning: Possible Triggers )


I am in the process of making icons for each one of my alts so that when they post it will be easy to tell who is whom. I will make sure Anika encourages them (all my alters love and respect Anika) to post here soon if only so they can show which icon belongs to whom.

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This was meant to be a response to one of Luwana's comments but the post was stolen. We figured it would be good as a broader topic anyway.

Why would concluding that individuals in a multiple system are the product of chemoelectrical impulses be devaluing? Anyone who believes that would believe that all people/personalities are the product of chemoelectrical impulses. Why is the belief in souls necessary for the belief in multiplicity?

Are people afraid that if there's a physiological basis for having/developing a plural identity system then that would cancel out their personal ideology? Are you afraid that people will point to it as evidence that we all just have the shared delusion of being separate people? Do you believe that having a physiological cause for multiplicity would mean that your multiplicity was fake and none of the other people are real?
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During recent internet wanderings, I found an interesting reference.

Ross, C. (1991). Epidemiology of Multiple Personality Disorder and Dissociation. Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 14 (3), 503-­517.

In summary: Colin Ross did a study where he interviewed 454 residents of Winnipeg with the DDIS (Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule), to find out about the prevalence of dissociative disorders in the general population. 14 of the 454 (3.1%) met the DSM-III-R* criteria for MPD. However, eight out of the fourteen (1.8% of the population) didn't report childhood trauma or extensive symptomatology...

Excerpt from the study... )

I'm not aware of any follow-up research on this subpopulation, and a quick search didn't turn up any. Further information would be greatly appreciated.

* A. The existence within the person of two or more distinct personalities or personality states (each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self).

B. At least two of these personalities or personality states recurrently take full control of the person's behavior.

Note that these do not include amnesia; that criterion was added in the DSM-IV along with the name change to DID.


Oct. 24th, 2005 05:33 pm
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When I was a kid, my subjective world overlapped the real one quite a lot, and my imagination was very active. So active that I never really grew out of it. However, The War against my "evil" side (combined with previous explorations into the challenging "real world") pushed me into a state where I exiled myself to only one room of my inner world... the Dark Playground. It's a desolate place, with few denizens (most of which live in the shadows) and a blood red sky with some black in it. Some ghosts haunt it, and the dried dead leaves blow around in the wind, whispering as they do. The gate is rusted shut, but I have the power to open it now. And everything is covered with a layer of age and disuse, as though they were tangible things. The ground isn't much better, being made of broken-up concrete.

Under the cut because it is very long )

So to summerize, I discovered today that I am NOT an "internal dichotomy split." I was NOT one mind until 1998. I am a Natural Multiple, with a whole universe in my mind. Oh, and I am also a Median, which in case you don't know what that means, is defined here:

Anyone else here have a subjective world of their own? Anyone else a Median?

Chaotic Blessings;

X-posted to [ profile] beyondthegates, [ profile] adultchild
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Hi all,
I'm new to this community. I'm Astrid, aged 19 and have had people in my mind since I was about 11 I think. though I fantasized about being "someone else" and all that long before. I used to think that I was sort of mid-continuum, in that I have people in my mind on whose perspectives I will act (which I can't influence) but that I don''t lose time or important personal information, ie. I'll always remember that my name is Astrid and I'm 19, etc.

However, over the past couple of months I've realized more and more that my insiders are an identity issue rather than anything personality-related, ie. I'm not at all multiple but just can't see that all these people are actually one and the same. (Of course, the psychiatric model also says that it's an identity disorder, but the way therapists treat DID is usually as if it were a personality thing, ie. the insiders/alters truly being separate. I btw don't have DID.) This got me to think about my insiders from a cognitive-behavioural viewpoint, thinking that in many ways it's something about rationally seeing that I can "integrate" the insiders instead of looking at it from a more traditional, psychodynamic viewpoint.

This is at once helpful to me, ie. if it's cognitive-behavioural and I rationally know this, I should be able to throw away the system right away, but at once it's confusing, since if I know I created the others because I couldn't see that this is all one person, why can't I just shut down the system, now that I know this? Why can I say, rationally, that I'm one, but still feel that I'm nine? Am I analysing too much? People who don't know too much about my system say so, and it makes me feel as if I'm making it up. I don't have DID, cause I know that my "multiplicity" is not dissociation, but it's not just my thoughts/feelings that have gotten names, and neither am I a natural multiple or someone claiming she likes being multiple (I would love to be "fully" singlet). Or am I just an adolescent who's confused about who she is and is taking this a little too far? This is at least partly true, but does that mean I'm overreacting? I'm sort of confused and any comments would be appreciated.
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Someone speaking at a conference we attended, claimed he was the one who invented the
term Did, and convinced the psychiatric community to change the DSM from MPD to Did.
He insisted that all Did was trauma-based;
the topic of the conference was trauma.
He then said, in response to a question whether those who claimed to have so many alters, like a hundred or more, could be
authentic, that, "You just need to listen to five of them, to come up with
a treatment plan."

So all the way home, we had this arguement as to which five of us would be chosen to be heard,
to the exclusion of all others.

We found this absurd, both then and now.

And years earlier, there was the pompous psychologist who badgered us in group that we were
getting a lot of attention, mileage and enjoyment out of being multiple.
We wanted to point out that no way were we getting any enjoyment out of being multiple in
a hospital setting, for sure. His tone was
condescending and abusive, but when in the hospital, the staff has all the power, and we were
disrespected and misunderstood.

Not so, in the case of our therapist outside the hospital, who never viewed us with anything other than
dignity. I heard her say many times, when teaching social work students,

"Being a therapist doesn't place you above the clients.
It's not an us-and-them relationship."

We wish there were more like her.
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So there's an interesting subject I've been tossing around in my mind for a while, and that's the names and physical charactaristics of the people in our house. It seems to me that while some of us have had sort-of 'innate' names, many have actually chosen their name when they first show-up 'publicly'. They've always been the same person, from before emergence to present day, but it just seems like most of them they didn't need conventional characteristics (such as names and physical appearance) until they were in the 'context' of this life and world. It also seems to me that, when choosing a name, everyone has a 'concept' or 'tone' related to their personality that they try to express. You know how certain types of names just fit certain people?

Some examples from our own system:

-Ana showed up without provocation and without any notice-- or warning, more appropriately. She started 'pushing' different ideas on us non-verbally, then started whispering, then started fully ordering us around. She just is, and has always been, her.
-Raijna was a walk-in (a rain fae) and had no concept of names or most things relating to our form of life. Jeremey chose a name for her, after getting inspiration from the fae herself, and when he ran it by her she seemed happy with the choice so we kept it.
-Jessa 'latched onto' a couple different people, including Raijna and myself, when she first showed up. She's always been the same girl, but she started out by co-fronting with us, following us around, and trying to act like us. Generally acting like a kid. It was damn cute, really. After she gave up "Raijy" and "Jemmy", I helped her choose her own name; "Jessamine".
-January and I are the result of the split of Genevieve. I fell back on our old nick-name, Jem, and January chose hers because of how close "Genevieve" is in pronounciation to the French word for january, "janvier". She said it suited her emotions and life, dead and cold like the winter (her attitude's not so goth anymore, thank god.)
-Vivian only recently emerged 'publicly', the first times she fronted I got a couple hints of her personality and the 'feel' of a 'v-name.' She confirmed my first impression of her by choosing "Vanessa" her third time out, but just today changing her name to "Vivian" because it is, in her opinion, a stronger name (meaning 'alive' or 'living') than "Vanessa" (meaning 'butterfly'.)

I really got to thinking about this because of reading about soulbonding. It seems, from what I've read recently, many people's soulbonds represent themselves with the character/person they do because it is similar to their personality and how they wanted to present/express themselves. I guess I see a similarity there, though perhaps on a different scale. Maybe soulbonds present themselves how they do because they didn't always have the 'context' of this life and world to fit into? How similar to or different from multiplicity like mine is this, aside from how soulbonds take on pre-existing fictional characters or already-living people? Are soulbonds actually constructs instead of pre-existing entities?

Food for thought.

~Jem of Haven
(btw, I tried to lj-cut this and it went funky and refused to work. sorry about the length)
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Ok, we've been lurking for awhile, so I figured we should make our introductions.

I'm Joshua, and this is my life )
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Hello to everyone.

Our system name is Distraida. Unfortunately, that lj username was already taken when we got our account. We have all kinds of people in here, and a lot of them. I found the group info page interesting, because it refers to "classical trauma-splitting MPD/DID." We are abuse survivors, but our MPD/DID isn't "classical" by any means. We don't fit some pre-conceived textbook definition. We have walk-ins and move-ins, even physically and/or mentally disabled others, and sometimes they front.

Our therapist, who we are not sure actually believes we exist, says that our disabled others should "be able to use all the resources of the body," but when a disabled person fronts, whatever they can't do inside, they can't do outside either (ie: read, write, walk, talk, see, hear, use one or both arms/hands, move, feel.) And since our therapist said that, none of our disabled others have been willing to even entertain the idea of speaking with her. On the other hand we have some people who can push the body too hard, and do more than the body can really do/should do. (This body should not be moving railroad ties, believe me.) We don't think our psychiatrist believes we exist either, as he has a "rule-out" on "did" for a "possible diagnosis."

We've applied for social security disability and were denied, and we are appealing. We are mostly applying based on mental health (or the lack thereof) but we have some physical issues as well, mostly dealing with chronic pain and trouble breathing.

Anyway, that might have been too much personal information included in an introductory post, but we are looking for people with experiences similar to ours. We have yet to find anyone. We are also looking for otherkin, but not like furries. Does anyone know a good community to join for talking to other Fae?

Distraida-Thamron (h is silent)
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Hi again *waves*

Some of the questions I have are as follows:

Can a person be a multiple and not know it?

How do you know if you're a multiple?

Do multiples stem from people who have suffered from some sort of trauma?

I'll save the rest for later. I don't want to bombard you folks with too many questions.

Thanks for your time...
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I wonder how many people i have inside me, considering i seem to "create" people based upon my stimulus. i notice, that i end up having parts of my personality that is way too much like other people/fictional characters than i'd care to think about. I tend to mimic people, and more than just their voices, accents, etc. now i'm mimicing their personalities too. i don't mean to, i just absorb people, i guess...*shrug* that's why im online, each person inside can be themselves, and create their own lives, friendships, etc...


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