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Hello! We've posted here before under Mouse's journal [livejournal.com profile] mousehood, but now we've made an official system journal.

Anywho, time for a seamless segue into asking for advice. The host of our system, Mouse, is a transsexual male. He identified as such many years before any of the other current active system members came along. He has the typical trans issues and desires, like 'passing.' He wants desperately for other people to see him as male, and it makes him squirm to think of others seeing him as his wrong birth sex. Very common. So he works hard at it, he binds his chest and all that, he wears clothes to hide the femininity of his body, he tries to lower his voice, he would never be caught dead holding a purse, etc. Here's where the problem is: some of us don't like it. Some of us want to express our femininity. I, for one, want a purse. And, you know, breasts would be nice. Sometimes, you know? To be able to wear the kind of girly crap I love so much? To carry around dolls in a backpack, even (and that's not even for me, that's for him-- Mouse loves dolls).

I guess we're looking for other people going through similar problems. And some advice, of course. See, Mouse has no outside obligations at present, but come Autumn, he'll be back in college, and the 'trans bi guy with solid principles' as he says, is enough of a freak-- he doesn't want to be openly multiple. I can't say I'm thrilled by the idea, either, but if it would get me a chance to express myself...

Anyway. Comments? Thank you.

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