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I don't know if anyone has access to it, but Bitch Magazine this month ran a story on an artist named CarianaCarianne. They refer to themselves in the plural, they've even taken oaths to be legally recognised as 2 separate people, have received MFA degrees in their own names. Their work appears to be centered around identity concepts, but in the article, they mentioned that they always viewed themselves as 2 separate people, and were confused when they learned that other people were single.

Part of me is slightly skeptical b/c concept art is highly involved in identity concepts, and plurality/identity multiplicity are actually discussed topics in a few of my art theory courses. But, the article on its own was a good read, and mentioned the idea of co-consciousness and brought up the fact that CarianaCarianne was not disordered.

I'd love to post the text, but I don't have a scanner, and can't seem to find a net version of the article. Maybe it's there if you pay for a subscription, but I'm too broke to do it. :( But:

Bitch Magazine's Website: http://www.bitchmagazine.org
(The article is named: Double Vision—Can two artists share one body?)
CarianaCarianne's Website: http://www.carianacarianne.com/
Aaaand their bio: http://carianacarianne.com/biox.html

For anyone who's interested. The magazine itself was a semi-decent read for you feminists out there. ;)
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We were wondering: any artists here? :D

Asking because I like to see other peoples art, and also was interested to see the differences in peoples art styles through systems and stuff. If, er, that makes sense.

We haven't drawn individually for a really long time, but I think we're gonna start again, and try to finish 'em for once.

So, yeah. :D Anyone? Anyone at all?


OH. And also, we're on deviantART, if anyone has one. We're http://fox-bells.deviantart.com~

Also, as usual, if [livejournal.com profile] flow_theory responds to your comments, it's us. @_@;; We just use this one to write posts, because uhm. I'm paranoid. xD
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Found the icon, but for some reason it won't post as an image, so follow the happy link...
"Allow me to introduce myselves" from [livejournal.com profile] tininess

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I found this at Meijer and thought it would be perfect for some of us...
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Something we did the other day, that freaked us out marginally, and we were wondering if anyone else had experienced it before.
More... )
We were just wondering if anyone else has done or tried something like this before, and if anyone has any tips for coping without two people who we're used to relying on and having around.

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I just need to make a HUGE apology to the people who have ordered bracelets from me. I'm aware I'm HORRIBLY late at getting them to you, and I will try to make it up somehow =(

For the most part all bracelets have been completed, I just need to get them mailed out. Hopefully if all goes well I'll have them sent out next week.

Again, I'm very sorry!

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Do any of you ever feel that you are breaking apart? Not in the sense that new people are splitting from you, but that you are blurry, undefined, unable to piece your thoughts and self together. You can't collect your thoughts, and your headmates can't reach you, even if you know they're trying...

I had one of those experiences today, and it is something I'm really not used to. We tried meditating, which helped a little, and am now getting food, which also helps. I feel disconnected from Tahl, let alone the others, even though we know there are no barricades up. Its quite frightening and disorientating.

New art: not on my DA account :) )
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So yes...here I am posting from my friend's house, at 3:49am. Yep, staying out of home for tonight, maybe the next couple of nights. I made sure I touched base with my ex(fiance? Partner? I'm not sure yet) and mum, but I really needed to be away from them. Tyb - Tahlhaz, for those interested in his full/true name - and I had a long talk, and things are ok. I have been talking more with the others, who have been a great help and support during the breakup. Shad is reserved and withdrawn: I think he is reconsidering the wisdom of his initial withdrawal.

Art! Art is fun! :D )
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Here are the main members of my group :3

Artings~ )
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I just recently joined an icon community with my other journal, and I thought that #003 in this post might make an interesting icon for a system of two, or so
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Me and my group had a meeting, and decided on a symbol for us all. We have chosen the name Seraphim Collective, as the six-winged angels are something we all like, and we have a feeling that there will be a sixth member at some stage.

I'm getting used to thinking in terms of a group :D

Higher Res version of the SC symbol )
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So, things have changed for us recently, and not-so-recently. "the twins" and "the girl who screams" have names, and some of us have decded we no longer fit what the icons we had looked like. The GIMP one is far more accurate now, and Kali has her own icon in our "celebrity" icon as well.

Tara told her what they look like, and she's extremely pleased.

There is also a question in here somewhere. Has anyone else had a system-mate who spoke a language no one else did? how did you cope with that?

Kali's working on learning English, and she's master Tara's elven language, being closer to her own, but we're wondering how other people dealt with situations like this...

Pack Collective

ETA: I forgot to link to the other icon *facepalm* here it is:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Just letting people know we're still here, still alive. I finally got around to updating the introduction and am in the process of trying to find people icons. Take a look if you want. Ignore the creepy fascination with evil anime characters, especially the ones that don't seem to match with any of us in here. I'm not thoroughly satisfied with my icon, but my butt's asleep from hours of searching the net.

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I hope this is okay to post here. I found a really cool free drawing program at www.geometrygames.org/kali which is designed for young people, any age. Simple to use and lots of cool patterns. So for anyone who has kids as part of there system (or otherwise), check it out. It's even kind of fun if you're an adult.
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I haven't posted anything yet, and I'm feeling kinda left out and want people to speak to me, so  - hi everybody!!!

Oh yeah, I'm JT. I probably should have said that to start with.
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Though you'd all enjoy this peice of art.

The artist has some other really great ones. But this made me think of us. As in, this community.

Melia et al
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I need more projects like I need a hole in the head. Yet, I&co. are tempted to do a comic where the main character is plural. At the moment, it seems likely to be a 'ghost in the machine' type story. Not sure if I actually want to write one of those, but it's what I seem to have that's writable.

One thing I'm having trouble deciding on, is how to handle internal conversations. Thought bubbles with different fonts could get a bit clumsy. Any suggestions?

(Oh, and: Happy halloween and/or samhain, for those who celebrate them.)
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Just wanted to share with you all the nifty find that was found during a late night jaunt to Wal-Mart.

I want one.. do you? lol )
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M) [Copied and pasted from system's journal:] Hard, preferably non-plastic, preferably available in black and or with minimal aesthetic design, not easily bendable or breakable, easy to both see and speak through, ease of eating probably unimportant. Primary purpose: concealment of face, while avoiding looking utterly stupid in a normal environment.

Where--or how--would such a thing be bought?

If this is judged sufficiently off-topic to not belong here, I will gladly delete it at the next possible opportunity.


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