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Okay, I hate to sound perverted, but I'm just curious. Honestly.

For start, I'm not really sure what to call the 'alters' in multiples. I know everybody uses different reference; headmates, splits, etc. I call them soulbonds because that's what they are to me. More than one soul in the same body. So that's what I'll use.

Anyway... )


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okay the title sounds really perverted but i swear its not

im just wondering about when you have sex and there's younger multiples what do they do? are they able to hide and not be exposed to that experience? like if your not fronting does that mean you yo0ure not privy to whats going on outside unless its of interest to you? or are you still partly aware even if your not fronting

are you able to have privacy with your "outside" SO? or does it feel like theres always other people in the room even if youre other body inhabitants arent "watching" or whatever

sorry thats kinda a awkward question... well i feel awkward asking i dunno if you feel awkward answering
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We have a new, 6th member here, a young girl who only just arrived last night. I always knew there was a 6th person here!

We don't know her truename, and she hasn't completely solified her appearance, but we are calling her Matti for now, short for Matilda (no relation to the book). She seems stuck between Tabitha and Matilda as names, but I'll be helping her to find herself more over the next few weeks.

I'm quite pleased. Me and the others have finally been able to contact each other, as well. We've been cut off for days, so it's definately a relief to be back with Tahl, and he seems relieved as well. We're all so tired after all that, though...


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By virtue of the fact that I managed to visit the 'inside' of the system my boyfriend/fiancé's in, I'm now pregnant! (don't worry, I'm not underage or anything, I'm 22!) and I was just wondering: has anyone else been pregnant while on the inside before, and what have their experiences been?

- Lynn


Jan. 2nd, 2007 06:25 am
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When some neighbors moved out they left a bunch of stuff and we managed to snag a couple of really neato kites, one of which is an airplane with wheels and everything.  Unfortunately, it has either been not windy at all or it has been blowing a gale....either way, Sam, (shes 4) is very upset because she wants to fly her kite!!!!
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Do you think littles should be allowed to smoke?

My partner's system smokes all the time and I don't think it's appropriate.
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Why do people have to act like they never had multiples after they get 'healed'? Like any of need healing... We're not diseased.

It just pisses me off.... My friend is acting like she was never multiple and ignores me when I start to talk about the old group. (Most of which consisted of the others in her.) She's even going as far to saying that my group is sent by Satan to help me sin or some shit... I dunno... It probably wouldn't piss me off so bad if I hadn't been in love with one of them. But even still....

Why do people act like this?
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This is our first real post here, other than comments, and we never really introduced ourselves, so probably there's some basic background stuff that would help with answering my question.

Background about Jes and me )

I guess my question is two questions. First, how have any of you dealt with sexuality issues? cut for appropriateness, though nothing real bad )

The second question is a little more complicated. For a lot of growing up, we thought it was just us two. No one else really showed up, or anything, so we didn't suspect. We also had no idea what multiple systems were or what we were so there was no reason for us to wonder. But I've known for a while now that it wasn't just us. Cut for people who don't want to read the long thing. )

So that's my crap, in a nutshell. It's ridiculously long, I know. Thanks to anyone who got through the whole thing, or even just part of it. I've been lurking around for a while, since before I started blogging about all this, and it's been cool to read everything.



Nov. 26th, 2006 01:29 pm
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I'm cubbie, the one who started [livejournal.com profile] kids_inside, the community for littles and kids in systems.

I'm just reminding people that it's there, and that's mostly for kids, but watching adults are welcome too.

We're also kind of looking for a few nice grownups to help us out by watching over...just to make sure there are no trolls, or such.

we've got a poll up, for people who are interested.


Pack Collective
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How do you feel the physical body impacts upon the conciousness? Particulary in cases where the gender/species/age is radically different, I imagine this can have some quite profound effects on the way you interact with, or view the world?

Would you say there are degrees of 'seperateness' (can't think of a better word)? Or is just one person, two people, three people etc? If there are sort of grey 'blendy' areas, where do you consider the line between the different roles one person plays, and their being a whole seperate person should be drawn?

With regards system members that are much younger than their host bodies, do you ever find it difficult dealing with the lack of adult-free space? (I have a friend who is bedridden, and her parents are constantly around. This means she can never really establish any kind of independence, which I think is really important for younger people?)

Have any of you ever found positive models of multiplicty in the media? That is... not the whole good side/evil side stuff that seems to dominate the fiction I've read.

Danke :)
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we are looking for girlfriend advice.

we are the little ones and we would like a girlfriend. but everyone in here doesn't agree on what we like. the big one seems to like butch women, or else she wants to just be alone and not have girlfriend trouble. we want someone kind and gentle who smells nice and wears pretty colors. then there is JD, he is a boy and he didn't really like the girlfriends the big one always choses for us. he would like a really sexy girlfriend, or as he says, a hot chick. but he is having trouble figuring out how to date someone using the body we have (which is female). he really doesn't like using this body. before he thought he had a male body, but then our last therapist said to look at our body and he saw it was female and after that he stopped liking to come out at all.

our last two girlfriends were multiple so there were different people inside for us all to get along with. but the first one had a resident who was a gambling addict and she wasn't very healthy and didn't acknowledge being multiple. our life with her was too chaotic. the second one had a really mean resident who used to be mean to little ones, so we had to get rid of her.

we haven't had a girlfriend in a year and a half and we are getting worried about how we can ever find someone who we all like. we are scared to date a singleton because we don't know how she would react to us and we don't know how one person would keep us all interested. if you are little ones in a big body, when do you introduce yourself to someone you want to date? do you let the adult member who is mostly out be the only one to talk to her at first? but then won't she just be having a relationship with the big one?

can anyone share experiences and dating tips?
thank you!!
the little ones
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hello everyone

we haven't been in touch for a long time and we missed you all.

we are the little ones in the J system. since we last wrote, we met a new (inside) family member called Jonathon. we thought he was a monster and tried to evict him but he was just wearing a scary mask and when he took it off we saw he was just a little boy and he was scared because he was the only white one inside here. but it is OK, we accepted him now and he hangs out with JD who is our protector.

anyway our question is about integration and merging. our therapist says that they are two different things. she says integration is about creating more communication and cooperation inside and merging is where different family members join together (we call that murder). she says she is not trying to promote merging but she is promoting integration in terms of making family members more able to hear each others concerns and create consensus about things. did you ever hear the two terms used in this way? some of us inside don't trust her and think maybe she is trying to merge us without our permission, but we (the little ones) don't think that because she is good and is trying to help us. she says she is not trying to merge us and in any case she couldn't do it without the family members wanting to be merged.

our big one is afraid one day she will wake up to an emtpy house, everyone else will have gone and she will be all alone.
the reason she is afraid is because we are doing "lifespan integration" to make the trauma memories seem like they happened in the distant past. it is working, but also we are seeing changes happen to the System as a result, like walls between members are turning into fences which we can sometimes hear through.

has anyone else done lifespan integration and what was your experience?

sometimes it is scary when things change inside and people start talking or communicating differently. our big one especially doesn't like change. she is doing her best but she does panic sometimes. how have you coped with changes in your Systems?

thank you for being you, we love that this community exists.

the little ones
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when a day of presents comes I want open them all. On that day I will always be so happy. My will never make messes with a papers. I will always be careful with that. Ankin shows all Rudolph a Frosty snowman. When my wishes for all a friends be so happy with my happy days. All have happy days. One day I will always love my friends. My love you. Ashley

This is Jenilee from Kasiya. :) Ashley wants to wish everyone happy holidays. :soft smile:

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A common problem we've run into is the members of this system are close to an outside individual. Many of the children want to constantly spend time with this person and to do so they have to front and spend time outside (obviously!).

One little boy has a lot of jealousy and emotional issues and is very, very attached to this outside person and likes to grab on to all the time he can. We're (us and the outside person) are trying to get him to let go little by little because it's not healthy for him to cling so tightly, and "not fair" to the others who have just as much right to come out as he does.

Any time we try to break him away from this person he throws tantrums and crying fits. We're not sure when it's for attention, and when he really is just being so sensitive and emotional that he needs this person. He's had a rough past so we're trying to be understanding. But, where does one draw the line of giving him what he needs, and simply giving into his tantrums?

Other little ones, as well as teens/adults want time outside to spend with this person, or simply just want time in the body to do things that they wish to do.

How does everyone deal with the problem of finding enough time for people who want to front if there are a lot of people?

And, does anyone have helpful advice as how to deal with a very emotionally sensitive child and how to get him to feel safe enough to let go of this outside person long enough for others to have their share of time?


Lis & N.C.
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HELLO!!! *Blows kisses* I'm Molly Elizabeth, I'm seven years old, blonde with blue eyes, and I live inside of [livejournal.com profile] fayanora. I'm tha only kid in here, no one else is younger than the body but for me, and so it's very very lonesomelike in here wif jus me and a buncha adults. If theyz any other little kids in other systems that would like a frend, then heer I am an I am wanting a frend too!

Adults can be big poopyheads sometimes, right? Alexander speshly... he thinks sadness is weakness and he don't let me cwy when I wanna unless it's "safe."

I like lotza things an you can read my pretty userinfo if you intressed, it's got dancing happy flowers and you can see me write my name and then a courz theres my pretty icons... dis one, a dancing flower, and a pretty hart wif an arrow thru it.

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I was looking in the journals of some people who have "Littles" and I noticed thatsome of them wanted to talk to people. Do you know if there is a community strictly for them? If not, I was gonna create one. I know anyone is allowed to post to this community, but I figured it would be cool to have a place for littles. What do you think? Questions? Comments?
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We all stayed danight with dis friend of ours. His name is Ry and he's real tall. There's also Whoosh, Zaphod and Noki. They's all priddyful. Anyway we is having fum.
Gotta run,
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I have only one little and I discovered today that she loves Walmart. She absolutely loves walmart with a passion, not even the toy section! I'm just writing to tell you that every one is back!!! Thanks again!!! Rhymer
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This is the first time we have posted and it is a huge freaking leap of faith for us. We usually don't like to talk to people because they think we're odd. There are three of us, not counting the host. But one of us wants to write now.
Hi. I is Addee. I is four years old and likes to jump priddy ropes. Does any of you peoples wanna play with me? I want more kidses who is my age to play with. I don't likes most Big Peoples cause they's all scary and treats us kidses like we is supid. Why does all dults thinks kids is supid? Addee no unerstand. I's sorry I can't type all priddy but this thing is all funny. It is bigger than the other thing she writes on, a laptop I tink she callded it. I likes it cause it is liddler than this. I's gonna go. Bye-bye.
There ya go. Comment on that if you wish. Also, I had a bad therapist story. I made the mistake of telling her about them and she put me on this antisychotic called geodone. Only problem is that it made me have a really bad allergic reaction. Also she said I was sick for wanting to keep them. I am blind and she wanted to read my journal. I brought my assistive technology device and she asked me if "Things were gonna pop out of it." Have any of you had bad therapist stories. If so, enlighten me. I think it was my t that needed the treatment and not me.
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Hello to all out there, My name is Elaine I am 16 tears old . I live with a large family in Tiea's house . She calls us The Mosaic Gang . Tiea has explained to myself and some of the other teenagers here we are not like other kids . And we aren't . We stay pretty hidden in the house . I guess I am expected to not get bored because there are other teens here and younger kids and a couple babies to care for. I have never beeen able to live for JUST ME This is the problem . I want my own frinds from the outside . Tiea does not want me speaking to her Dr about this for fear she will be percieved non functonal . This is not about Tiea its about me . Just me . Just me alone . I am old enough to drive . I want to get emancepated when I turn 17 . I want to go to College. Tiea promised along with Shelby they would find other teens for us to chat with , but we have friends we talk too .Tiea flips out when she finds out and says I am being a problem . We have had many meetings about ME! I want to go to the University of California . I want to live there . I want to study Holistic Medicine . I am very smart . She buys me books & then drugs me with sh**t that makes me feel like I wannna die . I know she is getting off it but she knows how I feel about Western Medicine . The Doc she sees and works with has had this hair brain idea to get all us teenagers together and "merge us " he says we will then be able to be free . But Tiea and Shelby and Toni and Joseph and Marty said , he did this once before with some family that did not agree and they never reached there goals , they dissappeared. Honestly some of you must have teens that want there own life ! Right? Well you cannot just keep them hidden and kidnapped for life Right . ? Also Tiea's friends on the outside are older including a miserable guy she saw for three years, who honestly took a liking to me and Kirsty and Shelly more . . I never told anyone this but like I have too. My first time was with a 50 year old jerk and against my consent . Joe showed up to get him off of me eventually but it was a little too late ya know .IT AGAIN was my fault I was suppose to be in my room. he friggin called me . I just wanna say something about this seems all wrong its one way, onesided. Its not fair its even abuse and neglect . I need socialisam with teens outside not just here . We have talked about this SO MUCH . Tiea just says we have "to understand we are a special family" I mean she is nice to us and lets us shop for what we want and listen to our music and watch MTV. She lets us go to Concerts .But she comes along, its embarressing. I speak for all the teenagers , we wanna go out to parties and the Mall , and get jobs our own money . I feel and know that I am very seperate from Tiea , but she says I am just a younger reflection of her and I will understand this as I get older. The teens voted and we do not want to "merge into whatever" ... we dont even know wtf the doc means. I feel stuck in a bad acid trip . I just want to take the car keys and start driving West and not look back .Kids go away to College all the time , I would come back for visits . The adults say "No you can study online and get a degree from home " and of course I am trouble . Everyone is so threatened by me here just wanting to be ME . Any communites for us ? Any ideas ? Thx4 listening, Elaine


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