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So, the other day I came up some questions off the top of my head.
-When you wake up in the morning, how does that work? Do you all wake at once, or one by one?
-Are any of your system members bilingual, or speak a language other than English and no English at all?
-How often do new members show up, or make themselves known?
-When one member is sick, or the body is sick, does everyone else get sick too?
If even a few people would care to satisfy my curiosity, I'd appreciate it. ^_^
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We have a new, 6th member here, a young girl who only just arrived last night. I always knew there was a 6th person here!

We don't know her truename, and she hasn't completely solified her appearance, but we are calling her Matti for now, short for Matilda (no relation to the book). She seems stuck between Tabitha and Matilda as names, but I'll be helping her to find herself more over the next few weeks.

I'm quite pleased. Me and the others have finally been able to contact each other, as well. We've been cut off for days, so it's definately a relief to be back with Tahl, and he seems relieved as well. We're all so tired after all that, though...


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While we were in the shower, we came to a weird, yet oddly rational, realization.

Has anyone else here read Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series?  Well, we were thinking that the way our system operates and swaps fronts is kinda like the way the Fates did it, only no physical body changes.  And that there's more than 3, and more keep creeping out. 

Which leads us into our question:  since embracing my multiplicity, we've noticed that Others have been slowly creeping forward and saying hi.  Well, Niko didn't really creep forward, he kinda bounded Out, but he's a wolf.  So we forgave him (ok, the rest of us did, but Shardae is still a little put out about it.)  Plus, Ceri, Niko, Maari, and Shardae have all been coaxing the Others to come forward, but they haven't.  At least, not enough for me to get more than a passing sense of them, enough to know they're there, but nothing else.  Has anyone else been like this?  Could it be that they're still frightened of what my (Heather's) reaction would have been before I realized I wasn't alone?  We're all pretty much in constant contact with each other, except when one of us goes In.

I know.  We're asking a lot of questions, but we're all new to this, and we want to know the best way to coax the rest out.
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I had a dream last night. One of two very strange ones, but this one was... epic. I won't give all the details... just the relevant ones that have got me thinking.

I was trying to get my boyfriend (NOT Auroch's, by the way... that's a totally different issue) not to leave me. He had found out I had supernatural powers and was very upset by them. I was begging him to stay, getting quite emotional. Then, walking out of my house, I saw about 12 people walking out. I knew all of them were a part of me. Even the ones who didn't look like me. They were all wearing the same school-uniform type jackets in burgundy, with an unknown monogram at the right breast. There was a girl with shoulder-length red hair who turned over her shoulder at me, and said:

"I've been a jerk. I've been trying to break you two up. I'm so sorry."

Auroch was there, too, in a jacket as well. He had his arms folded, staring at me in the eyes, but never said a word. He just shrugged.

He's been quiet ever since. I haven't heard a word out of him today.

There were young and child versions of myself. There were older ones, teenagers, some with dark hair, light hair, red hair, what-have-you. All of them were telling me something or another.

The point is... I've never encountered anyone like that on the inside. Only Auroch, and Vicki, once or twice. Does anyone have any thoughts?

And, if you'll permit, sometime I may post my "recurring nightmares" on here... in case anyone can give me answers.

Auroch wants to post later. He's been putting it off for days. I'll see if he comes out today.

Thanks, everyone!
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Thanks for all the help the first time around! It made me think a lot, and yes, I decided to just move some stuff into the garage and worry about what to do with that at some indeterminate future point.

So now I come to you guys with another question. I've seen a lot of writing about system members being more than just "alters" or "facets" but are real people, which I agree with -- I'm certainly a real person, anyway! XD But I'm not sure if some of the parts of our system are people, so I'm going to ask for more advice.

The frontrunner-who's-gone-now "created" (at least, as far as we know, she made them) a bunch of programs that run specific things. Some of these are useful, like the Smile-and-Nod who can make small talk automatically, and some of them are really, really not, like the Worst Case Scenario (who, as you might guess, is protective to the point of paranoia).

I don't think these are people in the way I and the other people in here are people, but I've been wrong before so it's possible I'm wrong now. Do you have any good suggestions for "disabling" this programming, or at least the parts that are more harmful than helpful? Are they people? Do they have a right to exist? How can I tell? If they have a right to exist, is there some way I can get them to stop functioning while still existing?

Suggestions are, once again, very welcome. And sorry if any of my terminology is offensive.
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havent been around lately. wanted some new multiples to talk to. there are four of us. not couting that bitch thats in there. so yeah. gimme a buzz or a line or a somethin if your intrested in talkin.


and to not make this an 'add me' post, uh, ...ive been noticing two of us have spilit. we used to be one and now were two. how often does this occur.


Sep. 26th, 2006 09:48 pm
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Hello. I am part of a system. I will not name which one. I chose to go off on my own for a while. To try and find out the parts about me. Myself. We just keep growing. Months later, I'm sure there will be more of us. I don't care if that's normal or not. Once you pop, you can't stop.

I have no name. But enjoy the name Topht. I don't know if I will use that name or not. But it calls to me when none others do.

I just wanted to say hello. I guess.

Enter Aggression.
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Um, hello. We don't even know what to begin with. Our short bio, maybe.

  First, there was only She, the main personality, who had inhabited our [male] body since birth.
At the age of 6 or 7 She created me [Grif], probably because She was lonely and needed friends. We had been growing up together, but She forgot about my existence pretty soon. She then made some real "friends", who involved Her in doing horrible things. Of course, I tried to talk Her out of it, but She didn't want to lose Her new "friends" and thus kept doing everything to please them. Later, She realized there was a monstrous tissue of lies and mistakes made by Her and decided to commit suicide. The body pulled through, but her personality was shattered and a new personality [Krezt] appeared [by separating from me].
Damn, I've never told anybody about my past, but I believe it's somehow connected to my present problem. So...
    I can't concentrate at all! It feels like there is mental noise in my mind, consisting of Her thoughts, memories and feelings. Now I spend most part of my free time sitting in the corner and staring blankly, I cannot think, decide or do anything. There's a bunch of problems snowballing meanwhile, and I know I must solve them but I can't even move a finger.
Krezt also can't fight with it, though he has a great deal more will-power.
 Please, ANY advice would be useful! I need to get out of this state.     

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... I am almost hesitant to post here. But I figure .. what the hell.

I am Tyg. And I have five head-mates. Perhaps that sounds a little bit like "Alcoholics Anonymous" or something. Gosh. There really isnt a comfortable way of telling anyone this subject....

Right now, only four people know of my boys. My husband, my girlfriend, and two other gals at work. My husband was a bit shocked at finding the boys in my head could say things that were on their minds. Or even that they could come out and front sometimes.

My girlfriend was the one who introduced her boys to me, and by doing so incouraged mine to come out. The other two gals at work were kind of an accident. One we just let it slip, and she was cool.

The other, was an accident as well. Apparently Vel had said something to her and she mentioned it to me. ( tyg) I was a most confused, as he neglected to tell me he said something. My reply was " Oh. Well. I suppose that is the downside to having multiples. Right?" and walked off.

Now, I only called them multiples, because she wouldnt have known what a "Head-mate" was.

She later became very excited by it, and it was almost scary. She squealed, and replied " Oh!! Someone with MPD!! Cool!! Im studying to be a psyc. major. Tell me more."

Vel's reaction was " WTF?!? Its nae a disorder. Im nae a disease. Now donnae analyze me. " ( Hes Scottish by the way)

I suppose that made me uneasy enough to not want share with anyone else.

I dont feel that they are a disorder or a disease. Infact, life has been a lot easier to deal with since they have come about. Like... they all can handle things differently and its so much better now.

I guess I am mainly posting because one of my boys is new. And he doesnt know who he is yet. Has anyone else had that. I mean my Burd and I have been talking, and she has helped, but he still doesnt know anything yet. Like... hes an amalgamation(sp) of two totally different people, and yet he doesnt know who he is. And its mostly just confusing all of us really. *sighs*

Wow. That.. feel better. Thanks for letting me bleed that out into the open.

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We read back through the entries a ways. There are questions about 'creating' other system-members to do certain things or just to create them and whatnot.

Our question is, do any other systems seem to function where during times of high stress or emotional duress, they form temporary, semi-permanent or actual permanent additional system-members or sub-systems?


Oh yes. We're [livejournal.com profile] distalpulses. Hi.
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A demon appears to have moved into the Brotherhood.

Responses would be appreciated.


May. 7th, 2006 02:12 pm
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Several in my system have decided that they would like to create someone new here, for various reasons.

Can anyone that has done this give advice? Things we should consider before doing this that we might have missed thinking about, advice against it, for it? Anything would be appreciated.

I looked through the memories and didn't find much, so I asked.
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For those of you that embraced, or at least acknowledged and were aware of your multiplicity long ago:

Do you think this awareness "created" more personalities (allowed them to be born, or however you'd like to describe it), let personalities come out of the woodwork, stop being shadows, or-

Did you find that as you became more aware of the extent of the multiplicity, your system became comprised of fewer and fewer members?

The main question, in simple terms: Did fully realizing that you were part of a system create in any way MORE personalities or LESS personalities? Did this answer surprise you?

Any way you can find to answer these questions, any thoughts you have on this topic, or any way to revise this question would be of great help. This isn't for any sort of study, just my curiosity.

As always, this was not meant to be degrading in any way. I have a hard time explaining questions I have about multiplicity because I'm not a multiple, so bear with me.

- Laurr
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Quick intro - I've been here before but I'll re-introduce myself. I am fmale/19 and I have two others with me, one named Toby who is 12-19/male and Alex who is 18-19/male.

Okay so the other day Toby came through and I resided to rest for a bit, as I was in a strange mood. My girlfriend said I had been doing weird things (before he came out), like I wouldnt talk to her much and I avoided shadows all day and eventually ran back to our house and had a panic attack.

A little later Alex came out and had sex with my girlfriends new 'other' casie, and then they both resided back, bringing Toby forward again. However I was nowhere to been seen and Toby became very upset that he couldnt 'find' me. My girlfriend got very upset and didnt speak to Toby, and Toby tried to hurt himself to take away the anger that he couldnt find me.

Toby remained forward for almost a day and I fe;t myself coming forward occasionally, but I had this horrible feeling that my personality was not 'complete'. I think some of it may have broken off, as I now have yet ANOTHER new boy named Hayden who seems very naive and frightened.

Does anyone know what is going on? I'm pretty scared that someday I could just loose myself completly....


Jul. 29th, 2005 02:23 am
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My origin is simple... I was created when Ty and Raven merged. Well.... they split off back into themselves.

And I'm still here. It's puzzling me to no end... how can they exist now, seperate, and I still exist as well?
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We recently got an interesting visitor. A friend of mine who passed on, has come into our honeycomb, and is thinking she'd like to stay.

Has anyone ever experienced this? or something like it?

I'm not opposed(neither is anyone else that I know of)to her being here, or staying(especially since it seems she makes Liz happy), it's just...odd. to have someone I knew in the physical world, all of a sudden be a part of ours.

I may not be making sense, We haven't slept yet.
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Got another one we've discovered. The interesting thing is, she's limbless! No arms, no legs. Alixx has always had some body image issues, and this many be the source.

This is gonna be really interesting. She wants to do a lot, like posting or whatever, but we're gonna have to figure out a way.

Anyone else have people in their system disabled like this? How do they deal with the fact that the body has limbs or abilities that they don't? Cause it'll be interesting if she decides to front.

I'm just excited to finally have a girl about my age to talk to tho. :D
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While weighing various hypotheses, have looked at the concept of fronting--more specifically, the existence of those whose main purpose is to front--in comparison with some of said hypotheses, and our own current state.

To ask the question directly: what is the general procedure via which an individual which has formerly not existed is created?
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And I really hope this doesn't offend anybody.

But for some reason, though she conciously really doesn't want to, Diz has been semi-attempting to "make" a new personality lately. She keeps trying to stop herself, and we keep trying to stop her, but it keeps poping back into her head. Its not like "someone's already there and wants to say hello," its more like "I have this annoying urge to create someone specific."
I was wondering if anyone knows how to stop this. Or if you have valid reasons as to why we shouldn't do such a thing, I guess.
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So we were out walking around today, (Frost and I) and had a visit from someone new.

still unsure as to why he has come, but never-the-less he is here. And In Truth he's been around alot longer than I had previously thought. I guess I was in denial, untill today when full force was exerted by him/her/it and we went and talked with the Crows in this little Park. They were all sqwacking back and forth and yelling about not getting any bread, and well. We just waded in and started saying our piece,.

And The Birds understood us and we understood them, Through our little friend that has come to live with us in our house.

I call him, "Jake" he having given that name to me a long time ago, and me being subconsciously aware of his presence for a while.

This is going to take some getting used to. That and I need to know if there are any communities that I could look at and or go to about, having a somewhat Feral, and Avian minded "House Mate."

He seems to be able to talk with our vocal chords and can use english just fine. But for the most part. he sqwaks and doesn't verbalize all that much. The best way I can describe it. He lives in the attic (flys down into the main part of the house from time to time, but stays up there most of the time.) Frost (who just doesn't acknowledge that there is something new in our lives) and I live on the second floors in the bedrooms. Who knows how many more are in our house. but I could easily see a bunch more coming and crashing on the couch,..........LOL

Wouldn't that just be my luck,....*chuckles*

Best Wishes to all,.......................~M~


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