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Hello everyone,

I am a system member of the lj account I am posting with. You can find postings y or system, as well as a picture gallery of us on our LJ, feel free to add us :)My name is Hayden and I am otherkin (kitsune) and I am interested in how systems work.

Due to certain events in the body's main personnas/hosts life, I have been fronting for over a day now, which is the longest for me ever. Usually its a few hours at the most. With Sam (the host) having a girlfriend, its awkward when she wants to see her boyfriend, and one of us are out, and she will usually tell us to go away. I'm not usually offended but Alex gets very offended by that, as he loves fronting and experiencing the world first-hand.

Do you think thats fair at all?

Also, when fronting today, I was surpised that I knew things, even though I, myself had not ever learned them. For instance I went to the hospital and knew the way, I knew the dr's name, even how to cook food. Does anyone else experience this sort of universal know-ho when fronting? I just thought it was interesting, thats all :)

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Does anyone else play Sims (or possibly other games with several characters playable at once), naming characters for their multiples? If so, does focusing attention on one particular character encourage that person to come forward? Or, alternately, does running a household with several members named for people who are either causing difficulty within the system, aren't understood well by the rest, or going through a period of change help sort that stuff out?

Okay, those questions I'm just curious, just want to know if we're completely weird for doing that sort of stuff. On a more serious note, we've tried the above mentioned stuff, tried getting and wearing the clothing she likes, getting the kind of things she likes and books she reads, looked up the kind of stuff online she's into and joined communities where applicable, tried thinking like her. We've been dealing with some difficult life issues recently, and could really benefit from her. She's so strong, so capable, so trustworthy... and absolutely unwilling to come out. In fact, she's only been twice in the past2-3 years, for brief periods each time, and never around anyone else. (We really want her to talk to the roommate, she'd get along with him great, and could sort out the issues very quickly.)

Anyone got any advice on how we might coax her out or at least get her to talk to us?
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Uh, well, hello! :D; New to this community, and things like that. ^^;

We are a multiple system, and...I'm bad at introductions. We're pretty big, considering. But alot of people who are "here" don't come to the front often. We've been loosely calling ourself an 'open system', where people can come and go as they please. Some people stay, others drop by, then leave. High traffic, oftenly. >__> But it makes things interesting.

We found this community by journal hopping, so made an account to join (because if we joined on the other account, we'd get some raised eyebrows from people ;-;).

Oh! Sorry, um, my name is Ticker, though just commonly Tick. >__> And I come bearing questions!

We've been (officially) a system for maybe two years now, due to constant denial and constantly thinking "OHEMGEE DID is bad!", but yeah..those thoughts passed, we opened our arms to everyone and were like "Hey! Hell with that!". People'd been lurking around here long before, but you know..

But two things: One is that, lately, we've been having trouble communicating Inside and Out. It's like there's a screen between the two, and only little pieces of residual are getting through, and we can't See clearly. D: And we were wondering if anyone has had something like this happen before, and if anyone has any idea of how to, I guess, remove that screen?

It also makes people going In and Out difficult, and there've been times when people who aren't comfortable being Out from long periods of time, being sort of "Stuck".

The second thing, is that we have Schizophrenia, on top of this (though the Schizophrenia is troublesome, whereas this is not). I don't know if it's really a body-oriented thing, or if the er..host (? I don't know what else to call Her >__>) has it and it's just filtering through. But regardless, it's there, and it makes things really unstable and confusing (thankfully, it isn't severe, but it has..er..grown in the past year).

So we were wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation with that, or not. Because honestly, we want to go to a Psychiatrist and get medication for it (we haven't seen our Psychiatrist in a few years, which was originally only for anxiety. But he diagnosed us with Schizophrenia and WAS going to prescribe us medicine, but we declined and hadn't gone back since~), but we don't know how the medicine would effect us as a whole, what it would do, or anything like that.

Thank you for your help, everyone who may reply, and thank you for even reading! >__> :D

- Ticker
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You may guess that this is pretty obviously a sockpuppet journal. I'm not really out about being multi at all, except with a few people, and didn't really want to join with my journal or with somebody else's journal. I've read here before, once in a while, but never really followed it.

I just kind of really need some advice, and this seemed as good a place as any to get it.

background info you may not care about )
I spent most of today (aside from, you know, thanksgiving dinner) getting comfortable, cleaning up, and redecorating the bedroom a bit. Tomorrow I'll go to work, but I've been doing a lot of that anyway. I'm just... there's a lot of little things I'm wondering about. I mean, the people we're out to call me by my first name... would it be presumptive of me to use it as a "nickname" with new people we meet? I like my name, but it's not really anything like the body's. Is it rude of me to clean out some of the crap she's got? I wouldn't get rid of, like, journals or letters or stuff, but there's a lot of books and legos and little toys and stuff we don't have room for. I'm thinking about moving her altar stuff into the closet because my religious leanings aren't really in the same zip code as hers either.

Basically, I guess, I'm wondering what the easiest way to make this body and this life feel like "mine" is, and whether I even should. And yeah, I know a big answer to that is going to be "It's up to you" but pretend I know that and answer anyway? Thanks. General advice, thoughts and suggestions from people who've been in similar situations would also be appreciated.
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I have a hard time fronting on demand. If someone talks to me, it's easy to front. I just switch in with no problem. And I can stay around for a while, though my endurance isn't great. But I'm not worried about that. Practice will make it better.

But here's my question. Does anyone have some ideas to make it easier for me to front when someone isn't talking to me? Case in point. Juli was having a terrible panic attack on Wednesday. Nearly crashed the car. It would have been way better if I had been in front. But I couldn't do it. Her emotions were making it too hard. And she wanted to relinquish control. That wasn't the problem. We just couldn't make it work.

We'd like some things to practice now so next time I can front more easily. Both the truck and the other drivers on the road will appreciate it. ;-) (No real worries, though. She has an excellent driving record.)

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If you are the main front (or one of them) do you ever wish that you could just step back, and let others take over? And just be completely cut off, not watching the action or anything.

I do. Life is stressful, and sometimes I just want time off. But then that seems unfair - singlets can't "take a break" and let others control their body while they're away.

What do you think? If other people in your system are willing to take control while you're gone, is it still "fair"?

[Edit: The reasoning behind this is because I have heard singlets mention that they wish they could do the same, but obviously they can't. I guess it's silly to think of this in terms of fairness, but this is just something that occured to me.]


Oct. 25th, 2006 08:23 pm
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Richard and I aren't new to being multiple (we've been a system for 21 years now), but we are very new to the terminology and the hows and whys of other systems. Richard has only recently started fronting, but we're not even sure that's the right term. Most of the time, he's comfortably ensconced in the back of my head, observing and commenting on what's going on. We completely share memories. But when he "fronts," I don't feel ensconced in the back of his head. I feel more like I'm channeling him. He's a little less in back, a bit closer to the front, but it's still mostly like it's me speaking with his voice.

I don't know if that makes sense or just sounds wacky. What are other's experience?

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I haven't posted in about a month, been tied up with a lot of life issues and didn't have a computer...but now I'm going through something really strange.

Lately Pip and I have been getting our memories...confused, for lack of a better word. We're starting to think we've done things the other one did or that the other one did things we did - clearest example I can think of was who first asked our girlfriend out. We both remembered the night with perfect clarity, but remembered it from the point of view of the watcher, not the fronter. When we realized this and went back and picked through the circumstances of the night, we ended up figuring out it must have been me...but I honestly don't remember being in control then. And that night made me so happy the thought of not remembering it properly scares me. We had just the opposite happen over another issue, both of us remembered doing it, but we weren't co-fronting since we haven't been able to do that for over three years now. I remember doing it clear as day - but so does Pip, and the way I remember it, he was just watching at the time.

Needless to say, this is not only getting confusing and has coused more than one headache, but it genuinely worries me. I have no idea what could be causing something like this to happen - normally, we have to worry more about a LACK of communication, not mentioning everything we did to each other when we switch and getting screwed over some detail or somesuch. I don't even know how sharing memories after the fact like that is even possible.

While I'm already ranting, one other oddity. We also seem to be losing the ability to front for an extended period of time - if either one of us is in control for more than a day or two, we start to break down, get irritable, get weighted down by stress, that kind of thing. I'm bipolar, and it's nothing like depression - it's more like the feeling you get when you have a million problems all pressing in on you at once.

So my question to you all is two-fold...first, have any of you gone through issues like these? If you've been in similar situations, what if anything helped? Second, can any of you venture an educated guess as to what could be happening in our system? We've never had problems of this sort before - just straightforward things like jealousy and wanting to kill each other, you know, social issues - so I have no idea where to een begin looking to fix this. I almost seriously offended my girlfriend yesterday by getting a memory confused, I'd like to figure out what's going on before I end up ruining something or other for good...
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Here we are, 2 am. Sarika thinks its a good time for us to post on this community. We've been watching for quite awhile. There have been lots of interesting questions and answers written about. We have two things to share with all of you. One of these are more questions, the other is of course our experiances (answers?). Feeling creative is good, so we shall try to communicate as accurately as possible.

Well... we apologize for the long post, we have to learn how to do cuts one of these days. (EDIT - Making him do that now... ~Sarika) *bounces to good music*
Good night to all of you out there who are enjoying this unique and complex way of living.

~Jadaira (typing) and Sarika (bouncing)
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This is so fluffy it's ridiculous.

Basically, some of us feel like observing "plain" dress, a la the Quakers. Some of us are keener on hijab. Some don't feel they need to change their clothing style at all.

It's bad enough when we simply can't decide what to wear. We'll be terribly preppy one day and completely gothed out the next. We've accepted that we all practice some different religions, but... *scratches head*

Have any of you dealt with this sort of confusion before?

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Hello to all out there, My name is Elaine I am 16 tears old . I live with a large family in Tiea's house . She calls us The Mosaic Gang . Tiea has explained to myself and some of the other teenagers here we are not like other kids . And we aren't . We stay pretty hidden in the house . I guess I am expected to not get bored because there are other teens here and younger kids and a couple babies to care for. I have never beeen able to live for JUST ME This is the problem . I want my own frinds from the outside . Tiea does not want me speaking to her Dr about this for fear she will be percieved non functonal . This is not about Tiea its about me . Just me . Just me alone . I am old enough to drive . I want to get emancepated when I turn 17 . I want to go to College. Tiea promised along with Shelby they would find other teens for us to chat with , but we have friends we talk too .Tiea flips out when she finds out and says I am being a problem . We have had many meetings about ME! I want to go to the University of California . I want to live there . I want to study Holistic Medicine . I am very smart . She buys me books & then drugs me with sh**t that makes me feel like I wannna die . I know she is getting off it but she knows how I feel about Western Medicine . The Doc she sees and works with has had this hair brain idea to get all us teenagers together and "merge us " he says we will then be able to be free . But Tiea and Shelby and Toni and Joseph and Marty said , he did this once before with some family that did not agree and they never reached there goals , they dissappeared. Honestly some of you must have teens that want there own life ! Right? Well you cannot just keep them hidden and kidnapped for life Right . ? Also Tiea's friends on the outside are older including a miserable guy she saw for three years, who honestly took a liking to me and Kirsty and Shelly more . . I never told anyone this but like I have too. My first time was with a 50 year old jerk and against my consent . Joe showed up to get him off of me eventually but it was a little too late ya know .IT AGAIN was my fault I was suppose to be in my room. he friggin called me . I just wanna say something about this seems all wrong its one way, onesided. Its not fair its even abuse and neglect . I need socialisam with teens outside not just here . We have talked about this SO MUCH . Tiea just says we have "to understand we are a special family" I mean she is nice to us and lets us shop for what we want and listen to our music and watch MTV. She lets us go to Concerts .But she comes along, its embarressing. I speak for all the teenagers , we wanna go out to parties and the Mall , and get jobs our own money . I feel and know that I am very seperate from Tiea , but she says I am just a younger reflection of her and I will understand this as I get older. The teens voted and we do not want to "merge into whatever" ... we dont even know wtf the doc means. I feel stuck in a bad acid trip . I just want to take the car keys and start driving West and not look back .Kids go away to College all the time , I would come back for visits . The adults say "No you can study online and get a degree from home " and of course I am trouble . Everyone is so threatened by me here just wanting to be ME . Any communites for us ? Any ideas ? Thx4 listening, Elaine

First Post

Oct. 23rd, 2005 11:19 pm
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I thought I'd join this community, and to start things off, this is my brother's post in my LJ.  I found his post earlier in the morning -- I allow him to post in my journal from time to time.
His name is Mark, a member of my group.  I prefer to consider them my brothers and sisters, rather than anything else.  It feels better this way.  I'm not really sure what to say to him, perhaps others with less of a direct attachment to him could offer insight.

-- Kit

Since Kit isn't present right now, I thought I'd post instead.  It has been a while since I've made any commentary on this journal, but then I normally don't have much to say.  Samantha has considered posting in her journal as well, but she's not been feeling very reflective.  I, on the other hand, have been thinking for the last little while, and tonight it seems to have come to some sort of head.  I thought I'd post my thoughts here, and see how they turn out, since my emotions are a jumble right now.  This seemed like a good method for getting things organized, so that perhaps I could come to some sort of understanding with myself.

Purpose.  I feel like any purpose I have has long since gone.  At one time, we supported Kit, and helped him through a number of tough places.  Now, I don't think we have that kind of duty anymore.  Except for me, Shawn, Samantha, and Daryl, most of the others are fairly quiet and out of the way.  It takes effort, at times, to remember they're even still there.  Samantha and I, of course, are still the most active of the group, but I feel lately that I lack any true definition that would make me 'me'.

I am finding myself second-guessing what to write here.  Some of it seems disjointed, rambling, but I feel the need to get this out of my system.  One of my problems is a personal one, having to do with my feelings for someone, and, essentially, a loss of hope.  You see, I have this gift I want to send to someone.  It isn't terribly romantic, but it is something I felt would suit them and make them smile.  I still want to send this present, but now I don't know if it is the right thing to do.  I have a romantic interest in this person, but it is not something that will work out.  When I found out a friend of mine was interested in the same person I was, I felt perhaps, that if the two of them got together, I could, to some extent, experience the relationship vicariously.  My friend is someone I like and can trust, I feel, and it would allow me to be a part of this relationship by knowing both people involved.

As things are, this isn't happening.  The person I like has met someone else, who lives closer to her, and things are going well for her and her boyfriend.  A part of me is glad, because she is happy, and in the end that is what is important.  A part of me however, is accepting that this means less contact, and certain restraints.  I do not know this person she has met, and they do not know me.  It would not be right, I feel, to allow myself to have any personal connections with her.

Of course, I knew this would happen a while ago, regardless.  Circumstances dictated that no matter what, my life is not my own, and no matter how much I may care for someone, and even if they care for me, my situation kills any hope of having a normal relationship.

On top of this, I feel like I am simply going through the motions these days.  There is, really, no real purpose for me at this time.  Kit is doing well, Samantha is settled for now, and really, my connection to other people is as it usually is - very low.  My presence usually places a strain on Kit, we seems to have grown less accustomed to having more than one of us truly active at a time.  More often than not now, it is an 'all or nothing' type of circumstance with him and I.  Samantha can deal with it better, but I'm finding that as I lose interest in the outside world, it becomes harder to co-exist at the same time with anyone else.  I'm still able to come up, or else this post wouldn't be here, but it seems to be harder to work in tandem.

There have been changes going on, we think.  A shift in how things balance within our host.  I don't know how things are changing, but they are.
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I'd never been quite clear on how I came to be a separate and distinct person from the others with whom I share this body, but the more life experience I accumulate, the more convinced I become that I was initially created as a result of trauma, specifically to insulate the others from excessive levels of stress - so I became something of a protector, of sorts.

This conclusion is based on (among other things) the fact that whenever we are under a lot of stress, or in a confrontational situation, or otherwise having to deal with anything that would compromise their always-cheerful dispositions, I find myself stuck out front, with no sign of any of the others to be found.

Because of the abuse that we have suffered in the past, trust is something hard for me to find within myself - for anyone, including the others in this body. Furthermore, when people are trying to be nice to me, I'm always on my guard, expecting ulterior motive and betrayal. Needless to say, this makes it VERY hard to maintain any kind of healthy relationships with anyone - family, friends, or lovers.

Has anyone else had to deal with this kind of thing? If so, how? Professional therapy is way beyond my budget right now, and has had sketchy results in the past, at best - not to mention the tendency for the psych community to live in denial of multiplicity in the first place. I'm tired of seeing monsters in every shadow, but every time I let my guard down and assume it's all in my head, we get burnt - usually very badly. However, going through life with the feeling that there are only two categories of people (those who neither know nor care that we exist, and those who want to harm us) is not a life that I care to continue.
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we're not sure who's fronting right now ... but we have a question.

have any other systems had problems with others in the system fronting with their own emotions and causing them to manifest physically?

the body seems to be quite sick right now but there's no physical cause. and we can only think that jack is fronting at least physically.

we're not sure what to do.

many apologies if this doesn't make ANY sense.
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every one is confused about us in the community and now even scarlettekitten because one comment got deleted i havent figured out how that happened yet i am not a troll or a spammer( dont even know what those are ) or looking for sympathy because i have heard you some of you believe in walkins and otherkin thats what i was afraid was happening last nifght i. i did not think the red color would go in the community post since i have never seen color there i thought it would post equally in my journal in red and go to auto formatt like this when it got to community i was freaked while writing last night and when i say bashing we call it body bashing when we are out front and we get bashed or slammed out of the way by co fronter who wants complete control that kept happening. i was asking if it is possible for ghosts to be in system i have added lots of good contributions to this community i just had a really long bad night not at all looking for sympathy looking for answers i could smell mothers perfume things were freaky in my home whole system was afraid we were asking has anyone had this haunting feeling happen with a dead person and they posses your body cause two days ago someone posted to me that she had a demon when i explined a presence and not knowing if its a he or a she yes we work with pregnant teenagersand cancer survivors but we never excelled in computers other than word and excell and powerpoint we have not known how to use lj just when we think we are doing it right we make a mistake scarlettekitten helped us allot get are mood icon up and explain userpicks and how to get to post we saved that page in our favorates maybe thats why it deleted we wanted it for eaty acseess. yes we write in a free form style when tired and last night were disconnected cause we were upset about what we wrote not being importent when we finally shared us with the whole world that is all. we knew nothing about it going into jour journals for frinds I wrote multiplicity and thats I guess what happened we did try to LJ cut we wrote it in tags like faq sheet says but eveidently it did not cut I was saying I am not JADEDONE cause I was posting after her she was speaking of drugs and we were getting ready tomleave for Reunion and we thought we might get blasted which we never do it gave us the idea we wanted to say we have a jade but not the one that just posted jade started this journal and maybe we should let just her write in it cause she was catching on and we are not you can have two masters degrees in human resourses and social work and not know how to follow a thread so or tags. we are sorry for scaring and upseting everyone we are genuinly sincere and for real with everyone we are jsut afraid Dead other could be another self in us so we wrote a apology to her for her dying with bad words spoken between us dead mother said wasthings that are coming true like a curse and we could feel her energy and were afraid she had joined us at death but i realize we did not explin that well that is in the purple color ther red was the first time we realized we are most likley respomsible for her death cause we left her and she was given high dose of morphine she asked doc for she was suppose to sleep the weekend but she stroked and died if we had been there we would not have allowded her to have lethal dose administred we all thought she was living with us last night anniversery of death
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So quite a while ago, we 'came out' to each other, learned how to front independently, had some major coping issues at first. one problem our natural communication method caused (we access each others memories) is we had memories of being someone that could do things that we couldn't necessarily do. for example, Tia 'remembered' knowing calculus, and remembered doing very well on calc quizzes, but under the new rules, she'd go to class, feel good, put pen to paper, and have no clue what she was doing. we have this problem all over the place with programming, teching (our major/profession) and such.

well when we figured out this was the way of things, we took a major slowdown, got on disability, and took some time getting used to our new rules.
in like, march we got out of that, and started working a pretty easy job that any of us could handle. steering clear of anything technical or stressful for a while. (we've actually been a bit more responsible then we were before, since we seem to have licked depression pretty solidly)

well were alot more practiced at this teamwork stuff, we've pulled off a shareware project or two, and were ready to see if we put our new controlled switching skilz to the test. (that and financial aid thinks its time to either take a class or start paying our loan) so viola! we start our first day of class tomorrow.

weve heard some advice about getting an overlay'ey thing working for crossing skills, but we just don't mix well at all. so our approach is to get myself (candy), lovecry, and synch (if he bothers to get involved) each independantly solid on the material. and Tia switching out, since she suuux at math, but defaces easily enough.

anyways, if anyones got any spiffy advice, please please. otherwise, wish us luck! Im personally pretty amped about it! wooo!

Candy Apple Red of the Changelyng System
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Ok, we've been having a huge problem lately, and it's mostly because of me.

We're a musician at the renaissance festival here, and so saturday and sunday every weekend we spend 12 hours on-site, playing music for 3 of those hours. It's pretty physcally exhausting, what with the heat+humidity, the instrument we play (the hammered dulcimer), and how we dance behind it while we play. It also requires an intense amount of concentration overall (at least one of us has to be really focused.) Since this is so important (this is how we make money!!) and since I'm a bit of a control freak, I usually can't seem to help trying to front all the time while we're playing! Jeremey (the old primary) was the one who first started playing the dulcimer years and years ago, and so he feels an automatic need to be the one playing, which I don't think he can really control, either.

Since there's SO much concentration needed, and since it's so important, I'm almost always conflicting with someone when I try to stay front and focus on playing. I can't seem to let go enough to let anyone else take over, and though I'm pretty sure they could do just as good a job, it absolutely terrifies me when I'm not in control in a situation that important! So, in the end, I wind up trying to front almost the entire day, and I get horribly exhausted and usually deteriorate into an emotional wreck by the end of each day. The part that scares me even more is that my playing starts to deteriorate as I fall apart, too. I have to fall back on all sorts of horrible coping skills to try and stay sane-- which doesn't always work, either-- and towards the end of the weekend all I can think about is "Okay... Just need to make it through today... Then I can fall apart and get shipped of to a ward if I need to."

It. Sucks.

Now, I know the obvious solution to this problem is simply to step back and let someone else take care of things, but like I said I don't seem to be able to. Whenever I'm "back" I'm still usually just under the surface, which really disturbs me since then I sometimes have a hard time sorting out me from everyone else. I still have a hard time dealing with being multiple at all some of the time, so when I'm sort-of co-front because three of us are trying to play the dulcimer at the same time, it really wrecks my mental state.


So what would really help me is if I could just find a way to go back more fully and let go enough to stay that way. My therapist totally agrees with me on that, but she doesn't really have any advice that will realistically help me to do that. So, I guess I'm kind-of stuck here. We had to miss this weekend, too, since I just didn't think I could handle it. I just lost about $300 in tips that we really needed for all sorts of things. That's really something we can't afford to have happen.

Any advice?
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Dude, I am not going to a dance dressed in a ballgown ever again!!! Wendy had fun playing dress up but I am not a cross dresser, grrr. And there was a hot blonde guy who danced very well.

It is bad enough I have a chics body, the green ball dress was really NOT helping my mood. I wanted at least a shirt and shorts to change into - next dance I will remember to bring some spare clothes for ME.

Wow, a mood other than boredom. At least it was a change of pace.

That dress must die...


(Corda: We went to a dance today that our sister threw, it was very fun. Wendy was exstatic that she got to pick out the dress - though it turned out to be the only one that fit since we have lost weight. She did not come out much though in the dance as we were followign Matt rather than getting to dance on our own and the songs were not really her style. She liked the lalalalala song.)
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Though my system is fairly co-conscious and responsible, from time to time we have problems. Usually this comes in the form of someone locking themselves out front during a particularly bad emotional state. While front, the rest of us cannot reach the person, and as such have no way of helping the person front deal with their emotions in a safe and productive manner. It does not happen often, but it happens enough that we are concerned about it. When the said person is completely front, they will ignore whatever means of communication we try to use, and will at some point go into a state of denial that the rest of us even exist. This state usually does not last longer than a couple of days, though it has once lasted for close to a month. We have managed to lessen the number of times this happens by learning the warning signs, I suppose you could say, and helping to discharge the bad emotions before they become overwhelming. But we still do not know what to do when the person locks us out.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar, and had some advice to give. Any advice will be welcome, of course.
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Anyone have any creative ideas for how to deal with the problem of clothing while in a work environment? Any tips or suggestions? Methods you've used... anything?


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