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Well, we're a system of about oh ... three thousand, no more than one hundred ever have done frontrunning ...

Lately, it seems that a lot of people realise tht we use the "we" when speaking, and not "I".  some of us, like Ishikiro and Carol Luz, absolutely refuse to use it, but we need to do frontrunning because we do know the language, the world.

The main ones which we think will be posting here, talking about ourselves, over time are:

  • Ishikiro
  • Carol Luz
  • Fire
  • Tapeth
  • Iliya
  • Ruachim

Everyone else in the system seems to find differentiating opinions on anything - - That is our main problem ... otherwise we'd be fine with the way the system works ... we cannot agree on what to do, what to wear, and if one of the frontrunners is not the same through the day, we find rather annoyance in how we're dressed, what we're carrying/eating et-c.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you

- Ruachim

[Edit: Ruachim is forgetful sometimes, and so rather than comment, I will simply edit.  We are the Blackwater and Teq Nations, and some of us, such as Fire and myself, will use "of the Blackwater/Teq Nation", and others of us will not.

- Tapeth, of the Teq Nation]

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I am not a multiple, but I have a question. Please forgive me if I sound ignorant. 

If one of your people? commits a crime or does something that the majority of you cannot stand for, what happens? Can you "kick them out" so to speak? Or how would you handle it?
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Hello everyone,

I am a system member of the lj account I am posting with. You can find postings y or system, as well as a picture gallery of us on our LJ, feel free to add us :)My name is Hayden and I am otherkin (kitsune) and I am interested in how systems work.

Due to certain events in the body's main personnas/hosts life, I have been fronting for over a day now, which is the longest for me ever. Usually its a few hours at the most. With Sam (the host) having a girlfriend, its awkward when she wants to see her boyfriend, and one of us are out, and she will usually tell us to go away. I'm not usually offended but Alex gets very offended by that, as he loves fronting and experiencing the world first-hand.

Do you think thats fair at all?

Also, when fronting today, I was surpised that I knew things, even though I, myself had not ever learned them. For instance I went to the hospital and knew the way, I knew the dr's name, even how to cook food. Does anyone else experience this sort of universal know-ho when fronting? I just thought it was interesting, thats all :)

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I've got this habit of staying up far later than I really should -- often as late as 4 AM, when mom wakes up and I'm reminded of the time.
On the other hand, Henry tends to take control in the mornings, and enjoys waking up early -- any time between 5 AM and 9 AM (shut up, nine's totally early), which means that the body doesn't often get as much sleep as it would prefer.

The logical conclusion that we've come to is that I should go to sleep earlier, rather than Henry waking up later, since I get the most body-time anyways and going to sleep earlier really won't dent my social life quite as much as everyone else's. However, this is easier said than done, I'm sure you've all experienced my problem to some degree or another. I've got people to talk to as late as four, after all, and you start chatting and reading webcomics and the next thing you know you've stayed up too late again and your head-mate's are upset with you (not to mention people inhabiting the same house as you, since you end up out of it the day after, or sleeping too late and then you don't get any house-work done and that's a bit of a problem, but I digress). Time just tends to get away from me, is all.

It's been suggested that I set the alarm clock for a time to go to bed, but I've only got one, and if Henry doesn't wake us up in the morning then I'll end up oversleeping and I'll get a "hang over" if there's no alarm to wake me up by noon or so, and we've only got the one and no one really wants to spend their hard-earned cash on another one or a new one with multiple alarm times.

I suppose since the body's getting at least a little used to waking up in the mornings I should at least give it a try.

Any advice? Do any of you have this problem?

Katters out.
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This is a conversation recorded between the Baron Harkonnen, Godzilla and Graham Work, three of our system members. I think its relevant to the community.
This was a discussion during last year's election.
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I wanted to thank all of you for the welcomes and the advice; I really appreciated it all, and some of it was quite helpful.

I've come to the realization that this is probably my fault, somehow........ I think I got so stressed over the appearances of one of the others that I somehow locked them away..... and I honestly don't know how to feel about this.

I feel far more functional and don't worry near so much now that this change has occurred..... but I also feel strange and worried because of the difference. I am so used to feeling them and having them here and I know my husband misses them, as well.

The problem is.... out of the three of us, and I should introduce us now: Rachel (me), Red, and Sullen...... one of us (Red), presents a lot of trouble. I would say that she qualifies for Antisocial Personality Disorder (sorry, I'm a psychology student)..... She appears to not understand shame, guilt, or sympathy and also displays some very unhealthy coping mechanisms. She is often hurtful and manipulative, and has put my husband, myself, and Sullen in a lot of bad places in the past. We could never figure out a way to help her, because no matter what we tried, she would shrug it off. I honestly feel sometimes that she lacks the capacity to understand that others care for her and that what she is doing is wrong......

I was thinking about how I could get them back, and I realized that... if I had the choice, right now, I wouldn't know what to say. I feel partially like I'm living in denial without them..... but I don't have flashbacks or get oddly emotional due to their influence....... and I feel safe because she is not here........... but I don't feel right, either.

I guess this is all just one big rant, and I apologize for that. But I wanted to say that the responses made me think a lot, and I think that my anxiety about her might somehow have affected -us-......... Does anyone else have this problem with one of the others?
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Okay, a lot has happened since we last posted here. The most important thing that happened, as far as the context of this message is concerned, background )

Alexander was corrupted and twisted by a dark creature )

So my question is, do any of you have any advice on rebuilding a system mate? Any advice from other mid-continuum multiples would be especially helpful.

Thank you.
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You may guess that this is pretty obviously a sockpuppet journal. I'm not really out about being multi at all, except with a few people, and didn't really want to join with my journal or with somebody else's journal. I've read here before, once in a while, but never really followed it.

I just kind of really need some advice, and this seemed as good a place as any to get it.

background info you may not care about )
I spent most of today (aside from, you know, thanksgiving dinner) getting comfortable, cleaning up, and redecorating the bedroom a bit. Tomorrow I'll go to work, but I've been doing a lot of that anyway. I'm just... there's a lot of little things I'm wondering about. I mean, the people we're out to call me by my first name... would it be presumptive of me to use it as a "nickname" with new people we meet? I like my name, but it's not really anything like the body's. Is it rude of me to clean out some of the crap she's got? I wouldn't get rid of, like, journals or letters or stuff, but there's a lot of books and legos and little toys and stuff we don't have room for. I'm thinking about moving her altar stuff into the closet because my religious leanings aren't really in the same zip code as hers either.

Basically, I guess, I'm wondering what the easiest way to make this body and this life feel like "mine" is, and whether I even should. And yeah, I know a big answer to that is going to be "It's up to you" but pretend I know that and answer anyway? Thanks. General advice, thoughts and suggestions from people who've been in similar situations would also be appreciated.

Part One

Nov. 19th, 2006 08:55 pm
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Apparently, if I behave myself the way she likes, I get quite a lot of pampering and attention. It's been some time since anyone has baked me brownies and took a hot shower just so they could wash me. In fact, that's never really happened. This must be important to her.

I was born, as I'm sure is well-known by now, in Assyria during what is now known as the Neo-Assyrian Empire. It is called our most powerful age, where we were at our best in all aspects. But what made us Assyrian, what made us happy, was war. I was bred and born specifically to be a soldier. I did not know my parents, and while that might have mattered to me at some point, it barely registered by the time I was a teenager. I was sent to the barracks early on, and was trained heavily each day in the methods of killing and overtaking. We were conquerers, and I was one of the most ruthless, by far.

More )

That's part of my story.
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Hey, gang(s).

There's been all sorts of trouble with Auroch and I here lately, and for that I once again do apologize. But I think I may be making some sort of progress. We've spent the last few days in each other's company almost exclusively, and I've been talking with him at length. It's come down to this:

Begrudgingly, he said he would consider actually speaking like a civil human being about his experiences and thoughts (not "feelings" -- he really didn't like that word), but admitted to being wary of what others thought of him and how they would respond. It's not normal insecurity for him -- he just has no desire to reveal information about himself if he's to be replied to in a way that would belittle him.

His past, his life, especially before this body, is very important to him. And since I think it would benefit his attitude to interact sociall with other beings, he's agreed. That, and I have agreed that if he does this, I owe him something he's been aching for: more control, more freedom, and more fronting.

Anyone think this is a good idea?
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How do you manage having different sexualities in a system?

(We write these posts in third person only to avoid confusion.....)

We have almost a full range in our group, a Straight woman (Lala), a bi-curious lesbian (Anam) (she claims lesbian most of the time, but we know better), and a lesbian (Sadeyl). We also have different sexual interests. Lala and Anam are interested in BDSM in different degrees, but Sadeyl detests the idea (she believes partners should be equal in sexual activities as well as life activities, and she hates pain).

This is what we're struggling with right now because we all wish to front and we all wish to have lives that suit us. We're trying to figure out how to give everyone what they want in some way without bothering others in the group.

Any ideas, suggestions, or stories how you worked out issues like this.... are most appreciated.



Us & Them

Nov. 6th, 2006 02:24 pm
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I'm not sure how to do this. He's busy now, otherwise I'd be a lot more confident. Or I might not be doing this at all. It would all depend on his mood today.

My name is Amber. I have people living inside of me -- one, in particular. I say this because I'm not sure sometimes if he's a fracture -- a multiple -- or an actual entity. He has his own thoughts, memories, from way before I was born. On Halloween, he had his birthday. His 2,917th birthday. He was born in Assyria, when it was still a thriving empire. He knows too many things, ancient things, to describe in this post.

His name is Auroch, and he is a serial murderer and a rapist. He is incredibly violent, intelligent, charming, witty, and very handsome. He is the most dangerous person I've ever known.

There used to be others, but in the Divide, the War, he killed them all. I feel them stir sometimes, but never enough to wash him away, or come between us.

He has spent years torturing me in my own mind, telling me it is for my own good. Telling me it makes me strong. Telling me he loves me, and that I belong to him. And for all the wrong he does, all the pain, he does keep me safe. He has always protected me and kept me safe, even when I didn't want protection. Even when it meant nearly killing some of my closest friends. He still protected me.

Sometimes we share memories. Sometimes we don't. Right now my head is foggy from my medication (I'm sick, so I'm on Nexium). Perhaps later would be a better time to talk.

I need people who understand us. Who understand me. And he needs to be let out more. Because if I don't let him out, he'll find a way out -- and that has potentially fatal results for anyone who gets in his way.
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Might not be posting for a while.

There's a faction that feels they should be able to be as offensive and obnoxious as possible, that this will prove who my friends are. Trouble is I don't have that many to begin with, the ones I do have aren't used to such things (they're starting to swear too).

They are NOT supposed to be posting, but they have tried to hijack things and take front several times today, even infecting a post I made with cursing and such.

Do any of you have this trouble? I feel like I'm hosting a civil war here.
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Richard here. I know I'm not the only one who's experienced this, but I guess I need to hear that. I hardly ever front. The first time I ever fronted, the person I "met" wanted to integrate me, effectively killing me. My mindmate never associated with that person again. Well, fronting and interacting with others hasn't exactly been easy after that. We've made a couple of friends who now know about me, and I'm testing the waters with email and the like. Well, I don't do it that often, and I sometimes say the wrong thing. I get teased about it, and I just don't deal well with that.

Any other infrequent fronters have the same experience? I got teased today. It was harmless. I know that. But it still hurt, and right now I feel like pulling back inside and never coming out again.


Oct. 19th, 2006 06:45 pm
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Why is it that people will describe others in their system as parts, aspects or facets of themselves or of some greater overarching single self, but then go on to talk about how they don't like others in the group or are afraid of them or want to get rid of them?

Isn't that just basically saying you're fighting yourself, are afraid of yourself or want to get rid of yourself?

If you see yourself as being in a "parts/aspects of one" setup, every time you attribute any kind of trait or tendency-- good or bad-- to other members of the system, aren't you basically saying that you yourself possess that trait? I mean, it is entirely possible for a person to persecute themselves, but if you talk about conflicts with others in-house after saying your system works on that basis, why should I treat it or think of it any differently than a matter of self-persecution?
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Here we are, 2 am. Sarika thinks its a good time for us to post on this community. We've been watching for quite awhile. There have been lots of interesting questions and answers written about. We have two things to share with all of you. One of these are more questions, the other is of course our experiances (answers?). Feeling creative is good, so we shall try to communicate as accurately as possible.

Well... we apologize for the long post, we have to learn how to do cuts one of these days. (EDIT - Making him do that now... ~Sarika) *bounces to good music*
Good night to all of you out there who are enjoying this unique and complex way of living.

~Jadaira (typing) and Sarika (bouncing)
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Please excuse me if this doesn't make perfect sense, or seems disjointed. My mind's not all here right now.

I had my first serious blackout today. I'm missing five hours. I can't seem to figure out what I did, as nothing in the house looks differant, the tv was off the whole time, and I wasn't on the internet. (What *can* you do for five hours alone in a house with no books that produces no disturbance of *anything* in the house?)

I have regular blackouts, but they occur for under 5 minutes at a time, and ONLY while I am driving. This one is seriously differant. And it is a serious concern.

I think this has been caused by my Lamictal. The longer I am on it, the harder it is for me to think. It was very hard for anyone else to front yesterday, and impossible to front for over a minute or two, even when the intense desire existed. Today it has been hard for me to think and I can't get anyone else to front at all (except for the blackout.) Communication has varied from very spotty to not at all.

I've decided to stop Lamictal, and since I'm only on 25mg, it won't pose any risk of seizures. It only seemed to make my bipolar and anxiety worse anyway. I'm emailing my psychiatrist with my decision.

Ideas? Advice? Comments?
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Right, so Newbie promised you guys some backstory, so here it is...

Read more... )



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