Jan. 6th, 2007 11:15 pm
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A random question born of our notoriously insatiable curiousity:

Does your system have someone who answers to the body-name?

Edit: I appear to have inadvertantly confused people by my somewhat archaic English. When I said 'answers to' I meant something along the lines of 'considers their own' or 'answers to when inside'. Sorry.
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Dude, my host post is rite b-low me. friggin sweet. 8D

anyway, question! i've noticed that a lot of people have system names like "___clan", "The ____ System". How do u guys come up with the names it's it like a surname thing, or what?

8D And i kno it sounds kiddish, but now i want 1, and i wanna tell my host to get 1. XD She just refers 2 us as "Machi and Co."


Who Am I?

Jul. 25th, 2006 09:39 am
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Lately, the last week or two, I've been really confused about who I am. I know that sounds stupid, but I don't know any better way to explain it.

When someone calls my name, it takes me a minute to realize, "Oh, yeah, I'm Sara." And I'm even having trouble recognizing my name in print. I have to think about how to spell my own name. Only other time I've had to do that involved a four days with no sleep and way too much coffee.

Now I'm being told that I'm "not really Sara," at least not in the way I'd always thought I was. Apparently the "original Sara" (as this is the given name) is in some sort of comatose state inside. For a long time I've heard the phrase, "Sara, Untouched, must be protected," but I didn't know what that meant. Now I know they were talking about her, not me.

So now I don't know...who I am...where I came from...anything. This shouldn't be such a big deal, but it's really upsetting me.

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Crossposting now, because Aubrey is a doofus and forgot ~A

He was bored at work and whipped this up, just a kind of "What are we" thing.

Read more... )
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Well, since my imagination is a bit like another person (Since it sometimes seems that my creativity isn't my own!) I'll give in to my urges and splurge about the other me's:
First there's Daemon (Pronounced Day-Mun) but he also goes by Demon, or Damien. He's a little... well, you guessed it, dark. And a bit sadistic. I rarely let him out to play if I can help it.
Then there's Angel. Not really sure what to call him, but he's the Anti-Demon so I call him Angel. He's nice and helpful... but I rarely see him :-\
Then there's Ogre. THIS guy's fun. He's destructive, wild, uncontrollable and likes flowers. He's my muscle. When I blank out during a fight, HE takes over. Afterwards, I dunno WHAT I did but everyone's afraid of me (And a few are hurt... bad). He's kinda immune to pain too ^.^; Don't ask... DUe to this, I do NOT let him out if I can help it...
Then there's Vampire. He doesn't really HAVE a name... he's addicted to blood and I sometimes find I crave it, heh heh...
And Wolfy. He's a werewolf, and he, like the others, is a night-time person.
There's a few more, they're more spirits than anything, but I'll introduce them when they return. I just felt the urge to introduce you to the family!
Oh, and there's Ryan. He's nine years old, he's the part of me I lost when my Step-Bro was abusing me when I was nine-thirteen (And nobody believed me -.-) He's lotsa fun to play with, but he's perpetually energetic. I found him on a daily astral stroll and haven't figured out what to do about him, so I keep him with me and he seems to like it well enough... please tell me if I am going overboard >.< I'm soo not use to being open about the others to the point that when I am... I kinda wanna... well... splurge about it.


Oct. 17th, 2005 04:11 pm
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Hello all. :)

I was thinking the other day about starting a sort of registry for system names. I haven't seen any two systems with the same name yet, but it might be a good idea to have a regularly updated list somewhere, to try to prevent this from happening. Not that it would be a disaster if two systems had the same system name, but it would be good for systems looking for a new name--partially to give ideas but mostly so they know which ones to avoid. Does anyone think this would be a good idea? If so, does anyone have a website they could host it on? If not, I probably can; I'm just not very computer literate so if someone more capable can do this, everyone would be better off.

Also, I've been longing for some sort of subtle symbol to wear out in public to identify ourselves as multiple. Like the rainbow used by the gay community, or the parrot sometimes used by the poly community. Something like a pin of a winged toaster. ;) I know ideas for a universal symbol of multiplicity have been batted back and forth for a long time; I'd like to actually get something started that can be worn by all of us daily, a kind of badge of pride. What do you think?
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We decided that we should get a quote about our new system name and what it means not just for when/if we make any more sites, but for personal use. Enjoy! :) (This will be posted in plural communities as well as our journal.)

The Definition of Vinik: "The Maya, another Mesoamerican people, have a word vinik, that, while originally translated as 'individual' by early Spanish observers, turned out on closer inspection to have a different and more subtle set of references. In 1699 a Spanish priest and linguist, Father Francisco Varea, pointed out that the word vinik 'does not mean person...there is no word in this language to say "my person" or "your person"...(it means rather) people of my nation...'"
-John Monaghan and Peter Just, "Social & Cultural Anthropology, A Very Short Introduction", Oxford University Press, 2000
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 Greetings from Clan Morningstarr.

  First, we just wanted to say, thank you, you wonderful, wonderful, beings. Second; after much thought and debate, we have chosen the name Clan Morningstarr. In the weeks to come, we hope to make more friends like us. We'er overjoyed to know that we aren't alone.

 You have already met, Sabrina, one of our others. In the weeks to fallow, We'ld like to introduce the rest of us.


 Safe Journey to you all.

                          Matthew Talonhawk.

                  Gatekeeper of Clan Morningstarr.

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So we have came to the conclusion that the System using the name Jaeci for a collective name with various groups of people is getting confusing. We usto use Jaeci Shadowstar as the collective name mostly cus at that point jaeci was the front the majority of the time so 9 times out of 10 it was jaeci. But now she is barely out ever so it works we all just answer to jaeci with specific people. But now that we are getting closer to having the baby (the body is almost 7 months pregnant) she is emerging more and it is causing confusion. We are unsure at times when people say "jaeci" do they want Jaeci (collective) or jaeci (individual). Has anyone had this problem? And should we create a new collective name to aliviate the confusion cus once the baby comes it will be mostly jaeci, Chloey and Lia out (they are the maternal ones).

Ember for the collective
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So there's an interesting subject I've been tossing around in my mind for a while, and that's the names and physical charactaristics of the people in our house. It seems to me that while some of us have had sort-of 'innate' names, many have actually chosen their name when they first show-up 'publicly'. They've always been the same person, from before emergence to present day, but it just seems like most of them they didn't need conventional characteristics (such as names and physical appearance) until they were in the 'context' of this life and world. It also seems to me that, when choosing a name, everyone has a 'concept' or 'tone' related to their personality that they try to express. You know how certain types of names just fit certain people?

Some examples from our own system:

-Ana showed up without provocation and without any notice-- or warning, more appropriately. She started 'pushing' different ideas on us non-verbally, then started whispering, then started fully ordering us around. She just is, and has always been, her.
-Raijna was a walk-in (a rain fae) and had no concept of names or most things relating to our form of life. Jeremey chose a name for her, after getting inspiration from the fae herself, and when he ran it by her she seemed happy with the choice so we kept it.
-Jessa 'latched onto' a couple different people, including Raijna and myself, when she first showed up. She's always been the same girl, but she started out by co-fronting with us, following us around, and trying to act like us. Generally acting like a kid. It was damn cute, really. After she gave up "Raijy" and "Jemmy", I helped her choose her own name; "Jessamine".
-January and I are the result of the split of Genevieve. I fell back on our old nick-name, Jem, and January chose hers because of how close "Genevieve" is in pronounciation to the French word for january, "janvier". She said it suited her emotions and life, dead and cold like the winter (her attitude's not so goth anymore, thank god.)
-Vivian only recently emerged 'publicly', the first times she fronted I got a couple hints of her personality and the 'feel' of a 'v-name.' She confirmed my first impression of her by choosing "Vanessa" her third time out, but just today changing her name to "Vivian" because it is, in her opinion, a stronger name (meaning 'alive' or 'living') than "Vanessa" (meaning 'butterfly'.)

I really got to thinking about this because of reading about soulbonding. It seems, from what I've read recently, many people's soulbonds represent themselves with the character/person they do because it is similar to their personality and how they wanted to present/express themselves. I guess I see a similarity there, though perhaps on a different scale. Maybe soulbonds present themselves how they do because they didn't always have the 'context' of this life and world to fit into? How similar to or different from multiplicity like mine is this, aside from how soulbonds take on pre-existing fictional characters or already-living people? Are soulbonds actually constructs instead of pre-existing entities?

Food for thought.

~Jem of Haven
(btw, I tried to lj-cut this and it went funky and refused to work. sorry about the length)
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Last time one of Us posted here, we posted looking for advice, and never-mind the introductions. We posted under the name Grey Children and Tanz was looking for advice because bad things had happened to our collective and we were missing several members and worried about What To Do.

Now, though things are still rough, of course, several conclusions have been come to and they've made things more managable.

We've chosen a new representation, because many were chafing under the old identifier, and we're feeling a little stronger. So an introduction is in order. The System name is Plures now. It was Ada's ultimate idea to christen ourselves anew, something to represent us now that our original identifer did not fit.

We just wanted to say hi, and thank everyone for the comments they've given us so far. Hopefully one day we'll be a contributing member of the community instead of a requesting one.
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So Unfourtunanly I have to make this short and I'm running out of time on the Comp. in the Library,

On the good Hand, I have come up with a name for "Him" I know this seems odd and kind of small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, It just helps for General refrence, and for me to stop palying the "Pro-noun" game which I so adamantly hate,.

"his" name is "Frost" And the reason this is so huge, is because I actually had a talk with Frost, it happened while we were at work, .

It was the wierdest thing that has happened to me in a while,. He wasn't mean, or hurtful,........................................... Spiteful yes, but that's because he thought the work we were doing was meanial, and beneathe him,.

and all in all it's the nicest thing that he's ever done to/ or for me,.

It leads me to belive that he wanted it to happen and just felt that it was time that I stop relating him as an amalgamous thing/entity with no substance,.

So I have named him, and the reason for the name I chose for him,...........He likes the feel of cold wind against our face,.

It's true, I indulge him at times because part of me still thinks that If I am nice to him, that


in the future,

Maybe that

spark of compassion will rub off,.

Thank you all for listening,.


P.S. I think he like having a name as well,......

P.P.S. could any one give a thought about possibly making frost his own journal,.?, and what might the ramifactions be with that ation.

Thanx again,.............................................................~M~
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Bellona and Rosetta are gone. I don't know how, I don't know why.

I don't think I can handle this. I always bitched about Bellona, but... I felt through her. I had fun through her. Whenever we remembered painful memories, she'd be the one to say "It's not that bad, why are you freaking out?" (not particularly nicely, but it helped.) And, when presented with a sexual situation, Rosetta and I have a hard time dealing, so Bellona always took over.
Rosetta was the voice of reason, and it seemed like she was the only one who truly cared about me. She was always looking out for me.

I don't know what I'm gonna do. ._.
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I have decided to make the switch. I was talking about it... but now I'm really going to do it.

I am changing my name. I have gotten tired of the whole given name thing... and I do not want to be named after the body. This is Jenny's body, and always has been. I have decided that I do not want to give the impression that this is my body. I have been thinking about this for a very long time.

I am changing my name to Pan, short for Pandora. There is a long explination and story behind this name and why I have chosen it. Someday, I might explain it.

Goddess, give me strength.
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Okay.. I've noticed a pattern of things that happens when a person wakes up here.. For a day or two before the person arrives, a name will be repeated in our head repeatedly, as if someone's whispering it in our ear over and over. We'll also get a "feeling" or energy signature to go with the name.

Eventually, we'll notice that there's a new person.. And when [ profile] switchboardgirl runs a trace on the new person, we find out that it's the person who matches the energy signature and name that we had been getting/feeling for the day or two beforehand.

This has happened repeatedly, most recently with [ profile] bubbly_sunshine and her siblings, and with our newest resident, Thomas.. For example, when Cecelia was being introduced, we heard her name over and over, while getting this feeling of just general happy-go-lucky-ness (is that a word??) and joy. Which is -exactly- how Cecelia feels.

And now, with Thomas, we got his name, and a feeling of a very gentle, chivalrous, and honorable person. I'd say that he almost feels like what we'd imagine a medieval knight to feel like, energy-wise.

It's almost as if the person who is entering our system is introducing themselves, to prevent the other residents here from getting surprised or upset when they finally show up.

My question is.. Does anyone else's system have this same introduction process? *laughs* I honestly would just chalk it up to coincidence, but it's happened one too many times for my comfort.

(crossposted to my journal)

who am I?

Mar. 10th, 2004 04:29 pm
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Asking for some help from experienced multiples...

First day of therapy )
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After finishing Pegasus in Space by Anne McCaffery today, we're putting up a notice about a change of name. five became totally enraptured with a character in the story(because of similarities between her and the character), and her particularly melodious name.

So as a result, five is now known as Amariyah.
Or Marie for short.
(The pronunciations are Ah-mah-ree-yah and Mar-ee)
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Wow. I really hope that I don't offend anyone by being here, and please forgive my use of terms because they might not be completely correct.

I don't actually have multiple personalities (that I'm aware of), but the main reason that I joined the community is because the subject fascinates me, and I would love to learn more about it. Who better to ask than those that have first hand experience with it right?

One question I have in particular would be how did you (your core identity) figure out/discover there were more identities? I have lots of questions other than that but I don't like to bombard people I haven't gotten to know yet, with tons of questions. I think it's a bit rude. Thanks. :)

- Kae <3

Edit: Here's another question for everyone. Where did the names of the identities in your systems come from? (Those that have names anyways) I don't really know how to word that, because I am aware that not all names are made up, but just are. If that makes sense.
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hi, we almost never post here, but we are having a very hard time, and a big part of the problem is with our therapist, she won't call any of us by our names, and we hate the name on our birth certificate and so she won't call us by any name at all, we feel like if we have no name then we are dead, we want to find a therapist who will let us be us, and who won't treat us all the same, and who will call us by our names but it is so hard, and we have had this therapist for a year and we tried to quit therapy with her and we freaked out and got so suicidal, and we don't know what to do, and we are falling apart and everything is falling apart and the world is falling apart and i am so sorry for posting this here please don't be mad at me


May. 21st, 2002 10:46 pm
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I keep hearing a voice calling for the last month or so, just keeps saying: "I am Shadow" in a whisper... I don't know what to make of it... its scary but soothing at the same time, does that make sense?
I dunno, but I like that name... it describes me... quiet... mysterious... but firm, too...
hmmm... I must think now


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