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I'm part of a multiple system, and I was wondering about people's successes (or lack thereof) in fusing or integrating with one or more of their bodymates.

I fuse with Angel sometimes, which feels good while it lasts. We're more comfortable in our body as a fused entity then either or us are on our own. But it's not feasible or desirable as a permanent structure.

What have been your experiences, and the experiences of others in your system? What causes them to fuse? What causes the fused form to disintegrate?


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in a response to a post, [livejournal.com profile] cirape said:
I view nonfunctional multiplicity as something with missing time and system members being unable to communicate and the like.

conveying in words i could not find, exactly what i have been going through...
talked w/my psychologist this week about it and he's suggesting we keep track of this and asked about letters written, emails sent, things bought, places gone w/out my forefront knowledge...
i told him this had been happening for years, but i blew it off as "forgetting" because people DO forget things from time to time...i mean, after all, don't most people talk to themselves in their head, right?
heh, it's only when my daughter tells me "you know you have a british accent, right?" and "umm, when did you forget to know how to make coffee?"
cuz that happens to everyone, right?
uh, no...
it's only been within the past 3 years that it has become more and more prevelant, which confuses and scares me to no end...people at work have said things of concern and i brush that off as having a bad day, or i'm feeling emotional or whatever comes out of my mouth that makes sense to them and they walk away - satisified w/the answer they've been given only to leave me befuddled as to just exactly what was said...

system members being unable to communicate and the like.
i read this and thought - oh yeah, well, THE LIKE part got me in the emergency ward w/about 3 stitches on one wrist and bandages on the other because apparently there is a sullen 16 yr. old boy that gets angry quite easily and then gets self destructive...most of the time it's contained and curtailed, but sometimes - well, sometimes it just happens...
i was there in the hospital all day...then i saw my psychologist that afternoon...

so he asked for copies of things that had been written and/or sent and such and i asked my friend to help me w/that because the last time i thought to do that - the paperwork got lost and my friend said,
"maybe there's someone who DOESN'T want anyone to know at all"
and i brushed it off as "forgetting"...

i've come to find that when i "go" somewhere else or however that can be explained, i get this bone-chilling cold shiver, and it's slightly numbing and not all that pleasant...usually happens when i feel stressed and/or threatened...
what happens to you when you "change"?

i've taken a break from posting in my personal journal because every time i put in the attempt, it's gone...nothing gets posted, not even jokes or pics or whatever - so i took a break...someone wrote a nice note and that was that...sometimes it bothers me, but i'm going with it for now...i've been in other communities and lj's of friends, but nothing like being here where i feel better...well, as good as i can feel...

anyhow, i don't know where i'm going w/this - but thanks for letting me ramble...
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We were having a discussion about this and realised something odd. Between us we have one introvert, one who's fairly balanced, and two extraverts. Overall, however, we're introverted. We can only spend so much time in company before we need some solitude, some time with just each other.
We were wondering: how do you come across overall? ie, is your singlet-face introverted or extraverted? And how does this compare with the personality types of individual system members?

(Also, because we think it may be relevant: do you have a head-space, and is your real/most important life here or there?)

-Ellen, on behalf of the Rabbits.
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After reading this post about celebrating birthdays, we were curious about something. Does anyone have system members without birthdays? And how many people have system members without a specific age? How many have members that don't age at all? (I would have asked if those were normal, but with plurals...what is normal? :D)

Some members of our group have decided on a birthday, although I'm not sure if these birthdays were actually theirs or if they just chose them. The others just don't have them. I'm not sure if this is related to their not aging, although I think they do age slowly.

Also, some of our group members don't have a specific age. They don't age-slide. It's just that one might be 20 to 25 years old without knowing exactly how old he is. He sometimes says, "I'm 23," because it's easier, but inside he doesn't know his exact age.

I've found these things strange, but I was curious about whether other people had this same experience, and what people thought of this.

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How do you deal with specific system-members' birthdays? Do you celebrate separately on your own days, or does everyone celebrate on the body's birthday? And what about cake and present preferences?

The reason I ask is because we've always celebrated altogether on the body's birthday, but this year there was a bit of an argument about the whole thing, and Massha has decided that she wants her birthday celebrated on HER birthday, with a cake and everything.

Personally, I'm a little skeptical on how we're supposed to pull this off without alerting everyone we know to the fact that we're multiple. Maybe it wouldn't be so much of a big deal if we didn't still live at the mercy of our parents, but even on our own I can imagine the expenses would pile up, because I know if one person gets their own birthday everyone's going to want one.

So, um, anyone have any suggestions, or thoughts?

-David of Mirrom

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I am new, though I've been watching the community for awhile. I'm 19, diagnosed with everything under the sun and a few things that aren't. I'm a part-time student and part-time toy store employee, although I have a full-time job as PR/writer/blogger/etc. for a camp for visually impaired kids. I love "Firefly" and cupcakes and my guinea pig... and I always refer to myself as "I," except for the random times when I use "we" (though my friend Jason always asks if I have a mouse in my pocket when I do so).

I am wondering if anyone else here refers to themselves as "I," or is the sole external voice. Also, I am wondering how you tell people that you are a multiple, and how it effects your interpersonal relationships (specifically those with your significant other). And if you have any advice for dealing with everyday life (or how you make it easier), that's always appreeciated too.

And I'm always looking for people to talk with.

- Sarah-Beth + Serafina, Kataryne, Boris, Harriet, Jamie, Ivy, Maggie, Elisabeth, Aaron/Nathan, Tobias and the other twin
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well life is going ok. but i had a few questions... Have you ever had a difficult time of staying in one place? when i say that i mean, my mind wanders randomly and i don't think i'm staying in one place mentally. like my soul decided it should jump out and go for a walk on it's own. someone else always takes the front when this happens but it seems odd. like my mind says, "oop, lemme go to the seven-eleven down the street while you guys take the lead." problem is it happens when they don't want to front, and i don't want to leave :/

eh, other then that life goes well.
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I’m going to put this up on my LJ so that people can learn a little bit more about me.

Erm, what would you like to know about me? Do you have any questions? Hi!

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I've got this habit of staying up far later than I really should -- often as late as 4 AM, when mom wakes up and I'm reminded of the time.
On the other hand, Henry tends to take control in the mornings, and enjoys waking up early -- any time between 5 AM and 9 AM (shut up, nine's totally early), which means that the body doesn't often get as much sleep as it would prefer.

The logical conclusion that we've come to is that I should go to sleep earlier, rather than Henry waking up later, since I get the most body-time anyways and going to sleep earlier really won't dent my social life quite as much as everyone else's. However, this is easier said than done, I'm sure you've all experienced my problem to some degree or another. I've got people to talk to as late as four, after all, and you start chatting and reading webcomics and the next thing you know you've stayed up too late again and your head-mate's are upset with you (not to mention people inhabiting the same house as you, since you end up out of it the day after, or sleeping too late and then you don't get any house-work done and that's a bit of a problem, but I digress). Time just tends to get away from me, is all.

It's been suggested that I set the alarm clock for a time to go to bed, but I've only got one, and if Henry doesn't wake us up in the morning then I'll end up oversleeping and I'll get a "hang over" if there's no alarm to wake me up by noon or so, and we've only got the one and no one really wants to spend their hard-earned cash on another one or a new one with multiple alarm times.

I suppose since the body's getting at least a little used to waking up in the mornings I should at least give it a try.

Any advice? Do any of you have this problem?

Katters out.
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Umm I don't know if this is really the sort of thing to post about, but David said to go ahead and see.

I've seen people post about their 'systems' and the environment in which they operate. Ray has always been very much in MY world. It's like we should have been twins but there was only one body and I got it by virtue of being 'born' first.

Anyway, I'm not good in social situations. I've always been rather introverted and shy. I like people, I like parties, I'm just no good at the small talk, mixing thing. Being a vet at Christmas and New Year David gets invited to a lot of gatherings especially New Year and I go along. In the last three years or so people have accepted us as a couple. Ray always 'fronts' he's good at mixing and small talk and a bit of a flirt with the ladies, which has led to some funny and not so funny situations.

When he's fronting I feel like I'm watching my body operate. He holds himself differently to me so *I* seem taller, he makes hand gestures, is much more confident and David says his language and speech pattern is different to mine, though voice and accent stay the same.

I wondered if any one had a similar experience?

Tim and Ray
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I've noticed recently that Seb and I have noticeably different handwriting. That isn't a problem when we're just taking notes. But we get a lot of written work to hand in, and it's long - so we'll probably both have worked on any given piece. That causes distinct breaks in handwriting in the middle of the work, and we're - or at least I'm - worried that it will attract notice.
Does anyone know any methods of making the difference less obvious?
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I know most people in this community are not fond of doctors and the like, but I believe I'm in need of one. I'm poor and cannot afford to just skip into the hospital and demand treatment.

I'm in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and I'm having trouble finding free or cheap mental health care. My googlefu is weak. If anyone can help me find information about this, please e-mail me at worldofro@yahoo.com. Thanks!

(If this is off-topic or against the rules, mods, feel free to please delete it)


--"Off the Pink."--
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i wrote to a friend:

> they are still often content to be set in their ways. I'm fucking not.

i can identify with this. all that i have, all that i can call my own, i have because of slow ice-pick chipping away at a glacier of someone else's habits for years. it's one of the things that defines me.

i was able to be present in the world for two whole hours at a time yesterday! and. when we do finally get to see you, i wanna take you by the hand and run around with you and do all kinds of fun stuff. and i think i might be able to.

never stop trying to revolutionize your world.

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Please excuse me if this doesn't make perfect sense, or seems disjointed. My mind's not all here right now.

I had my first serious blackout today. I'm missing five hours. I can't seem to figure out what I did, as nothing in the house looks differant, the tv was off the whole time, and I wasn't on the internet. (What *can* you do for five hours alone in a house with no books that produces no disturbance of *anything* in the house?)

I have regular blackouts, but they occur for under 5 minutes at a time, and ONLY while I am driving. This one is seriously differant. And it is a serious concern.

I think this has been caused by my Lamictal. The longer I am on it, the harder it is for me to think. It was very hard for anyone else to front yesterday, and impossible to front for over a minute or two, even when the intense desire existed. Today it has been hard for me to think and I can't get anyone else to front at all (except for the blackout.) Communication has varied from very spotty to not at all.

I've decided to stop Lamictal, and since I'm only on 25mg, it won't pose any risk of seizures. It only seemed to make my bipolar and anxiety worse anyway. I'm emailing my psychiatrist with my decision.

Ideas? Advice? Comments?
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I have a really serious question that deals with a issue my system is currently dealing with.

How do you deal with making everyone happy in their different eating habits?

background info and the sorts )

I really, honestly don't know what to do. Any advise is helpful.
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hi, this is Angel of Reberto's community. we just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone. we know holidays can be hard. the way we get through them is to see each year as our first holidays.. blocking any bad from holidays gone by.

we finally got our site finished that we started about this time last year. hope you all enjoy it. the addy is above. next year we will work more on the second part of it.

since we joined this group. we have grew from 13 to 17.

our SO done something we think is really great... he has shopped for all of us this year not just me the host but all of us.. he done this last year but was not as many of us then as is now.. on xmas we all get to take turns coming out and getting our gift. so now we can have xmas here and in the inside world also.

hope to hear from you all with any comments about the site.. also if any have ideas for the next site let us know. we want to make it more an infomative site than a personal one like this one was. but also with stories from our community and others to help people see how things can be ...

like shopping when you have a large family living inside one body can be fun.. we went shopping for a dress for a xmas party with one of our outside friends.. we was fighting over which dress out loud in the store. not meanly fighting just sisterly disagree.. smiles... is fun at a drive threw food place to... smiles.
happy holidays from Reberto's Community to Your's
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Why on earth is there broken glass in the bathtub? (It seems to be one of the cups) Who? Why did they leave it for someone else to clean up? (Why didn't I clean it up either?)

No injuries to the body, and the si days are long over anyway.

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So this is really the first time I've said anything,...

Does anyone else have trouble with getting your Brothers And/Or Sisters to 'Eat' Solid foods,.?

I can't get Either Frost Or Jake To Eat anything. I'll admit that I don't exactly have a fondness of eating, For The Most part I enjoy it though.

Frost Will drink Liquids, Mostly Coffee but Soda as well. I don't think I've ever caught him Drinking just Plain Water. Jake Won't eat or Drink Anything at all. It doesn't seem to phase him that the Body needs Hydration And/or Food. They both just seem to leave that up to me. I was just wondering if anyone else had that perdiciment.


Maybe a little TMI. Very PC Though )

Any and all responses are most welcome. They don't even have to have a point. I just wanted to know if anyone else has these Obsticals and how (If There is a way) Did you get around them.


-M of ~M/Frost/Jake~
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im bored. so i thought id entertain you with my presence.

if you guys celebrate christmas or yule or some shit how do you do it where youre all from?

do you have a different holiday? or some winter festival? or nothing?

do you celebrate out here different then your system realm?

do the peanuts in your system go as nuts over presents as they do here? i swear its hard to hide presents from them. they seem to find them anywhere. little punks. ha ha

its kennas first xmas so im dressing her up in a red frilly girly dress with a big red bow. hows that for me bein a dork? ha ha! its little nickys first xmas too an they are both goin to match. i think i wrote this somewhere else. that way they can have some embarrassing moments i can tease them about when theyre older. ha ha! look you were both santa babies. ha ha! im such a mean mom.

lets talk holidays. outie
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Hi Its me Toni and Shelby and Jade and Elaine here,

We have a question. We thought if we were writing in our own personal journals we could write as much as we wanted and use whatever fonts and not worry about Lj cuts. Now I am confused if something from our personal journal we just wrote made a problem for the commuity, I am sorry but I thought it was kinda personal so went into Outlook and got creative with the text and copied it into the journal. I didnet know we had to do Lj cuts in our personal journal! Do we? Or should we lock private when we want to write like about are day and have allot to say?Thanks the mosaics


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