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hey there. we've been lurking here for about a month now, and wanted to introduce ourselves. (waves) we're still trying to figure our system out...nick, the main frontrunner, thought he was alone in here 'til i started talking to him the summer of '05. came as a total shock to him, but he's been a real trooper about it. :) there's probably a half-dozen others or so too, but they don't talk as much as nicky and i do, and i think there's even a bunch more that are kind of "in the shadows". they haven't come out at all yet.

anyways, reason i wanted to post was to ask about a weird thing we've been experiencing for a while now, and see what you all think of it. they seem to be like spirits that come to the body while it's sleeping and, uh, feel us up, so to speak...not in a bad way, just rubbing out shoulder, brushing our cheek, or hugging/spooning us. but it's very vivid, and doesn't feel like a dream at all, even after we wake up. it feels like the body was actually physically touched by someone. nick calls them the "feelies" or the "touchy-feelies", which is as good a name as any, i guess. :) it's not a bad thing, in fact it's kind of a nice feeling afterward, but it's also really *weird*. we're wondering if maybe they're other people in here that can't talk or something but are trying to let us know that they're here too.

it sounds like this dude has experienced the same thing. though he was on drugs at the time, but it happens to us when we're asleep.

and, this might be related, but we've got some weird body-image problems sometimes, mainly cause i'm a chick but the body's male. ;) like sometimes i get surprised about how tall the body is. or sometimes when we're watching a female character in a movie, it's like my sense of where the body is gets displaced to her and i can actually feel what she's feeling physically...this happens especially when we watch a romantic scene where there's lots of making out....or, uhhh.......porn. (blush) nick gets weirded out by this too, cause it's like we're in two places at once or something, and he looks down and goes, wtf, i'm a guy, i don't have boobs. he thinks it might be something like phantom limb syndrome, if any of you have ever heard of that.

ok, later. thanks for reading.
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